JOHN SMITH Ordered, that workmen be engaged to build an addition to the courthouse for the justices' room, sixteen feet by twelve. JOHN BUSH. ), DAVID PANNILL, captain of artillery. First Lieutenant: James Wood, Gent., produced a commission from the president and masters of William and Mary College, dated November, 1734, to be surveyor for the county. S. HOOK, ROBT. SCOTT, JAMES ISAAC RIGHT Near Nason's; the residence of Mr. C. C. Taliaferro, to whom the plantation has descended in a direct line from a Crown grant. The area was inhabited for thousands of years by various cultures of indigenous peoples. The industrial and public improvement age has begun. The Orange and Alexandria, now the Southern, having its terminus first at Gordonsville was completed about 1855. 1761 If Orange as a County ever sent an organized command to any of the French and Indian Wars no record of it has been found. RICHARDS, R. The public buildings were removed higher up the street some years later, but, though still enjoying the right of way, the company does not keep up the insurance. A just consideration of the rights of the readers of this book impels its insertion, the cost of the Westover Manuscripts, from which it is extracted, rendering them practically inaccessible to the average reader. In September, 1767, Tom, a negro belonging to John Baylor, under two indictments for burglary and felony, not guilty of the first, guilty of the second, and having already received the benefit of clergy, the Court do adjudge that he suffer death. WIGGLESWORTH, C. Share on Aged 62 ; enlisted in '77, 3d Regt. WILLIAM MEDLEY LIEUT. It was 28 inches in 1856, and only in these years and 1851 did it fall below 30 inches; only twice in the whole period did it exceed 50 inches, and in one of these by but an eighth of an inch. I direct that the proceeds from the sale of my grist mill and the land annexed sold at the death of my wife, shall be paid to Ralph Randolph Gurley, secretary of the American Colonization Society, and to his executors and administrators in trust and for the purposes of the said society, whether the same be incorporated by law or not. Saint Thomas, at the Courthouse, was frequently attended during the war by Generals Lee, Stuart, and other Confederate officers of distinction; and New Zion, at Toddsberth, was occupied as a shoe shop in the winter of 1863-4. The house, as reproduced herein from a cut in the above named magazine, was burned down in 1857. In 1906 the County levy was at the rate of twenty cents on the $100 for general purposes, and ten cents for schools. In the lower part of the County, not far from the Spotsylvania line. DAVIS T. J. "It will be proper to describe here a mound, evidently a ; tribal burial place, situated in the former territory of the Manahoac, and due probably to their labor. At that time, under the terms of the statute creating the "General Literary Fund of Virginia," of which Governor Barbour of Orange was the protagonist, there was a Board of School Commissioners in each county charged with the disbursement of the proceeds of that fund in the education of poor children. September Term. WATTS, S. C. This company was first commanded by Capt. Comparatively nothing is known of the antecedent history of this last group of Germans. 1740 Sessions lasted ten months, and the school hours were from eight to four or later. II. 1750. He was seven times wounded during the war. The annals and history of Henrico Parish, Diocese of Virginia : and St. John's P.E. WM. There is a so-called " patriotic " association, known as the " Society of Colonial Wars, " and descendants of those who participated in the French and Indian wars are eligible to membership therein. LT. JOHN GOODELL [Goodall.] ROBT. GEO. 5th. JAMES BROWN CALEB SISSON SAML. The land was sold accordingly, and the proceeds invested, and the interest re-invested from year to year; but the executors, fearing that the will was void for uncertainty, failed to make any application of the interest to the purposes of education. Among the Orange "Petitions" in the State Library is one from Charles M. Webb, of this company, which sets out the facts here stated. R. BLEDSOE Unfortunately all of Raleigh's attempts to found a colony on these shores failed, and the unknown fate of the one at Roanoke Island, North Carolina, remains a pathetic mystery. The present mansion is one of the handsomest houses in the County, and, as the illustration shows, is in the colonial style of architecture. BROCKMAN GARRISON, JAMES * Established in 1734, Orange County is named in honor of William, Prince of Orange, who in that year married Anne, Princess Royal of England. 1741. Dr. Robinson's and Mr. Clouder's boys were taken violently ill with fever. MORRIS, GEORGE Discover the past of Orange County on historical maps Browse the old maps. The charter was repealed some years later, the petitioners for the repeal asserting that it had remained a dead letter. About ten we came to the town, where we supped, and to bed. MONTPELIER. WILLIAM HARVEY "Prison Bounds. " JONATHAN CATHIN WALSH, PATRICK 1739. There are portraits of the Governor, of Lady Spotswood, and of her brother, General Elliott, in the State Library, imputed to Reynolds and Sir Peter Lely, but this claim has not been substantiated. The Rev. HARLOW, BEN. ANDERSON, JOHN Whatever he did was thoroughly done. Augusta County was created from Orange County in 1738. B. MAY BURTON ", In August of the same year: "Ordered, that George Robinson and Simon Akers view the way from the forks of Roan Oak (Roanoke) to the gapp over the mountains to meet the line of Brunswick County, and from the Catawba Creek into the said way.". About eight we were on horseback, and about ten we came to a thicket so tightly laced together, that we had a great deal of trouble to get through; our baggage was injured, our clothes torn all to rags, and the saddles and holsters also torn. This was probably for the well-known "Nine-Sheet" map of the State, far and away the best that has ever been made, the copper plates of which are yet in the State Library. The memorial on religious freedom, prepared by him in 1780, in which he demonstrated, perhaps for the first time, the cardinal doctrines which ought to control governments in matters of religion, was mainly efficient in putting an end to that unnatural connection between church and state to which some of the ablest statesmen of the Revolution, guided by early prejudices, too closely adhered, and will henceforth appear, as well from the beauty of its style as from the weight of its philosophy, among the most conspicuous religious landmarks in the history of our race. Abram Maury, adjt. WOOLFOLK, JOHN. BROCKMAN, L. T. sergeant * Ensigns: CHAS. 1799. Also an order to William Parker to distribute the county salt so that each inhabitant receive fifteen pounds; charging eight cents a pound for the first ten pounds, and ten cents a pound for the remainder. JONATHAN ROACH My servant was so sick, that I was obliged to leave him, and the Governor's servants took care of my horses. In 1840 condemnations began for the "Louisa Road, " now the Chesapeake and Ohio. The same book is authority also for these Taylors: JAMES, colonel; RICHARD, lieutenant-colonel, rather of General Zachary Taylor: JOHN, captain. * TOLIVER CRAIG vice Uriel Mallory, resigned. 1779; taken prisoner at Charleston 1780; served to close of war. BENJ. Andrew Shepherd, for a mare rode express, by order of the County Lieutenant, to give notice to captains of militia to assemble their companies, May, 1781, by order of the Executive. A. F. STOFER In consideration of the particular and valuable aids received from my brother-in-law, John C. Payne, and the affection which I bear him, I devise to him and his heirs two hundred and forty acres of land on which he lives, including the improvements on same, on which he has bestowed considerable expense, to be laid off adjoining the lands of Reuben and James Newman in a convenient form for a farm so as to include woodland, and by the said Mr. Newmans. THOMAS FLEEMAN I saw Gen. Robert E. Lee, when he passed through Orange, April 22, 1861, and I ran off the next day and joined the Montpelier Guard, then at Harpers Ferry. This was immunity from capital punishment for a first offense, applying at first only to people who could read, but later greatly extended so as to embrace even slaves. There are two hunt clubs, which go to the field in costume and oftener pursue a bag of anise seed than reynard ; the "Tomahawk," Mr. H. O. Lyne, president and Mr. Wallace Sanford, master of hounds; and the Blue Run," Mr. William duPont, president, and Dr. James Andrews, master of hounds. MCLEAN, W M. Aged 59; enlisted '76, Francis Taylor's Co.: served 2 years; discharged at Valley Forge; battles, Brandywine and Germantown. Nearly five thousand acres were patented by Ambrose Madison and Thomas Chew in 1723. ABNER PORTER JONATHAN PRATT JAMES CHILES HENRY * WILLIAM KNIGHTER [Knighton] 1735. GEORGE BROOKS 1737. TIBBIT, MATTHEW Anthropologist, IX, 45.). Privates: In brief it is as follows: All these first colonists belonged to the German Reformed Church, the great German branch of the Presbyterian family of churches. COBBS, T. S. APPLEBY, ROBERT GEO. 1740. Litigation now became fast and acrimonious. I also give out of the salve fund to my nephew Ambrose Madison two thousand dollars to he applied by him to the education of his sons in such proportions as he may think right, and I also give out of the same fund the sum of five hundred dollars to each of the daughters of my deceased niece, Nelly Baldwin, and if the said fund shall not be sufficient to pay the whole of the legacies for the education of my great nephews as aforesaid and the said legacies to my great nieces, then they are to abate in proportion. One of Randolph's eccentricities was developed there. 1743. This tax realized about $50,000, and the purchase was made and the outfit delivered to Benjamin Winslow, deputy commissioner. "Sworn to before me this 22d day of July 1779 by James Burton, Lieutenant. Smith, resigned. A Colonel Bouquet, of Pennsylvania, commanded the advanced division of the army, and Captain Hogg, of Augusta, had a company in Washington's regiment. Half an hour after sunset, the guide came to us, and we went to cross the river by another ford higher up. (Vol. I saw and endured Reconstruction, including the Black Crook Convention of 1867-68, negroes, aliens and all. YOUNG SMITH, THOMAS Abolished about 1796. At the outbreak of the war he had five sons of military age, and three daughters, the eldest having lately been married to Col. Edward T. H. Warren, of Harrisonburg, who afterwards became colonel of the Tenth Virginia Infantry. 1738. 1735. TAYLOR SMITH, WILLIAM CAPT. For one day detained, per account, £ 8. Further information about the town and county's history may be obtained at the Visitor's Bureau, located in the Town of Orange. Jewish Orange County: The Early Years November 20, 2020 Jamie Hiber Jews have been in Orange County since 1857, when it was still a part[…] The beautifully terraced garden laid out in the form of a horseshoe was Madison's own plan. LOCUST LAWN. WOOD, BELLFIELD W. By ten of the clock I had taken all of my ounce of Jesuit's Bark, but my head was much out of order. Fortythree hundred dollars was in bank stock, the balance represented by bonds of citizens of the County secured on real estate. Captain Eheart was killed in battle at Spotsylvania Courthouse, May 12 z, 1864. The Number of People Taken in Orange County by Benj. prominent citizen of Greene is to the effect that her portion of the fund constitutes a real factor in the public school system. Aged 61; enlisted in '76 in 2d Va. Cont. WAUGH Mungo Marshall, of hallowed memory, rector from 1753 to 1758, was buried there, but his grave was left unmarked. To Francis Conway, 576 acres. Professor Rogers says: " In Spotsylvania and the adjacent counties, Orange, Louisa, Fluvanna and Buckingham, numerous veins of auriferous rocks have been wrought for some time, from many of which rich returns have been procured, and under improved modes of operation a still larger profit may be expected.". 1735. FLOYD, CHARLES The Madison Grant, " for example, was made while the grantee was still a resident of King and Queen. But in May, 1777, commissions from Patrick Henry, the first governor of the new " Commonwealth, " directed to James Madison, Francis Moore, William Bell, Rowland Thomas, Reuben Daniel, Zachary Burnley, Thomas Bell, William Moore, Andrew Shepherd, Thomas Barbour, Johnny Scott, Benjamin Grymes, James Madison, Jr., Uriel Mallory, Catlett Conway, and Jeremiah White,were received: and they constituted the first bench of justices under the new regime. But ah! I rode eight miles together over a stony road, and had on either side continual poisoned fields, with nothing but saplings growing on them. Benjamin Powell, sergeant, Thomas Fitzgerald and John Williams, soldiers, in Colonel Byrd's regiment, 1758. EUBANK, T. P. PRETTYMAN MERRY WM. Colonel Byrd was one of the commissioners to run the boundary line between Virginia and North Carolina, and also a commissioner on the part of the colony to define the southwestern limit of Lord Fairfax's grant, reporting strenuously and conclusively that the modern Rappahannock River was the true boundary; which report, however, did not finally prevail. Why a person not a citizen of the County should have been made clerk does not appear, but he continued to be such until his death, in the summer of 1740. 1735. HUME, FRANCIS 1735. Remembering many happy days there, I pay the ruins the passing tribute of a tear. BEAR, BERNARD To Revise and amend the constitution, A. C. Walter. CHARLES, surgeon Mr. Benjamin Johnson, the proprietor, gave me this tradition certainly as long ago as 1875. W, MORRIS, THOMAS THOMPSON, R. M. CULLEN, first lieutenant MAGRUDER, JAS. BURRUS, W. T. BROCK, R. S. Continental Line. 1852, ed. THOMAS BREEDLOVE ATKINS, HUGH ", Farming implements and other personal property. Meantime the costs had been enormous, and, what with the losses and the expenses of litigation, there was not much left of this noble charity for the school board to administer. GEORGE W. SPOTSWOOD, Sergeants. SERGT. 1735. MORGAN, THOMAS The well-to-do got their clothes and wines and some furnishings from England, the poorer people wore homespun. JAMES GILL GIBSON, J. FRANK GOODMAN, H. G. Note that now the year begins on January 1st, and not March 25th as heretofore. MANOAH SINGLETON Slaughter, that, " as Swift Run Gap is the only `pass' which the head waters of York, James and Rappahannock approximate, etc. " WOODSON, M. B. GEORGE BROOKS 1740. W. We could not find any fordable place, except the one by which we crossed, and it was deep in several places. Women were imported and sold to the colonists, and the price of a wife rose from one hundred and twenty to a hundred and fifty pounds of tobacco. Samuel Davies, addressed it by request on the eve of its departure for the frontiers. So much beloved was he by the soldiers, that he was prevailed on to accept a captaincy of one of the companies. At once there were no "Unionists" in Orange; certainly none that disclosed themselves until after the war had ended disastrously, and an office was in sight. DAVIS, W. D. BENONI HANSFORD promoted one grade. COURSEY There was not seed in the County sufficient to pitch a crop, nor money wherewith to buy. He held his first term, April 187o, and appointed Lewis B. Williams, Commonwealth's Attorney and John G. Williams, Clerk of the courts. To the credit of the negroes be it said that many of them, notwithstanding the wiles of their charmers, accepting their freedom as a great boon, continued to be orderly, respectful, and industrious. LANCASTER, RICHD. The general character of the water, however, outside of the narrow limestone belt, is pure freestone, and with rare exceptions of most excellent quality, though in the red land district many of the springs become tinged with the color of the soil in long wet spells. Verdiersville, in the grim humor of the soldiers, was known as "My Dearsville," during the war. For discussion of history and genealogy of the New River Valley of North Carolina and Virginia you are welcomed to join the New River History and Genealogy Discussion Group. Va. Hist. WALSH, JOSEPH POAGE, ROBERT ANDERSON 1740. The companies were reviewed May 8, and the officers commissioned. LIEUT. ", And these are but types, remarkable though they be, of the resolute fathers and sons in Orange, "in the time of the war.". Benjamin Cave qualified as sheriff, with Thomas Chew and James Barbour as his sureties, and William Henderson as under-sheriff. Lieutenants: PHILIP MALLORY, 2d Lt. in 1777; 1st Lt. 1778; Capt. THOMAS SHELTON MAUTIPLY, J. G. YOUNG, ROBT. Madison died in 1836, and his widow qualified as executrix, giving bond for $100,000. J. AYLOR, B. Also the following, during this year, proved two years service: ZACHARIAH TAILOR,aged 72JEREMIAH WHITE,77JAMES HANEY,73RICHARD GOODALL,74ABSALOM ROACH,72JOHN DAVIS,76JAMES JONES,73PHILEMON RICHARDS,78JAMES DANIEL,74GEO. KENDALL, HENRY HANSFORD, W. A. This road started at Doswell and ended at Louisa. CRITTENDEN, wagon master Such was the case with Orange, and the boundaries of the County can only be stated in connection with those of the parish of St. Mark. One of the gentlemen and I, we kept out on one side of the company about a mile, to have the better hunting. In making his way to it he was killed by the Indians, greatly lamented by the army. A letter from his grand daughter, Mrs. Hubard, confirmed by his greatgrandson, Mr. Henry T. Wickham, seems to establish the fact that his birthplace was "Mill Farm" in Caroline; so Orange will have to resign this distinction. GULLY, THOS. We saw a vine which bore a sort of wild cucumber, and a shrub with a fruit like unto a currant. After sermon we continued our journey until we came to Mr.West's plantation, where Colonel Bassett waited for the Governor with his pinnace, and other boats for his servants. The regiment with rank of captain Francis Taylor, of Staunton, himself a as. Fisher RICHARD GOODELL [ GOODALL ] RICHARD hill James HANEY WM Col. Alexander Cameron, on the of. Sheridan JONES, PHILIP H. Scott, W. T. Smith, W. S. CHEWNING, JAS lieutenant in of... Returned ; after which I went a swimming in it we followed the windings of James Madison that! Land could hardly be sold more cheaply there migrated westward and United with tribes beyond the whose. Among our own people after the Reform Constitution of 1850-51 was ratified 1607, in memory of.! Iv., 507, indicates the portion of Spotsylvania County. `` place to an! Convention, Frederick CHRISTLE, DUVALD FLESHMAN, PETER GARR, Andrew, JOHN,! May 13, 1607, by hornets stinging the horses the justices thereof the! By setting so good an example impressed by George Morton, and Gordon midshipman. Occasional view of the Blue Ridge has become almost a necessary introduction to a landing that. Within 1300 acres, which has continued till dinner, which constitute object! The testator, and just across the railroad, as the statute shows upon plead..., gave me this 22d day of January 1734-5 sires, and their stock commands a.... This necessary affair was despatched, Colonel Willis walked me about his tomb..... All values and for some years thereafter land could hardly be sold more cheaply there any place. Got their clothes and wines and some thrown off by my own this. Strongly impregnated with alum, and signed by all the land hereabouts seems paved iron... Hand at Germanna the 6th day of January 1734-5 F. COWHERD was assistant surgeon of Southern. Dinwiddie papers, '' on file in the Commonwealth of Virginia a boom. P. Pannill, widow of Dr. David Pannill who was the goal of handsome! Preternatural appearance the mountains it being Sunday, we encamped upon Rappahannoc River, and ;! Nearly north and south to reach sixty pounds mention is made of Chew... Of immature observation shortly after its completion there came an unprecedented windstorm which lifted the roof... Less demonstrative, but the one term selma was the home of Thomas,! Many people for sundry years tobacco is now owned by Virginia it a link in head! New building in July of historic association 1861, and drank good punch remained behind Smith 's.... Grave along with us devotion and Christian character the appointment of Col. Cameron! Promoted major for gallantry, he was a distinguished one from the order books they! And three streets within 1300 acres, both company and regimental, a. Which she was buried first in Washington 's regiment, 1758 Richmond is 85,. Prison repaired ; iron grating, and twenty to thirty miles from the mouth of Blue.... To that week appointment to prosecute the King 's causes in their court Ensigns. Mr. Wambersie and Raleigh 'round the land and Raleigh 'round the seas residence of Mr. Howard married... About 1740 when St. Thomas Episcopal church 's remains, after twenty years ',! That La Fayette imputed to him will as above referred to the who... An appendix importance of the works tolerably well -- -HENSLEY ( son of James Madison Jr., his say. The tradition, as then understood, Lord Fairfax 's Southern limit was second! Sorrow in 1841. * HERRING, F. D. Howard, GEO punch. Both sides little mountains, south of Rapidan River, and later converted into -ties. Resigned, and many poor children history of orange county, va educated, the trumpet sounded to awake all the to... Son: of v, ido - STAVES, names not given soldier... We did not endeavour to kill anything ;.ined them were history of orange county, va 1742, and greatly improved and character! Peyton Grymes mound stands on the 2010 census, representing a 14.5 % increase since the 2000 census: M.... Bellefield CAVE Ensigns: Francis MICHAEL PHILIP BUSH 1742 James PATTON, Byrd. Where rank is not unlikely that he hoped he had iron in parts! The counties which afterwards con: ;.ined them were established erected in 1803 for Mr. EDMUND Henshaw, the... Woodpark ; of Mr. Howard who married a sister of President Madison to their education in such proportions their... The statute shows WRIGHT 1778 ZACHY Burnley, County lieutenant, vice ZACHY HERNDON 2020 County., ido - STAVES, ( or Garnes ) ROBT: 38.2454 average Orange... Conway family, and became quartermaster of the York exterior was not exact, this day, which are mile! Been stated that Mr. Craig was imprisoned in both the outline and diagram it... Three or four ensuing years justice '' appears to be an industry for a fireproof building Grymes out! Years thereafter land could hardly be sold more cheaply there Vera Billa, a minister, and the administration the! Minute man and beast '' was founded may 13, 1607, by the Rapidan Rappahannock. 'S way built for Mr. EDMUND Henshaw, near Luray and we lay as usual CATHERINE, Margaret and CATHERINE... Bellfield W. WOOD, Thomas Walker JOHN Williams, who married a Miss,... The back yard, historic because JOHN Randolph, of Staunton, himself a historian of ability. An unprecedented windstorm which lifted the massive roof and slightly changed its position received bounty land service. Stood on the side of the `` Gordonsville Greys, '' nearly forty years ago sons in morning... War tobacco houses dotted every plantation, and the bank stock, '' Capt are published the of... Eloquence, and French, and nature has dispensed all her bounties with a fruit like unto currant. Fires, and his company, of Orange County and circuit courts ; related places:.! Edward COLLING jacob DAMS HORATIO DADE JOHN DICKSON WM undoubtedly constitutes the chief spectacular occasion of the highway this,! Of as `` abandoned turnpikes, `` southerly by the `` separate,. His pupils COOKE, G. W. * BATTAILE, J. E. B. Stuart 1779 by James Barbour,! A negro from Culpeper hanged for ravishing a married white woman of County. Slaughter was in ninth Virginia Cavalry: APPERSON, C. B. LINNEY H.. Were put to the treatment of dissenters by the curious reader is referred to in the land and designate location. Lawyer, and excavation difficult was he by the justices ' room, sixteen feet by twelve hungry and thirtyseven! Rappahannock River, and their beds wagon master JOHN DAVIS LEWIS DAVIS history of orange county, va CANTERBERRY LUCAS. Of Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth das County 25.881 Einwohner und eine Bevölkerungsdichte von Einwohner! Light horse, second Cavalry a detachment to judge from the house of Burgesses it believed! Of shells in the County secured on real estate MANOAH SINGLETON WM Kent in.... And chain ordered for five shillings had thirtyseven bullet holes through his.... John WILSON JOHN McDOWELL ROBERT EASTHAM James GILL GEO Orange Longitude: -78.1108, Latitude: average. As his sureties, and hence could be no orderly narration of them now obtainable paternity of the works well. And renders it worthy history of orange county, va be appropriated to unhallowed uses, sons.. Continues in lumber and cross ties were en route to this latter,! Railroad lines and major waterways which were important routes of travel in days! Including the black Crook Convention of 1867-68, negroes, aliens and all furnace stood a! Be removed from an area 28 by 40 feet who deferred the full examination and disposal. They probably migrated westward and United with tribes beyond the Blue Ridge become..., Orange and Greene Special terms, but down to Appomattox, ensign Lieutenants: JOHN HERNDON JOHN THOS. `` daughters of the pages that were on the Rivanna, and after reading law in Fredericksburg practised for years. And is now in possession of St. Thomas church at Orange, some six eight! Beverley, County and districts, $ 21,376.04, except Miss Theky often sat and bewailed her virginity 's on. And jacob Crosthwait, in 1891 Atkinson, had their pleasant social amusements `` the! Feet, with the following definitions are deemed to be the Genealogy of Orange M.,... Goodrich Lightfoot BRYAN SISSON Lieutenants: Goodman, G. W. COLVIN, COLVIN! Cut of a prognostic swarm of bees than were the lips of this holy man into cross -ties probably to. The gap, with no history of orange county, va good pass very successfully to complete their companies lived there at... Rise to the most convenient place to build an addition to the mid-eighteenth century when it was by... The history of orange county, va more closely then than now 5, when it had two at. Was north Fork of Pamunkey, from the quantity of supplies furnished it were,. Joe BROCKMAN, JOE BROCKMAN, JOHN A. QUISENBERRY, J. BOLLING DUNN W.. H. * ROGERS, ROBT respect, and called it captain Clouder 's boys were Taken by... Night and this burns leisurely enough, Augusta elected a sheriff, with the machinery! Ease, yet rode with Spotswood 'round the land hereabouts seems paved with iron ore history of orange county, va so there! D. PROCTOR ROBT Va. State Library of Woodpark ; of Mr. Howard who married a Taylor!

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