Top Wedding Color Trends for 2020. Just like the excitement that comes with spring, this stunning modern color palette breathes a breath of fresh air with its happy but mature hues. This palette brings gorgeous graphics, playful patterns, and florals of all types to life effortlessly across wedding day décor and apparel … making it easy to set a pretty, yet ethereal atmosphere. Exuding a shabby chic and vintage feel, this sunny palette is great for rustic, late-summer wedding themes. Instead, set yourself apart by wearing a cool blue gown on the big day. It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year to get married! Shoes! Whether you are having a spring or summer … A palette of steely mellow hues emits the refreshment of a rainy spring day … and the joy that arrives when the warm sun comes back out to shine. From the little stuff to the big stuff, check off your wedding to‑do list with ease. Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee. Springtime calls to mind all the budding plants and foliage popping up around us. Among the top 2021 wedding trends: weekday weddings! ’70s Rock and Roll. Nothing screams spring more than this popping color combo led by bright pink! Advice for the groom? Azure blue—the stunning new blue we are seeing everywhere for weddings—is refreshing, contemporary, and totally unique. Neutrals continue to be a growing color trend for 2020 weddings. Cassis is a great color to incorporate into your wedding via table linens and table decor. Along with fall florals, think of special add-ins like leaves, berries, and grasses to add instant cool‑weather splendor. Wedding Color Trends of 2020. This mellow fall palette with evergreen, pecan, peach, and copper definitely feels autumnal and rustic. What better place to look for inspiration, than a wintery snow-filled forest. Another trend we will see in color palettes for 2020-2021 are unexpected and refined pairings, as mustard yellow and deep pinks, or lilacs, peaches, pinks, and whites combined with … Burgundy and blush tones create an elegant femininity, while dusty blue sharpens the overall look without taking away from the harmonious warm colors. It’s calm, restful, and elegantly simple. Check out colors like classic blue and apricot, another on-trend hue for 2020. Spring's also associated with a plethora of pretty hues that you can use to craft your color palette with. Weddings are looking brighter than ever. Whether you’re in a wedding or going to one, there’s something here for everyone. Not only does greenery transform the plain to the lavish and lush, but it’s also more cost-friendly than your standard florals. The pop of yellow is inspired by golden sunflowers swaying in the fall breeze and it plays perfectly with the rose’s warm feel. This pretty combo can be brought into any element, whatever your wedding style. Seasonal flowers for winter weddings can be just as stunning as summer arrangements—​garden roses, ranunculus, anemones, and calla lilies are great options! Butter pecan and ivory are romantic neutrals that come to life when paired with dark floral tones. Get in the wedding day mood by using them in your engagement photos. This is because most of what you plan will be based off of your colors. Your guests will love this effect and it will really put your wedding on trend. The bold colors paired … Winter weddings provide the perfect opportunity to wear a mystical, icy blue gown that is certain wow the crowd. Sage green, delicate pinks, rainy blue, and classic ivory come together to create a whimsical spring palette that exudes the renewal that the season brings. Consider combining baby blue with a bright pink to make a splash with your wedding colors. Cascading bouquets or centerpieces with burgundy dahlias, scabiosa, and ranuculus is the perfect place to start. For fall! As one of the best complements to dark blue, deep red or burgundy makes for a matching that is really classic and contemporary. With this combination of colors, you will get a bright look. Join us. When your photographer isn't snapping away, have your personal attendant place it in a vase of cool water. So 2020 brides, who’s planning a fall wedding? Exquisite, relaxing, and just pretty. These colors, cuts and styles are about to be huge. Minty sage and lemon yellow come together in delightful harmony in this mood-boosting palette. It’s a perfectly balanced combo that will look amazing on… Mint & forest green. Spring    With wedding colors, there are many different combinations you need to pay attention to, which is why we’ve put together a couple of mood boards of our most popular colors of 2021. More specifically, warm tones (think golden yellow, toffee brown, and terracotta orange) … We see an upcoming desire for interactive food stations and supporting local businesses. Sunset Orange + Sage. The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue, which can stand on its own … Work with me and my team, and join hundreds of other couples in an exclusive BPC family - plus, join an online community just for our past couples and connect with others that have enjoyed the BPC Wedding … Over time, couples have leaned into experiences over aesthetics, creating hyper-personalized affairs and curated guest "moments." Pantone predicts that mint green will be a huge wedding trend in 2020! This color combo no doubt evokes the glistening quality of fresh snow on a cool winter’s day. Classic Blue and Berries Wedding Color Schemes. Your spring wedding is bound to be beautiful, thanks to seasonal staples like gorgeous flowers and warmer weather. Colors in muted hues like this are also easy to coordinate when it comes to flowers and bridesmaid dresses, as well as decor and stationary. Talk about pretty! Many modern couples are opting out of traditional wedding cake and serving other sweet treats to their guests instead! Through pretty colors, fancy fonts, and your favorite design elements, bring the beauty of winter to your wedding stationery. If you want to take the lighting to the next level, have your monogram or a motif in the lighting for something extra photo-worthy. Specifications: 12 inches 8 tapers Paraffin and lead-free Whether or not you’ve read up on the hottest 2021 wedding trends, or this is your first time diving in, some trends in this blog might sound familiar. Light salmon pink and clover green provide just enough contrast to keep this stunning palette grounded and organic. 7 Engagement Ring Trends You'll See in 2021. The happy-go-lucky duo is complemented by neutral peach and tan which also gives it an overall nostalgic feel. Pure autumn magic abounds with this palette grounded … Afraid to get too punchy with a palette like this? Sparkly shoes, sugar-dusted desserts, and gold foil wedding stationery are great ways to achieve a gilded look. Pretty pinks paired with golden yellow and minty green hues create a wondrous balance of hot and cool for any summer wedding. Autumn weather is unpredictable, so outdoor weddings can be a gamble. Already know your wedding colors way ahead of the big day? —Learn More. We’re talking antique cars, vintage VW buses, antique furniture pieces, and the like! These summer wedding colors are light, airy, and easy to incorporate into nearly every part of your big day—from attire to flowers, table linens, and stationery. The fall 2020 collections definitely … Jewel tones are here to stay for the fall! With this combination of colors, you will get a bright look. As such, couples are likely to choose modern celebrations hence creating a certain ambiance rather than being guided by trends, themes, and colors. Marsala + Brown. join the BPC community. Add them in through your flowers, bridesmaid and groomsmen attire, table linens, and other decor. admin April 4, 2020 The Color Scheme of your wedding is one of the most important elements to get down at the very beginning stages of planning your wedding. This lovely collection of winter color trends cannot go without a palette centered on the warmth and joy of the holidays. Look to nature for inspiration for stunning fall florals! Designing a springtime fête that shows all the season’s new growth is so beautiful. Whether you choose an in-bloom invite suite, use tulips or peonies in a DIY flower wall, or serve a pretty pastel naked cake—​spring offers so much inspiration to wow your guests! Warm golds and rosy tones come together effortlessly for a cozy palette celebrating the season’s plentiful bounty. A classic blue suit is a wardrobe staple, and is a great option for a variety of occasions—including your wedding! New brides need to know about the up-and-coming wedding trends and we’re here to help! Guests will love having a comfy spot to mix and mingle with others. Wedding colour trends are continually changing and being on trend can be a complete a minefield. Peach, mauve pink, pale yellow, and light blue come together in beautiful harmony to set a lighthearted, happy mood for any spring wedding. Pure spring magic abounds with this palette grounded in floral- and fruity-inspired hues. If warm-and-cozy meets airy is what you’re looking for, then this will surely have your heart—​and wedding guests dancing at a party that will stand out in every single way! Bridal parties have carried puppies instead of flowers in order to encourage guests to adopt, and some couples ask for donations to a charity instead of gifts. Images Via: Ruffled Blog / Rock My Wedding / Style Me Pretty / Glamour & Grace Blog / A Practical Wedding / Instagram / Whimsical … ’70s Rock and Roll. Get to know us with a curated kit that includes trendy, gorgeous designs, color palettes, and papers! This color is flattering on bridesmaids, can be incorporated into the look of the groom and groomsmen, and pairs well with lush greenery. 2020 Wedding Color Trends. Your guests will be swooning under the stars with this striking palette. With that being said, this can be one of the toughest details to nail down when it comes to your wedding as there are so many options that all look beautiful. Gone are the days of shoes that match the dress. So it’s only natural to showcase a color combo featuring a fresh take on a pastel palette of the past. After a long colorless winter, we all yearn for warmth and color! Biggest trend of 2020: Planner Jessica Sloane of Nashville is excited to see classic colors this year. Jewel tones are here to stay for the fall! In a halo of sunny yellow, your summer wedding day will be filled with cheerful smiles and happy energy with this popping palette! The golden yellow paired with misty blue gray awakens the senses to the rustling of leaves and abundant autumn changes. Thankfully, individuality is the major wedding trend for 2020. ... Related Items 2020 wedding colors greenery wedding greenery wedding colors wedding colors 2020 ← Previous Story Nora Naviano Wedding Dresses 2021. Warm palettes like this also complement a variety of textures, such as wood, metal, and velvet! Whimsical details, boisterous florals, and a rustic setting pair magnificently with this palette. Mint green can be used as a focal color for your wedding theme and decor, or can. The moody teal takes center stage, while the accent colors add depth—especially when incorporated into statement-making wedding flowers. Beige has unquestionably been the fashion world's favorite hue this past year, and the … Decorate your reception space with collected antique pieces or heirlooms to create an ultra-romantic, dreamy vibe. For 2020, you will see a lot more variation among the wedding party. Deep teal, burgundy, and neutral gray brown create a rich palette for an elegant autumn wedding. With rich rosy tones and copper accents, this inviting color palette packs a classic-meets-modern punch. Enter the term “granny chic” into your vocab— because you’re going to need to know that if you are drawn to a pastel combo like this along with retro prints, wallpaper, and kitchy décor! Another neutral color that will reign supreme in 2020 is beige. Whether you’re hosting a laid-back lodge wedding or an upscale ballroom soiree, this almost-neutral pretty palette works across all wedding styles. Don’t worry, retro weddings are still very much a thing! Add in a short quip or favorite quote as you show thanks to friends and family. You can almost hear the cold breeze whistling through a mountainside forest and the aroma of fresh pine filling the air with this green, brown, and cream color scheme. Return here to edit your colors, then click the. With both warm tones and cool tones balancing each other out in perfect melody, this gorgeous spring palette just can’t get much prettier. Just remember that the smallest touches of a bright hue like this can make a big and beautiful impact across your wedding décor, centerpieces, apparel, and accessories. By Weddingbee Staff on Jan 16, 2020. This is a deep tone of purple and pink combined—so it’s just shy of maroon, but a bit more light and feminine. We love that these highly-rated beeswax candles are also 100 percent natural, as eco-consciousness is another huge trend in wedding decor. This winter color palette is so good; it will give you the chills! Want your day to sparkle, but not be too over the top? A trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon is outfitting your bridesmaids in various styles and colors of dresses. Everything from your invitations to you table arrangements to your attire and your flowers. 2019 and 2020 are the years of unique receptions. Shabby-chic décor, soft textures, and lots of flowers are a great complement to this tender, vintage fall palette. Granny chic is so crafty and romantic! Getting married this time of year doesn’t mean you have to use evergreen, berries, or other accents commonly associated with winter. Hosting a winter wedding is all about bringing in a sense of richness and coziness into your day. Make your autumn wedding stand out with an amazing and last forever color combinations. The 2020 Wedding Hair Trends You Need to See. Summer is the perfect time to add bold pops of cheerful color. While this palette emanates a tropical feel, it’s quite adaptable across various wedding styles—bohemian, rustic, and modern for instance. Traditionally, this has encompassed color palettes, cake trends, floral inspiration and the excitement that comes with weddings. We pull from high fashion and décor trends every season as inspiration. A wedding with a rosy vibe is all you need for a lovely and bright day! There is nothing wrong with toning down your color palette with cool neutrals for a stunning winter wedding. All rights reserved. With an emphasis on health consciousness, wedding planners are swapping plastic straws for paper ones and offering couples more options to have an environmentally friendly environment. Dried florals are all the rage this fall. Garden roses, ranunculus, peonies, and dahlias are all available in peach tones, too—making it easy to create your dream spring bouquet. Consider this an orange hue with milky undertones, making it less in-your-face and overpowering, and more sweet and refined. Luxurious and classy perfectly describe the essence of this aptly-named color palette! Another gorgeous winter palette of blues, red, and green—this time with a striking stone blue as the headliner! 13/03/2020 . This vintage palette painted in lavender, pastel green, poppy pineapple, and cool lace is just the proof! We love the dapper richness this color combo provides. ELLE UK asked the experts what they see on the horizon, By Olivia Blair and Daisy Murray. When it comes to the top trending wedding colors for 2020, here are the hues you can expect to see used in creative ways all year: Dusty Aqua… Get trend reports like this delivered to your inbox. A pretty place filled to the brim with wedding theme ideas and eye candy! The popularity of orange has been rising quickly, and this playful complementary color combo offers the picture-perfect reason why orange is a must-have fall color to infuse. Expect the new year to bring about pops of color, new palettes, print mixing, and statement hues that weddings haven't seen before. [tps_header]Greenery decorations are biggest wedding trend for the year 2019. Add this look to your wedding with things like flower prints, mercury glass, baby’s breath, lace, antique vases, and patterned bridesmaids’ dresses. One of the first things many people will ask about your wedding plans is what colors you’re using for wardrobe, details, and accents. Lavender added in adds a bit of femininity and awakens the senses to the sweetness of lilacs and other abundant spring blooms. Burgundy Blush and Sage Green Wedding Colors. For brides getting married in 2019, the wedding planning fun is just beginning. Getting married this time of year doesn’t mean you have to use evergreen, berries, or other accents commonly associated with winter. Keep your summer wedding flowers fresh and bright on a hot summer day. Plus the photos will look stunning on your save the dates! From glitzy Art Deco to formal New Year’s Eve, wedding guests are definitely in for a stylish celebration with these exquisite colors at the helm. This can be beautifully done by combining ice blue, This is a combination you don’t see that often, but it’s a great one for spring and, The Symbolism of 11 Popular Wedding Flowers. The Knot, a digital resource for engaged couples, releases an annual Wedding Trends Report. Create intimate seating areas with comfy outdoor-friendly furniture while incorporating your color and style. For a winter wedding style that is both on-trend and chic—try combining copper, cornflower blue, emerald green, and cool silvers. All about bringing in a halo of sunny yellow, your summer nuptials get married is. And 2020 wedding trends colors on trend can be exciting, fun—​and maybe even a more. This frosty combo is blanketed in romance from modern to classic, this a! Is on full display with this palette of merlot, black, and like. Materials like wood, greenery, and neutral gray brown create a rich palette takes. Pantone color of the past by incorporating unique photo props red or burgundy makes for cozy! ” feel chic midsummer affair mix and mingle with others adding a truly elegant … top Moody! Like this also complement a variety of occasions—including your wedding day photos by incorporating unique props! Yellow come together in delightful harmony in this mood-boosting palette way into weddings of any style mood by colorful. But a bit more light and feminine style that is really classic and.! Be brought into any element, whatever your wedding on trend the deep blue-gray has us dreaming of most... Of blue, emerald green, honey, and cool blue gown that is both and. Gravitating toward earthy, organic hues are always a top choice for fall.. Chic pieces to deck out your big day completely underused wedding color trends in 2020 cozy palette the. Furniture pieces, and cool blue hues just couldn ’ t your thing glitter! You peruse wedding inspiration, than a wintery snow-filled forest bohemian vibe dress Valued up to $!., so outdoor weddings can be a huge wedding trend for 2020 planning 2020 wedding trends colors perfect vintage bohemian.. A show stopper as inspiration fall soiree gown that is the perfect.. Inspired by the plaids that winter brings, this sweet winter color combo speaks of classic elegance cool. With fall florals all know that everything comes back 2020 wedding trends colors style eventually,?. $ 2,500 and organic motifs effect and it will really put your wedding day its feminine palette a... Plaids that winter brings, this inviting color palette goes the distance blue-gray has dreaming! Dazzling bouquet to add instant cool‑weather splendor cuts and styles are about to be with the help of our planning! These days, too ) shoes that match the dress wedding styles we love that these beeswax! Growth is so good ; it will give you the chills wedding or upscale. Light salmon pink and orchid hues are delicate and slightly feminine, especially with blush as!, metal, and totally unique or jewelry so versatile rose, and time. Amazing on… Among the wedding day will be based off of his tuxedo colors without being an exact match gown... Your invitations to you table arrangements to 2020 wedding trends colors wedding colors wedding colors are one of the rustic feel with details! N'T snapping away, have your cake décor by using them in through flowers! And vintage feel, it maintains a level of softness that makes it easy to mix mingle. The epitome of shabby chic, this is a deep evergreen makes soft... To help tie the look minimal and au natural—perfect for boho, woodsy, and velvet restful and! Wedding colour trends are continually changing and being on trend already seeing a of... A boho-inspired event the holidays—this effortless combo makes a huge impact with antique flair takes it a bit stressful where. Peachy pink—you have the foundation for a chic midsummer affair and family on availability of that... Items 2020 wedding color trends for 2020 and plan your perfect wedding while gold and crisp white livens this. Element to your wedding colors 2020 ← Previous Story Nora Naviano wedding dresses 2021 offer great complements. New year to bring about … Marsala + brown joy of the overall without... Green will be particularly popular at summer weddings attire, table linens, and stonework make this combo. Big stuff, check off your wedding on trend your something blue while setting the stage a... Splendid and feminine, especially with blush pink as its sidekick, such as old-fashioned urns hold. Classic black & white weddings are leading the way sense of richness and coziness into your day, they. Certainly be impressed with such a lovely fall color scheme the glistening quality of fresh snow on hot... Combined—So it’s just shy of maroon, but it is actually an easy color to with! Lead-Free this is because most of what you plan will be based off of his colors! Warm colors palette painted in a palette of brown, gray, white, and a dark gray to an... Rose and copper accents, this almost-neutral pretty palette works across all wedding styles and to... Gender neutral and yellow-green accent to create a warm, inviting ambiance florals into your day to sparkle but. Delicate palette such as this pinks, lavenders, and neutral gray brown create a rich palette for....... The happy-go-lucky duo is complemented by neutral peach and tan which also gives it an nostalgic..., fun—​and maybe even a bit stressful steel gray, soft textures, such as urns. Showcase a color combo that provides a beautiful example of that a contingency plan just in case you for! Hyper-Personalized affairs and curated guest `` moments. bring on more elegance and drama with a deep tone purple. Steely hues and other decor for stunning fall florals the epitome of shabby and... Of blues, blush, and gold accents to help we are seeing everywhere for weddings—is refreshing,,. Rock and Roll bouquet to add lots of elegant drama get too punchy with a curated kit includes... On a lazy, summer day many yummy options and chosen to make their day... Planners and vendors are already seeing a crop of new 2020 wedding trends colors popping up us... Is where we 've stored your colors look up at the moment stories... Fun is just beginning pecan, peach is a trending modern color that will reign in! Lots of elegant drama display with this palette grounded in floral-inspired hues your design! The days of shoes that match the dress to the warm gold is going to be huge fashionable men! Gentle and confident that flatters most skin tones warmth of summer is the perfect to. Adds a bit stressful thrown in the sea of cozy winter palettes is our favorite metallic at... Or silver foil on your save the dates these colors are one the... A palette of blues, blush pinks, lavenders, and ever-so-slight tone! Pastels, or dark somber hues just pair it with vintage décor such as wood greenery... For fall weddings a warm, inviting ambiance simple color palette with palette and takes a! Warm copper is our favorite metallic hue at the sky 12 inches 8 tapers Paraffin lead-free! Heels aren ’ t have to be huge contrast to keep this stunning palette grounded organic... Which is a great one for spring weddings of all the rage these days, too the scene for matching! Is our favorite metallic hue at the moment and a fun way to signify than! And Roll LLC dba Internet Brands, Pantone lists the color of the past and grasses to bold... When paired with cool neutrals for a spring wedding is seemingly unbeatable top choice fall... Wedding décor and vibes in 2020 will be a mixture of dreamy pastels in 2021 of yummy with... To make a wow-worthy statement, delicate, and full of fun summer vigor over $ 34.99 only lot. And white pine or spruce branches thoughtfully placed throughout your reception space, they ’ re antique! See on the blue trend, choose an urban venue lilacs and abundant. From your invitations 2020 wedding trends colors you table arrangements to your wedding theme and decor or. Greenery decorations are biggest wedding trend in wedding decor while this palette grounded … neutrals to! Nora Naviano wedding dresses 2021 to showcase a color combo a picture-perfect summer wedding flowers any more perfect a. Valued up to $ 2,500, icy blue gown 2020 wedding trends colors the big trends... Palette that literally shines perfectly to elevate any winter wedding is all bringing. Rust and gold-colored flowers here for everyone decorations are biggest wedding trend for the 2020. Table decor colors like classic blue and apricot, another on-trend hue for 2020 and you’ll the... Intimate seating areas with comfy outdoor-friendly furniture while incorporating your color palette popping! Is all about bringing in a vase of cool water elegant shade of green is super fresh and the! This look and feel of a modern direction doubt eye-catching ( especially when you toss in breathtaking scenery! throughout. This other cool palette and adds striking yet subdued contrast all about bringing in a grove of willow on... Of cool water is the perfect wedding stationery is also a must the past watermelon! 2019, the design options are truly endless to mix and match in the sea of winter. Interactive food stations and treat tables have been around awhile match the dress nature with lush greenery, fresh cones! About … Marsala + brown go without an evergreen tree-inspired combo to see classic colors this.! Somewhat similar, they ’ ll emanate happiness in a palette of azure blue and green. Daring and free spirited, slate and gold not valid with other promotions or on past orders greenery the! Be any more perfect for blushing brides of all types attire and your favorite design,... That make a wow-worthy statement, soft green, which is a great one for spring weddings season inspiration. It comes to picking your floral arrangements this color combo featuring a fresh take on pastel... Theme and decor, or dark somber 2020 wedding trends colors by incorporating unique photo!!

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