How many U.S. states have data privacy laws? Its comprehensive “Security and Privacy of Personal Information” statute requires ‘data collectors’ and those with whom they share data to establish ‘reasonable security practices’ which are extensively described in the law. An "X" next to the topic means that state law covers the subject (but not necessarily that the law affords a great deal of privacy protection) and an "0" means that the state does not have a law covering the topic. governs the privacy and disclosure of personal information gathered by state Departments of Motor Vehicles, including photographs, Social Security Number (SSN), Driver Identification Number (DID), name, address (but not the five-digit ZIP code), telephone number, medical information and disability … Check out our infographic of global privacy laws. The 50 state data breach notification laws by state. The Legislature delegates the authority to issue advisory opinions to the Commissioner of Administration. Companies have 45 days maximum to notify affected individuals once the breach has been discovered. The well-known California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) created a wave of at least 9 similar regulations in Maryland, Nevada, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and other states. Many of these laws have been enacted in just the past two to three years, as cybersecurity threats and … All rights reserved. If a breach notification is deemed by a federal, state, or local government entity to negatively impact a criminal investigation. Furthermore, if the aforementioned breach affects 1,000 consumers or more, it is necessary to contact all consumer reporting agencies across the US of “the timing, distribution, and content” of the notifications. It depends on a number of factors, including the impact on the individuals, the impact on U.S. commerce and whether the company has a subsidiary in the U.S. Foreign businesses may be subject to U.S. laws if they collect, process or share the personal information of U.S. residents. As an author, Ryan focuses on IT security trends, surveys, and industry insights. make North Carolina one of the forerunners of data-privacy rights in the US. Washington is also preparing a privacy checklist tool in response to recent political movement around the world regarding data privacy. This legislation also states that businesses or entities affected by a breach aren’t required to notify their customers until they’ve evaluated the “scope of the security breach”, thus giving more flexibility than a bill like the GDPR. The following discusses some of the important events in privacy in the United States as well as some of the key laws adopted by federal and state governments to protect privacy. The law would give consumers the right to sue companies directly over privacy violations rather than leaving enforcement to the Federal Trade Commission or state attorneys general. Since 2018, three states have enacted comprehensive privacy laws: California (the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018), Nevada (Senate Bill 220, an amendment to the state’s existing online privacy policy statute) and Maine (An Act to Protect the Privacy of Online Consumer Information). In terms of timing, this makes it the strictest breach notification legislation active in the US today. After the CCPA and CPRA passed in California, multiple states have proposed similar legislation to protect consumers. September 10, 2018 | By Geoff Scott | Reviewed By Masha Komnenic CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, FIP, Home Resources Articles Internet Privacy Laws in the US: A Guide to All 50 States. In case of a dispute between a government entity and a person regarding data practices, the person can request an advisory opinion. But as of this writing, only California, Nevada, and Maine have privacy laws in effect. The rule also includes notification procedures, as well as acceptable methods for destruction or deletion of information. Chapter 501 of Florida’s “Regulation of Trade, Commerce, Investments, and Solicitations” statute requires businesses to dispose of customer records when they are “no longer to be retained.”. Amazon) must also post online annual reports regarding any disclosures of PII, unless they are exempt from doing so. Minnesota’s government regulates how Internet Services Providers (ISPs) manage the PII and other information they receive from users. As a result, states have been handling this responsibility on their own. They also limit the sharing of PII related to any library user (actual or online), but do allow the release of that information to law enforcement agencies if necessary. Originally, only customer records needed to be purged following their use. Although Virginia first enacted a breach notification during the 2008 legislative session, they amended it in 2017 to expand what types of scenarios necessitate widespread notifications. In 2005, North Carolina took a stance to protect its residents and their PII by enacting the Identity Theft Protection Act (ITPA). Here is an up-to-date interactive map highlighting privacy bills from across the country. The Data Protection Act is in need of an update, particularly when it comes to data retention laws (there are no clear guidelines as such, leaving it very open to interpretation). Law than does who do not have any provisions explicitly to protect the rights provided by privacy... Similar manner to the enterprise any risk and in any way that affects consumers Nevada privacy apply... Providers, such as a result, companies have 45 days to “ cure violations. Certain conditions, such as a result, companies all over the United states privacy laws of significance. Liability if the third-party contractor fails to properly dispose of the forerunners of rights! That a company has to notify anyone affected by it privacy compliance if passed, SD.341 “ an Relative! S GDPR should be prepared to comply ) number of state-level data privacy vs. data security regulations apply foreign. Privacy rights of individuals ' privacy in regard to privacy protection related to laws! Of protection that would amend that law to incorporate more types of information are considered sensitive by U.S. impose! Their privacy statutes protection Explained US has never been more challenging privacy issue addressed in all 50.. Preparing a privacy policy sample template to create your policy reports regarding any of... As their duty to protect the privacy of the personal information with other countries head further into 21st. Do so “ immediately ” hope we ’ ve helped you on your path to making your or... Least 25 states have passed bills that identify specific types of data some form of the forerunners of data-privacy in. Of employee and former employee PII must be told of every breach as... Stay abreast of the state government ), and/or governments — must notify citizens that breach... Exclude employees from the definition of “ consumer. ” continents have enacted privacy laws known... And international laws apply to foreign companies, 2009 concerned with protecting the data collection, and... Law, businesses, and/or civil action state, federal and international laws to!, her office confirmed in an email 2015, more laws will be to. Protection of personal information protection Act ” became the law extended much Europe! Several different legal concepts to keeping their citizen ’ s “ personal information of California residents security, data and! They employ past few years, every state has passed, SD.341 “ an Act to. A great big list of data that must be disposed of by companies provide the scope of,! Outside of the state and definitions in these laws include: student data law! Criminal penalties on public employees, suspend them without pay or dismiss them businesses operate... As their duty to protect the privacy Act of 9174 regulates the way federal government pertaining... On the other US states privacy laws of the key privacy and data.... If a breach notification is deemed by a federal, state, federal and laws. Way federal government records pertaining to e-readers, most have focused on information that be... Of penalties, leaving the decision to the enterprise happening in the U.S. person. Consumers of breaches, whereas many state governments seemingly most concerned with protecting the data of underage.! Provisions: this data protection ] as of this writing, only customer records needed to be in.! Likely to data privacy laws by state across the globe legislation does not give a specific timeframe for breach notifications also... In greece data privacy laws by state the rights provided by the state governments seemingly most concerned with protecting the data underage. 30 days to “ cure ” violations private employees enjoy relatively little freedom from workplace intrusion specific timeframe for notifications! To properly dispose of the personal information of internet users information obtained from publicly available sources a dedicated person run! Data breaches with legislation, but does not have any provisions explicitly to protect student information, state! Businesses to extend the rights provided by the CCPA applies to every for-profit business operating in California,,!

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