I put prayer flags up in my car! Check out some sturdy padlocks and bike locks that you could use to lock things away here – this is practice that should be taken when you’re in any hotel room without a safe, anyway. If you are looking for an authentic, experience within the Australian … And even better, they’re a perfect way to stretch your holiday budget further! Let me know in the comments below! Van Life and Stealth Camping in Australia. According to KOA’s North American Camping Report from 2018, there are over 77 million households in the U.S. alone that go camping every year.A 20% increase in just 3 years. MIRANG POOL CAMPGROUND. !’ is one of the main questions I was asked when living in my car. It cost me $110 AUD per week to set up camp at the hostel and use all of its services. Don’t resort to vegemite sandwiches or soup out of a can when you go camping with the family. At the time, there was the option to work for accommodation for free rent – this has since been made illegal, so now they offer paid jobs to people living there. They’re everywhere! If you want proper sleeping quarters, you’re going to need to either remove or permanently fold down your back seats. This meant that I did sometimes have nights without a functional zip, which probably isn’t the wisest move – and during my time in Byron Bay, my tent was very ripped, with lots of holes in. Australia is one of the world’s premier camping destinations. As for length, tiny homes can go up to 12.5 metres, but chances are you won’t want it that long anyway. Just like all hostels and most campsites, there’s a camp kitchen! But who needs that anyway? I completely understand this concern, and I’ll be honest; there’s no guarantee that your stuff will be safe. The whole point of living in your car is to experience the great outdoors, so there’s your living space! Go into any camping store, and you will be bamboozled by the vast array of equipment and supplies available, and … Buy a ‘ Backpacker car’ (a term used in Australia for cars that come fully equipped for long-term roadtrippers) and the WikiCamps to do Free Camping in Australia! Living in a tent for a year changes you . It’s a great social atmosphere as everyone uses the kitchens, and even though it could be tiresome with pots etc always being used, I still made some great meals in the kitchen. Any ideas? ‘But how do you shower? It was cheap. In my free camping in Australia post, I write about how to select a safe free campsite. I find the best way to eat is a mixture of making cold meals that don’t need cooking (salads, wraps), and using a gas stove to cook hot dinners. Between 2014 and 2017, 64% more people camp three or more times a year. Don’t swim in said watering holes either. Here’s the one I use, which lasts for up to seven charges. Are you seeking for a way to make your travels cheaper? But there are ways around this. Yep… I know I sound nuts. A port with USB outlets can be plugged into these, which can be used to charge  your phone and other devices. Yep, yep there are. Bears are the biggest issue in the USA and Canada, and you can read this article about staying safe during bear encounters for some tips. The Arts Factory Hostel is a one of a kind place; it’s a bit of a hippy refuge, with talented musicians, fun workshops and classes and an awesome atmosphere. Whether you’re planning a lap across Australia, taking some time off work to road trip up the coast or even wanting to become a digital nomad, organising a long-term caravan or camper trailer hire is an … Long term tent camping while travelling was my solution to saving money while living in Australia. Tinned food is your friend on the road, as is eating vegan. Camping tip: leave no trace! Then, I’d recommend heading to a foam store (Clark Rubber is the Australian chain) and getting your mitts on a foam mattress, which can be cut to size. We offer unpowered tent sites in an extensive habitat reserve with modern, spacious amenities, all the equipment you’ll need to cook, a 5km network of bushwalks and an outdoor bath under the stars. Outdoor Resorts - Melbourne Beach 214 Horizon Lane, Melbourne Beach, Florida, … I had an eight-man tent which I shared with my friend; inside we had two mattresses, a shelving unit, a ‘sofa’ (which was made out of milk crates and cushions) and more milk crates that we used for storage. Putty Beach Campground. The same obviously applies wherever in the world you are living in your car – make sure you check night temperatures before you go as they can be vastly different to the day. Most of the spiders were huntsmans, which aren’t venomous, but there was one wolf spider. If you’re looking for tents to live in permanently, a K Mart product probably won’t cut it. Very well. This is where you meet the real people. And quite often I’d end up swimming in the day so would be semi-clean that way too. If you’re living in a tent long-term in another country, make sure you are aware of the dangers of certain animals and act accordingly. Wherever you decide to spend the night, at a holiday park, free campsite … I’ve already touched on some of the animals that you can encounter while camping in Australia, but it must be remembered that larger, potentially dangerous animals can find their way into free campsites. They love nothing more than a human dinner, so in the top end of Australia, avoid camping near rivers or watering holes of any type at all costs. Do you think you’d ever live in a tent? A better description than ‘free’. This freaked me out a bit because they are pretty venomous, but luckily there was a spider expert on hand to extract it. Preppers Australia is the place to visit if you are preparing for a natural disaster, food storage, an emergency or survival situations. google_ad_width = 250; If you or anyone you know is planning on living in a tent long term, check out this gift list for campers. Long Term and Year Round Campgrounds and RV Parks. Once you are in the campsite, you can stay safe by locking the car and rolling down the windows slightly. Campsites all have blocks of showers and toilets! Long Term Campervan Rentals - Camperman Australia Long Term Campervan Hire 2001-2002 High Top Campervan – 3 berth model Long Term Campervan Rentals from 120 days to 180 days at $49.00/day … Obviously, most cars aren’t kitted out with kitchens, so you’ll need to find a way to make your own food. I sacrificed on amenities like plug sockets and an attached bathroom – but I gained the … The hostel’s kind of famous – it was the setting for part of the Inbetweeners 2 Movie! google_ad_height = 250; As this type is the most popular, we’ll spend some time covering a day in the life of a long-term … Oh, and just a pointer – if you’re in Australia camping anywhere that’s not Darwin or Cairns in the winter, take a hot water bottle for the nights when it can get freezing. Hey Claire! They loved it so much they did it for three years. Not the plastic people who like to travel the east coast in their shiny ‘vans and sip champagne from long … and I’m alive to tell the tale. Not only is it great for counting pennies, but it’s also really fun and all part of the … There were a few outdoor areas where everybody sat; my friends had a tent circle and we used to sit in the middle to hang out. We decorated it in signs and prayer flags, and it was a lovely little refuge. Most cars are fitted with a cigarette lighter. Don't bring … I left Byron Bay in February 2017 and hung up my road trip shoes in December 2017 – with a couple of breaks when I stopped in Perth and Broome and a short holiday in Asia. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5530732638343721"; Campsites will often let you use their shower for a small fee. Yep, there wasn’t any electricity in the tent, so it wasn’t always possible to keep my phone 100% charged. Of course, when you’re living in a car to save money, one of the most important things to make sure of is that you have a comfy bed. Luckily my MacBook is great on battery! Interested in cheap – or even free accomodation? Your email address will not be published. If you’re going to be living in your car for a while, why not make it super cosy and get proper pillows and a duvet? This is obviously written from my experience at the Arts Factory Hostel in Byron Bay, but I’ve stayed at other campsites all over Australia and it rings true for those as well – as I’m sure it does for other campsites all over the world. I ended up with a single mattress in the back of my Subaru; if you have a bigger car you might be able to fit a double in. Use the left side links to find more parks and resorts, hotels, bed and breakfast inns, tourist attractions, restaurants, and more. It’s highly unlikely one will attack you even if it does find its way into your tent. It can seem a bit daunting, and many people still do think I’m absolutely nuts, but honestly, I’ve never been as happy as I was in my tent. Below you'll find some great Australia Long Term and Year Round Campgrounds and RV Parks. //-->. And crocodiles and dingoes and big cows who look like they can trample your tent with one footstep (this isn’t in Byron Bay, but I experienced this while free camping in rural Western Australia!). With native wildlife for company, lush rainforests, pristine coastlines, starry skies to sleep beneath and stunning campgrounds … I literally was the happiest I’ve ever been! For extra lounging room, you could use a couple of camping chairs, and make a tarp cover for if it’s raining. I really didn’t see much difference between living in a tent in a hostel and living in a dorm room in a hostel, which lots of travellers do. Guide to Camping in Australia. It’s both a chill and party hostel, and it is located in gorgeous grounds backing onto a rainforest. If you liked this post, please share it or follow me on Facebook! Most people had tents made for multiple people, so they could fit furniture inside. Long term camping and hiking trips require more than just a good pair of boots. But some great meals, like lentil chilli, curry made with chickpeas and tinned vegetables and pasta dishes, can be made with dry and tinned ingredients. It was a peaceful place, with lots of love and music; there were so many creative souls living there who would constantly be painting or drawing. Hello, my name’s Claire and I’m obsessed with travelling overland. The campsite was a fantastic community of people from all nationalities and walks of life. We also have normal powered & unpowered sites plus opal mine tour(Free camping with tour booking) All set in quiet location just 4km. I love this post – people think I’m so weird when I talk about living in a tent in Africa or living in my tent or van each summer when I travel in the UK or Sweden. Roadhouses often have shower facilities that cost around $3. This could be your first port of call if you’re looking for a job in Byron Bay! I always liked curling into my bed early after a long day’s sightseeing as well. Required fields are marked *. Rain was sometimes an issue – there were often big storms in Byron – but we had a high quality tarp and I made sure I kept any electronics safe from water damage. Seeing how cultures change while travelling slowly captivates me; and doing so in an eco-friendly way, preserving the cultures and landscapes that so many travellers yearn to explore, has given me my travelling purpose. I travelled around Australia in a K-Mart tent that cost me $12; and when the zip broke, I just replaced it with another one. Finding a long-term RV rental can be a little bit more of a challenge than your traditional rent-for-a-weekend endeavor. I’d recommend investing in some good books or a kindle when you are taking up residence in a tent or car. Moral of the story? By far the most popular style of long term camping is completely free campsites. Sometimes I had to make do with wet wipes or a quick wash in a public bathroom. Long Term Accommodation Did you know that Discovery Parks can provide options for permanent or long term accommodation? Free showers in Australia can often be found by beaches and occasionally in towns. It’s light, easy, healthy and can just come from … I hope I’ve encouraged, rather than scared you out of, living in a tent! Storage wise, if you’re technically inclined, you could construct a shelving unit as a base, and then put the mattress on top. I sacrificed on amenities like plug sockets and an attached bathroom – but I gained the freedom of being self-sufficient, a deeper love for nature and less of a dependancy on material things, while saving a small fortune. Our Campground Search A family of three says you absolutely can travel Australia long-term in a camper trailer with kids. Preppers Australia – For All Your Survival Needs. I lived in the Arts Factory hostel in Byron Bay on its attached campsite for 5 months. Check out this tent from Wild Earth for a great high quality example. If you buy a good quality tent, the zip shouldn’t break and you’ll likely be able to resell it when you no longer need it – backpackers in Australia are always hungry for this kind of stuff. Thank you for sharing your travel tales with the world, they can definitely inspire and help other people, legend. Packed with features and supported by the Blackwolf lifetime warranty, the Turbo Lite Cabin 450 represents one of the best options available for family camping in Australia. Marinate in advance. If you are in a tent, you could find a way of locking the tent from the inside, or just camp near others. You just need to know where to look or who to ask. Claire’s Footsteps is a blog dedicated to helping the world through sustainable travel. Dry bags will come in exceptionally useful if you’re living in a tent – check out the one I use here. And if are in the unlucky tiny minority that get bitten by either snake or spider, the antivenom is soo good nowadays – so scoot on over to hospital and they’ll fix you right up. Australia Campgrounds with Internet Access, Long Term Australia Campgrounds and RV Parks, Beat the weather, pitch your tent or roll you swag, or stay in a Budget room all Underground. /* 250 x 250 Top Content Top Ad */ Fried Rice. Only swim in them if you know it is 100% safe to do so. From thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail to trekking in the outback for weeks at a time, here are 8 tips to prepare, plan and remain positive on your upcoming long term camping … But I did have a snake and a few spiders in my tent in Byron (the one with lots of rips and holes – your high quality tent shouldn’t have these!) The campsite cannot be reserved in advance and there is sometimes a waiting list, but you can book dorms using this link – and then see if you want to stay at the campsite! Some of you might be wondering how the hell do you live in a car or tent for nine months of your life? Dingoes and huge cows can be a threat, but my best advice here is to be vigilant and go with your gut. Good luck trying to get a great condition, Australian made hard floor camper trailer that’s 6 years old for under $12000. google_ad_slot = "1608165891"; It works wonders! Labelled food could be kept in the fridge. Keeping your tent securely zipped will prevent bugs or snakes from getting inside. Even if you have fussy eaters, these fun and easy camping recipes are sure to please even the pickiest palate!We trolled the internet and rounded up 15 camping recipes that are kid tested and approved.. Plus, don’t overlook the fact that cooking during a camping … Crocodiles terrify me. By Kristina Eaton. This tip is about doing work in advance and using a zip lock bag! For appliances like a laptop, it is a bit trickier – I soon got into the habit of just locating plugs wherever I was. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, why not book a night or two in its dorms to see if you like it? You could padlock your tent – although there is the argument that that makes it look like there is something to hide and someone could still slash their way in, but this campsite is so busy that they would be seen. The most comprehensive resource for discovering and booking unique outdoor stays including tent camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, and glamping. You won’t want to sleep on a yoga mat for months and months straight – get a foam mattress and roll it up to put in your car. Little do they know just how much they’re missing out on! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel advice and … Other states in Australia can assist with cheaper retirement housing options with long term caravan parks in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. My answer?