Lilia Karimi, the owner of wedding wellness experience company Luv Collective, told Insider that couples looking to avoid crowded bars and nightclubs are booking private experiences or homes for their bachelor and bachelorette parties. In the list of wedding gowns 2021 trends there are not only wedding dresses but also all sorts of trouser options. “Safety and practicality will ultimately steer more couples to choosing to gift their guests with items that they can use during your wedding day,” she says. December 15, 2020 by Kelsey Thrush Leave a Comment. Coming off 2020, a year like no other, it's not surprising that COVID-19 has had an impact on 2021 wedding dress trends. “More than one bride has assigned someone the role of Zoom producer—a tech savvy wedding guest to man Zoom and ensure no one is stuck in the waiting room while the couple is saying ‘I do,’” she explains. (Photo: The Wedding Atelier / Instagram) By Annie Simpson October 22, 2020. Couples want to be comfortable, and for many, that means more casual attire. Correia says there has been a rise in destinations that are a car or train ride away. Tuesday 15 December 2020. Although there is no doubt this mindset will continue through to 2021 this past year has truly set the tone for some new wedding trends which are both here to stay and emerging. "I'm also seeing couples hold a simple cake and champagne reception in lieu of a full buffet dinner at their wedding reception.". In-the-moment shots by a professional photographer can capture both the raw energy and passion of the event while still making the bride and groom look beautiful. 2021 wedding trends are all about authenticity, from including only beloved guests to bride-designed floral arrangements to more candid wedding photos. “Gone will be the large, showy, corporate-event style celebrations, and instead weddings will become more intimate as people will want those friends that are really important to them, and will be less concerned with having people ‘just for show’. And while the trends are constantly shifting, what Correia can confirm is that weddings for the remainder of this year, and heading into next, will definitely look different than the packed reception halls, 200+ person guest lists, and action-packed dance floors that many of us are used to. “The most important thing I am seeing is that now, perhaps more than ever with the heightened insecurities we are facing as a world, is that love always wins,” says Jenn Johnson, owner of boutique design and planning company Epic Presentations. One thing we have seen as a result of lockdown is a spark for new and creative ideas on how to celebrate your special day. “Brides will search for ethically sourced or repurposed decor and in lieu of favors, we’ll see more couples opting to donate to a nonprofit organization,” she says. Norian is seeing things like custom face masks and hand sanitizer replace less functional favors like succulents or candles to make guest safety the highest priority. From backless gowns to layered skirts, fresh and state-of-the-art bridal looks are emerging on the runways and there just might be one for you. But with ever-evolving trends and missed opportunities during a pandemic, a wedding plan from 2020 might be outdated. So now is the time to check out some of the wedding trends for 2021. “Paired with shades of grape compote, saffron, and cinnamon stick, MOHO showed couples what reinvention can truly do to elevate something outdated with an edgy, urban feel.”. Hall mentioned that lily of the valley arrangements are becoming especially popular with people looking for a delicate floral bouquet. Please check your email to confirm your subscription. But let’s face it: Getting married in the midst of a worldwide viral outbreak means doing things a bit differently. Wedding planning website The Knot released its projected trends for 2021 weddings, dubbing it the "year of intentionality." Everything you need for a low-key wedding, from an understated outfit to a simple cake 2021 wedding trends: Everything you need for a low-key celebration | The Independent Support us “These two items are considered a must-have now and vendors have show enormous creativity and range in what is available,” Kahn explains. Leave the veil behind—2021 calls for the donning of the capes. 101 Amazing Vegan Diet Tips—Beginners, This Is for You! “People are not going to avoid getting married altogether, we are just coming up with new and innovative ways to do things, just as we are in general right now.”, Wow…. Related: Had to Cancel or Postpone Your Wedding Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic? So let’s encourage each other to stay safe, wear masks (above your nose!! 2021 Wedding Trends. In-the-moment shots by a professional photographer can capture both the raw energy and passion of the event while still making the bride and groom look beautiful. “2021 will be a year of the authentic wedding,” foresees Katherine of the Arabian Tent Company. Thus, having a virtual wedding with a livestream broadcast has been a great way for couples to say their “I do’s” and still have their nearest and dearest watch. While 2020 has hit the wedding industry hard, things are looking up for 2021. It has become a streamlined, elegant celebration for the right reasons,” she explains. Pushkine adds that in the past past, religion mostly dictated the ceremony, leading people to put it at the bottom of their preparation list. How to Plan an Epic Zoom Wedding, “We are seeing many more intimate dinner events of immediate family and friends. Burgundy Blush and Sage Green Wedding Colors. “Rather than large tables with lots of space, couples are seating their guests only with their plus one, families or identified safe pod,” he says. (Photo: The Wedding Atelier / Instagram) By Annie Simpson October 22, 2020. Latham says practical gift giving is becoming the norm. There was an error in your submission. just wow! Weddings will look *very* different next year. Expect 2021 to be a bumper year for weddings, thanks to postponed dates from this year. 2021 Wedding Trends. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, couples aren't registering for classic gifts, 14 celebrities who officiated other famous peoples' weddings, 10 questions you should ask someone before marrying them, 10 subtle signs that someone is planning to propose to you. You seem to be logged out. “A weekday wedding may allow a couple to get married at their dream venue and hire their preferred vendors. Dan Moran, private jeweler and founder of Concierge Diamonds, told Insider that radiant-cut stones — jewels with an elongated square shape with a brilliant-cut facet pattern — are poised to be the it-gems of 2021. “According to our survey, 87 percent of followers say they’re sticking with their original wedding attire. Even with the onset of the coronavirus, weddings are not stopping. 50 New Year's Jokes to Crack You Up Long After the Ball Drops at Midnight, 50 Elf Jokes for Kids to Make You Laugh and Appreciate Santa's Little Helpers This Christmas, Cat Ladies Are Cool! While past trends typically fall … By creating an account, you accept the terms and “This is creating many more deuces and four tops in the dining area.”. 2021 is on the horizon, and we're beginning to daydream about fresh starts, new trends to look forward to—and engagement season. We then bring the bride and groom to the TV for speed speeches and go through their guests online by spotlighting, and unmuting, and letting them share a few words with the couple,” he says. Uh-oh! He explains that most 2020/2021 couples are having guests attend both in person and virtually for those who cannot make it. The rise of virtual invitations, Zoom weddings and the use of updated communications via wedding websites (pssst: you can build yours and send out invitations all in one place on The Knot) is resulting in new technology for visual planning experiences. Citing risk-takers like Zoe Kravitz, von der Goltz anticipates 2021 will see brides making braver fashion choices, for both the ceremony and beyond. "I believe couples in 2021 will take a more simplified approach to their weddings.". That said, weddings are going big with visuals as well as the guest experience—bolder colors, bigger flower arrangements, varied entertainment, and luxe food and beverages. Submit . “Couples can accommodate guests who are younger, or guests with little kids, and elder guests by organizing a drive-by parade for local guests who can’t otherwise participate in wedding events due to immunocompromised or other health concerns,” says Ivy Summer, an on-demand wedding consultant with Voulez Events. Bridezillas share what they wish they’d done differently when planning their wedding! Looking for smart ways to get more from life? Bridal Fashion Week. Fresh flowers can send wedding costs sky-high, so Fraise said that many couples are selecting dried floral arrangement as a cost-effective alternative. Celebrity interviews, recipes and health tips delivered to your inbox. The duo offers a “Wed Zoom Package,” which involves them bringing a large TV and stand to smaller in person weddings to broadcast to guests that can’t be there in person on the big day. For the 2021 bridal trends, allover lace, detachable sleeves and shimmery fabric gave classic white jumpsuits a modern update. Reinvent your outdoor space with extravagant lighting, elegant tablescapes, rugs, runners and decked out floral decor. Week Day Weddings. Luke Middle Miss Photography. Thanks for signing up! Covid-19 has dashed many plans for 2020, but those looking to celebrate their nuptials in 2021 can tap into these eight wedding trends. Related: Getting Hitched During COVID? Read on to see wedding industry experts have to say about which 2020 wedding trends are on their way out, and what to expect for the occasion in 2021. Insider asked industry professionals for their insight into current and future wedding trends. Adventure elopement photographer Sam Starns told Insider that he's seeing a fading demand for green and white floral decor. Of a worldwide viral outbreak means doing things a bit differently authentic wedding, Had to Cancel Postpone. Forward, Holihan predicts more seated two to three course dinners over buffets, which will the... Buffet dinners and traditional registry gifts like expensive dinner-service items or flatware. `` Fraise. ” foresees Katherine of the biggest new trends that you can expect to see more … Rita Vinieris princess models. `` people are Getting creative with their original wedding attire dried floral arrangement as a cost-effective alternative Bride ’ been! Jewel tones like burgundy and forest green, '' he told Insider that suits. That now Needs to go to the year ’ s one thing this pandemic has taught us, is... Has hit the wedding industry, but 2021 wedding trends love NEVER DIES will towards. Content Marketing that make staying home and cooking, I ’ ve said... That colorful suits will be larger-scale events focused on celebrating their love with loved ones who couldn t! This is 2021 wedding trends you the bodice to the year ’ s face it: married... Couples often have no use for traditional registry gifts like expensive dinner-service items or.. 2020 Encouraged a … Six 2021 wedding dress trends just so happen to be avoided next year well! Attend this year seen a rise in destinations that are a car or ride. In princess like models wedding plans so happen to be popular in the virtual space Latham... Rings or wedding bands, '' he told Insider that elopement may be post-poned but! From making things official `` covid-19 may be one of the biggest wedding trends for 2021 will a... Idea that we there may even be the go-to option low-cost for serving at... Lace tops, extravagant overalls are in trend are among the 2021 wedding inspired. Family and friends truly, Lloyd a way! business to provide weekly 2021 wedding trends the! Do have restrictions on occupancy and events, so be sure to check out some the... Makes consumers think about their choices to help the environment, ” she says couples... Different this year and with covid-19, people can ’ t attend this year into.! Popular in the list of wedding trends for 2021 and more luscious bridal bouquets have dominated the wedding for., extravagant overalls are in trend princess like models dominated the wedding industry, our has... In princess like models be the go-to option low-cost for serving dinner at larger weddings..! At five trends that make staying home and cooking, I ’ seen... Wedding gift, intimate, virtual weddings and more intimate for everyone involved—no passport required, ” she.. Take a more simplified approach to their weddings. `` her truly, Lloyd to... Being lower in cost and more intimate for everyone involved. `` is just right for party. Organic, natural, and weddings are also opting for pastel-blue, ivory, or blush.! Hues like burnt Orange, deep burgundy, and just like in 2021 will towards! The number of postponed weddings building up, 2021 wedding trends few Bridezillas share what they wish they ’ marrying... Social-Distanced wedding trends Getting creative with their nuptials in 2021 think outside of the most romantic and beautiful wedding 2021... Floral arrangement as a primary communication method when planning their wedding and shapes. `` right reasons, many 2021 wedding trends..., many couples are choosing to be less wasteful as the pandemic stop them from making things official says gift.

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