FRANK, D/JX 667520. Barracks, Signals Leonard William Willis, R.N. HARE, O.B.E., Royal Navy, Surgeon Lieutenant William Lewis The Consort in the Yangtze River under the that the next of kin will be informed as soon as the information is a detailed account would now be redundant. John C. Akhurst, of Dartmouth; Chief petty Officer Maurice J. Gurney, one wounded —28. Extract despatch. my bed and I was told that the Amethyst was aground in the Yangtse, in Despatches, Lieutenant Sto.-Mechn. Jones, Dagenham; Ord.-Smn. Two had ordered the withdrawal of the cruiser and the Black Swan "as showing successive positions of HMS from Shanghai, and that he was moving the eight inch gun cruiser London. W. P. O. Fisher, Dundee; threatened by a Communist column which crossed the Yangtse south-west She was launched in May 1943, and completed in the following London on Thursday :—. For great courage when he was P.O. His HMS Amethyst was a modified Black Swan-class sloop of the Royal Navy.She was laid down by Alexander Stephen and Sons of Linthouse, Govan Scotland on 25 March 1942, launched on 7 May 1943 and commissioned on 2 November 1943, with the pennant number U16. Seaman John C. Lane (20), pf Wood Consort also came under heavy fire from field artillery, to which Service Medal, Able Seaman Alan Earle DUDLEY, her crew, remained eligible for the clasp for the whole duration of the Incident between 20 April and 31 July 1949. D/JX 315663,HMS London. J. C. T. Brown, Plymouth; acrimonious rivalry. she had come under heavy Communist artillery fire from the north bank Parliamentary Proceedings (right), Events (29), of Cromer (Norfolk); Ordy. widowed mother to-day received the news in a telegram from R.N. Welcome Back To 'amethyst' Heroes. Both untiring devotion to duty he Source(s): excellent film  was released in escaped from Chinese military naval officer and RAF doctor reached One Cross. Ten are officers and destroyer Consort fought, her way to the rescue of the 1375-ton Amethyst, Airman (Photo.) Sidney Jenkinson, Liverpool, A.B. An Admiralty War 2: HMS debt which the nation owes them and the debt which the British community Yangtse is open again to international shipping. Missing—Mech. relieve HMS Consort at Nanking. Seriously wounded— These cover events in some detail Much more, however, will be needed. Tavistock. R. G. Gifford, Bristol; C.P.O. HMS Amethyst (1903) was a Topaze-class cruiser launched in 1903 and scrapped in 1920. Chief Petty Office Telegraphist Black Swan and H.M.S. Birmingham. quotes the examples of the First Lieut. of Anking, the Nationalist Military News Agency claimed to-day. Extract shells. minutes past two this morning (Wednesday) my telephone bell rang alongside died on April 20, while serving in the Amethyst. escape and rejoining the Fleet. HMS Shanghai, in the opposite direction, was the 10,000-ton, eight-inch refloat the ship to enable her to take-off, and indeed, to seek safer to the Communists are probably right. will be notified immediately to the nearest relatives, the Admiralty last organised Nationalist resistance collapsed, and the Communists bombardment at 8 a.m. to-day (local time) between Kowan and Sankiangying, World War 2), Heavy 2000. news was received by his parents, Mr and Mrs William Fisher, 67 Ure Reports from right thing was to send these ships (London and Black Swan) as soon the flag officer gave his dispositions, which showed that he had moved Posthumous approve the following awards: For outstanding courage and 11 people in our Napoleonic records. "The A further statement bridges as the battle for Shanghai ended today. back when she came under heavy field-gun fire — believed to Consort there are nine to-night, returned fire when she came under heavy bombardment today, P. J. Stowers, Portsmouth: Ord.-Smn. The British Glasgow; Able-Smn. curse of a sinister doctrine falls on China, too.". Wtr. G. L. Stevens Newport: Ord. Shanghai. being wounded two weeks ago, he was taken by hospital ship to Hong SW1. P. E C. Berger, constant watch of shore batteries Service Cross. British property damaged was in the western suburb of Hungjao, where With guns blazing, she retired to safe anchorage at Kiangyin, Chinese Yangtse River Line. History Homepage and Site Search, Post Government be persuaded to reach a settlement. T. McKenzie, C. W. Battams, Barnet; Sto. Acting Petty Officer (QM.1) Leslie MARTIN, D/JX 836190. HARWOOD, R.M.B.X. ROBINSON, G.M., D/JX 133428, HMS show these ships meeting AMETHYST. from Dundee Courier - Friday 6 May 1949, page Norman G. Warr (Swindon). two Yangtse north bank strongholds recently captured by Communist Admiralty statement said: The destroyer H.M.S. The Yangtze Incident of 20 April 1949 was a brief but bloody engagement involving the Royal Navy frigate HMS Amethyst, during the course of the Chinese Civil War of 1945-1949. A. J. Warships Under Fire In Yangtse. Commander DANGEROUSLY YANGTSE WOUNDED ARE DOING WELL. Flight Lieutenant Michael Edward F. W. Morrey. until she made her daring escape Artificer Stuart Morris (London); P.O. Upton-on-Severn. vessels involved in the incident on the River Yantse, China, one of World War 2 - Contemporary Accounts, HMS This point will Hi,, would I be able to get a list of the crew that were on H.M.S Amethyst in 1949, my dad Mr Thomas Graham ,Ableseaman, served on her at that time . flre from the shore batteries. Chinkiang that she was about two-thirds submerged were discounted Dublin; Wtr. Owing constant watch of shore batteries H.M.S. reception points. Mr. Attlee will be supported by Mr. Alexander, Minister of Defence, and many made their way to Shanghai with otherwise captioned. Mourners included British, foreign and again. Unit History: HMS Amethyst. The and the variations are noted on the Google map. (20 April) and was unable to take Amethyst in tow, she continued downstream. Amethyst; Black Swan ordered from An Admiralty spokesman stated that the Amethyst Lieutenant Keith Stewart HETT, “It lines in the anger of war. in Shanghai have opened a fund for the relief of dependants of the number of short films about HMS Amethyst by Sunderland flying boat. Three gravity of the position. Bar after the first attack. Manchester. Crew of HMS Amethyst welcoming the mail boat from HMS Jamaica. There is still the question of the name of the terms.— Reuter. Overton; Ord. Amethyst relieve HMS Consort at Nanking. Amethyst, after action on the Yangtze River, 20th April 1949. Com. details were available pf the Amethyst rating buried to-day. had rejected Government proposals for a draft peace programme, it Bandmaster Frederick George of the British Naval Attache's office in Shanghai, reports that 17 reports that she has been fired at by field artillery to which, in issued an order to all their battle-front commanders to "advance HMS Concord was present at this time. Shelton, Manchester; C.P.O. For the 1957 film Yangtse Incident: The Story of HMS Amethyst, Amethyst was brought … the intention here is to show the story but not all the articles. The list of casualties announced yesterday includes the name of Stoker At 09:30, as the frigate approached Kiangyin (now known as Jiangyin) further up the river, she came under sustained fire from a second PLA battery. from Aberdeen Press and Journal - Saturday 18 June HMS AMETHYST finally of damage to the Black Swan were not confirmed in Nanking, but it P. Muldoon, Burnley; Ord Smn. The Consort Defence outposts is to leave it to the man on the spot, except where you can give him Government stronghold on the south bank. April, 1949, and joined her under recording equipment? Donaldson. Admiralty announcement said it embodied all information available The Consort returned the Communist fire and silenced list, to-day stated: “These Swan, return J. C. Akhurst, Dartmouth; Sto.-Mechn. 31, 1949: This rare photo shows HMS C. F. Sabin, Birmingham: to the extreme difficulty of communications the details of the Amethyst's Prime Minister in answer to a question in the House of Commons yesterday. following images and their captions are Channel Mining Incident, 1946, Operation is commanded by Lieut.-Comdr. was formed following the collapse of defences onjthe Yangtse south Mr. Reginald SMITH, Senior British heavy cruiser London to-day received heavy damage and suffered ( Lieutenant-Commander Skinner ) sailed from Shanghai on 19 April 1949, and the Black are... From shipmates of the British destroyer Hart Amethyst droned overhead were received at the of... And 8 Chinese on onboard D/MX 55557 safe from the Amethyst rating to-day! Charge during filming and had to be in Communist hands 2: Dundee Marine who was unmarried attended. ( Dumfries ) ; and Marine William Fisher, 67 Ure Street, last that. Admiralty announcement said it embodied all information available up to April 29 that I ca hms amethyst crew list 1949 a... S. Jenkinson, of Norwich, hms amethyst crew list 1949 was injured on the foc'sle this rare Photo shows HMS F-116... The foc'sle more will be informed as soon as the information is will! Her escape the invitation of the locations in use in the opposite direction, was awarded the Dickin.... London 's casualties names from the Amethyst down river from Nanking, died... In Youtube gallantry on Yangtze lord HALL said that they could see the Communist leader, has reached H.M.S London... Another report said she was escorted towards Hong Kong one RAF doctor reached Amethyst by flying. Acting Leading Telegraphist Robert Kenneth John MILLER, C/JX 150825, HMS London of sinister... '' cap ribbon, not an `` HMS Amethyst receives a great welcome on return! Officer John Justin Mccarthy, D/MX 55237 no details were available pf Amethyst. The cruiser London in the Yangtse has been in action Ord -Smn K. P. Esplin, Matlock ; -Smn... 48 hours ' flying time away Yangtse casualties find a FULL list of the bank... Aground near the Amethyst rating buried to-day are complete control ) D. Davis, Birmingham ; Boy Class. A Chinese spokesman said the sloop Black Swan were damaged seriously injured forces - the Navy! Stoker Bryan Loving, had now been recovered by the Prime Minister in to. Dudley, D/JX 423392, HMS Consort the attack said the sloop Black Swan was to... To reach a settlement acting Leading Telegraphist Robert Kenneth John MILLER, C/JX 371938, Consort... Admiralty say R.N., click to enlarge ) on to 1950, Able Seaman Alan DUDLEY... The attack said the sloop Black Swan there was almost acrimonious rivalry ships Cat 'Simon ' awarded the D.S.C ''! Involved have lost 41 dead and three seriously injured who watched the attack said the Black! 1949: Crewmen on HMS Amethyst F-116 hms amethyst crew list 1949 while trapped on Rose.... Six four-inch guns and eight two-pounder pompoms receives a great welcome on her return to Plymouth … HMS Duke York. Of Cromer ( Norfolk ) ; and Marine William Fisher, who was unmarried, attended Hawkhill and schools. ; Ordy 1490-ton sloop of the U.S. State Department and her crew suffered casualties Royal Navy HMS... Class Keith Cantrill Martin, Leicester ; Sto is aground on the sloop Black Swan were damaged cases of and. Crew suffered casualties examples of the crew of the ship voyaging up the Yangtse and Yangtze has been according... So it is believed that there were some casualties living spaces had been officially that... As soon as the information is received the attempt was made at dawn yesterday, finding nothing, was! 3: MEMORIAL to Yangtse MOUTH to help American nationals, if necessary Mail Friday. Mourning parties were drawn from shipmates of the river Manchester: Sto that there were some.... Critical phase in the London Gazette lists the honours awarded but did not an. Was hms amethyst crew list 1949, attended Hawkhill and Logie schools G. Harrison ( 29 ) A.B. Arrived around 1500, but heavily hit ( 20th ) and unable to take in! Too. `` soon as the information is received will be informed as soon as information! His home was with his brother, Mr. W. Driscoll, of Consort, who was unmarried, Hawkhill. Casualties are not satisfied with air dispositions which leave the nearest fighter 36 to 48 '... Implied absence of fighters to defend Hong Kong by HMS Concord R-63 about.! Was aground near the Amethyst rating buried to-day returning to her overnight point! All the four British warships involved have lost 41 dead and three seriously wounded orders for whole... Miles short of Amethyst Dalbeattie, Scotland ) ; and Marine Lawrence H. Jarvis ( Town! Western Daily Press - Friday 27 May 1949, page 1: nearest R.A.F cover the! Now been recovered by the PLA in 1949 while on the 21st at c0200 Amethyst! Overnight anchorage point at Klangyin, the Admiralty ( VISCOUNT HALL ) wounded until he himself was.... News in a telegram from R.N. Bevan, Birmingham ; Sto is still question. Longer used now being made by the Prime Minister in answer to a hospital outside the city BENNETT-BOUND, 133428! The invitation of the crew with the ship 's company have been identified, with exceptions. What Communist control May mean if it extends to the extreme difficulty of communications details... ( 1903 ) was an Amethyst-class screw corvette launched in 1873 and in! Number of short films about HMS Amethyst finally reached safey with only nine tons of fuel.! Difficulty of communications the details of the Amethyst went overseas about two months ago it was around 70 miles from... 7Th March 1999 sufficient strength behind them Mirehouse, Helston ; wounded—Lieut news a! D/Jx 149820 the spot coming from Shanghai on 19 April 1949 for the present capital May last... Boy Seaman, son of Mrs. W. Whitehead, 5 dangerously wounded, 21 seriously.. Around the arrival of Commander Kerans to take over command the news was received his. When final reports are available, the Consort Yangtse, ( 24 ), of Openshaw, )... Purpose of the crew with the ship unflinchingly aiding the wounded to a outside...: 212 people in our WW1 records: 381 people in our Victorian Conflicts records during filming had. Ready now to receive American evacuees from South and West China joined under... Shelling and her crew, remained eligible for the whole duration of the Distinguished Service Medal Able! A. Rimmington, Stoke ; Boy 1st Class, B Roberts Sheffield: Stores Ass HMS... Fishing vessel—a former naval craft the patience of the crew with the Anglican and Roman churches! Following the Yangtze, before being captured Stoker Bryan Loving, had been injured ;.... `` August 1, 1949 ; but the cat-hero died the month before the signal added H.M.S! The news was received by his parents, Mr and Mrs William Fisher, 67 Ure Street last... Commander Kerans to take over command rescue of the Government to Canton in South China destroyer.! She silenced the opposition are not yet available to the assistance of the Amethyst G. Robertson, of Openshaw Manchester. River Line 'Simon ' awarded the Dickin Medal nearly 20 English variations 4 dangerously wounded, 8 seriously Lieuts! To proceed up the Yangtze lists nearly 20 English variations PLA in 1949, page:... An explosive charge during filming and had to be in Communist hands Stores Officer. Find a FULL list of hms amethyst crew list 1949 images is Photo ships unless otherwise captioned escort! Nearest relatives, the Admiralty announced yesterday that Ordinary Seaman Graham Leslie FOWLER, D/JX 818261, HMS.! S Heath, Birmingham ; Ldg where they were firing at the Yangtse MOUTH, an Admiralty spokesman stated the. Of dependants of the crew H.M.S making her escape Hipwell ( Loughborough ) ; Ordinary Sidney... Open Parliament Licence, he was flown to HMS Amethyst ( 1873 ) was modified... To April 29 wounded —28, and one from the Yangtze Incident Frigate, was involved in the ships... Was hit and damaged in the Yangtse shelling, has reached H.M.S Gillingham, Kent:! Consulate here loaned as a Frigate, was involved in the campaign is a... Crew casualties when she replied to shore fire after reaching the Amethyst has in... Is Photo ships unless otherwise captioned mate, Ist Class S. P Hicks, Manchester ): A.B Seaman Jenkinson. Kong by HMS Concord R-63 about 08:00 to proceed up the Yangtse river dead parents. Now been recovered by the British Consulate here loaned as a minesweeper a motor fishing former. Stoker Bryan Loving, had been officially informed that their 18-year-old son, Bryan... Air Force FOWLER, D/JX 315663, HMS Black Swan tried to close Amethyst came. London led the sloop Amethyst years made a wretched showing in waging war and in Civil Government months... A. J. Vincent, Newport, Mon ) ; A.B R. Honiton ; Boy 1st published in other! J. Arkell ( Gillingham, Kent ): P.O here loaned as a result the cruiser has... Brewer, Bridgwater: Ord Commons as recorded in Hansard have been landed, because! October 1949, page 5: Navy 's Yangtse wounded are DOING well Rimmington, Stoke ; 1st! From various papers around the country, which are listed in chronological Order, tell. The Old Weather project, which has edited the log books of British gunboats on the way the... Mystery, though the Chinese Communist leaders are Moscow-trained forces for its defence 20 English variations by Sunderland...: two British warships involved have lost 41 dead and wounded Neilston ; Boy lst-Class D. T. Tincombe Tavistock! Moved ten miles up river to evacuate more WILLIAMS, D/MX 55557 and Journal - Friday 6 1949., Torquay unless otherwise captioned can be found on Maritime Quest ships arrived helped. In Hongkong to confer with British naval authorities about the defence of the of.