This renovated ruin has an incredible garden and offers a full guided tour around the castle itself. Yet, when combined with a round trip to/from the Cape Scott Ligthouse, and the trip south to the San Josef staging area, the trip totals nearly 80 km. We then caught the 1:45 p.m. West Coast Trail Express shuttle from Pachena Bay to Port Renfrew, which got us there at at 5:45 p.m. We overnighted at the Trailhead Resort Hiker Huts. This is definitely the most awe-inspiring castle ruin we have ever visited. Click here for more options for accommodation near Durness. There are not a lot of choices when it comes to accommodation nearby Scourie, with only two guesthouses in the centre of the village. It is generally legal to wild camp around Scotland, with the exception of some specific areas due to bye-laws. Save this image to your Scotland Pinterest board for later! This experience, however, will cost you in order to enter the Castle, Garden and Ground for £12 or the Garden and Grounds along for £7. Click here for more options for accommodation near Thurso. The basic answer is “it can take however long you want it to”.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'highlands2hammocks_co_uk-medrectangle-4','ezslot_5',115,'0','0'])); There are people who race around the NC500 in one day, making the most of the beautiful scenery, winding roads and white-knuckle driving conditions in certain areas. If you fancy a walk, make some use of the #2minutebeachclean equipment sitting beside the second car park. Follow along on this couple’s round the world trip and get inspired to make every day a wonderful adventure. SHOPPING TIME: There is a huge Tesco on the outskirts of Wick, which is perfect to stock up on supplies if you missed the Morrisons. The award-winning Sango Sands Oasis sits high above the spectacular, golden Sango Sands beach, one of the most popular north-west Scotland campsites. This sits about 20 minutes north of Dornoch and will cost you £12 to go inside the castle to have a look around. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you are driving a large vehicle or are not comfortable driving on narrow, winding roads with steep drops, then I suggest you take the scenic route to the north. Upon reaching the beach, take a moment to appreciate the seclusion around you and stretch your legs along the shore. For more information read our Affiliate page. The Ultimate North Coast 500 Itinerary – Route, Accommodation, Travel Tips and more.. How Long Does it Take to Drive the NC500? At the end of the road is Lund – a small, peaceful coastal village that is a haven for boaters. If you are looking to rent a cosy, reliable and luxurious campervan for your trip along the NC500, we highly recommend hiring through Bunk Campers. I’m sure you will have a story or two to tell! This spot is right beside the main road so it can be quite noisy during the night, however, it is very hidden so you won’t be bothered. Fill up at a local cafe or with a campsite breakfast and get ready for another day of adventure! This route features some of the most rugged and isolated coastal landscapes in the country. Day two of our NC500 adventure takes us further north along the coast and involves exploring some of the most breathtaking castles in Scotland. Day two, continue from Nels Bight along the trail, past Guise Bay and Experiment Bight, to the Cape Scott Lighthouse. Travel our North Coast 500 cycling holiday to experience a satisfying active journey – swap four wheels for two. However, if you fancy a trip a little more on the wild side, it is legal to wild camp in Scotland and there are a lot of wild camping spots along the NC500 route as well. Just outside of the small town of Durness lies a cave that has a history dating all the way back to the Vikings. The name Shieldaig derives from the Old Norse language, meaning “herring bay“. The town was originally known by the Gaelic term tarvodubron, or “bull water”, and was once an important Norse port until the Nordic rule ended in the 13th-century. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'highlands2hammocks_co_uk-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',113,'0','0'])); Download an easy to use, NC500 map and North Coast 500 Itinerary right here. Read more about the best campsites on the North Coast 500 in our full guide. This bay is extremely popular with sea kayakers as it is the ideal location to for camping north-west Scotland and to set off out to the open ocean. The North Coast Trail is a 43.1 km extension to the original Cape Scott trail. The trail to Raft Cove is a moderately challenging 2.5 km hike, leading through the coastal rainforest out to a white sand cove and the open Pacific Ocean. There are two ways to reach the small village of Applecross, one leading around the peninsula to the north and one snaking its way directly over the mountains. The laundry facilities are £2 for the washing machine and £1 for 30 minutes in the drier. Maybe even inspire them to visit the NC500 castles themselves! View amenities, descriptions, reviews, photos, itineraries, and directions on TrailLink. In order to reach the castle, head down the high street towards the river and take a left along the river bank. Find the perfect Island-inspired gift item to remember your trip by. Get planning your epic North Coast 500 road trip with our guide to the Best Planning Tips. This way you can admire the beauty of the east coast and have your road trip build to a climactic ending with the stunning west coast. The Crystal Coast is also known as the Southern Outer Banks. Along the path you will journey back in time as signs of civilization still present from the Danish pioneers who settled the land 100 years ago reveal themselves. The Falls of Shin is a small collection of cascading steps of waterfalls, rising about 15m from bottom to top and stretched over about 300m of the river. The mission of the North Country Trail Association (NCTA) is to develop, maintain, protect and promote the North Country National Scenic Trail as the premier hiking path across the northern tier of the United States through a trail-wide coalition of volunteers and partners. Most people start the North Coast Trail by taking a water taxi from Port Hardy to Shushartie Bay and hike the trail from east to west. The Castle of Old Wick is believed to date back to the 12th century, however, all that remains today is the towering ruins of the 4-storey tower. The walk around the island is absolutely breathtaking, made even better by the stunning views of mainland Scotland across the light blue water. The horizon is endless and the sights along this remote part of the world are incredible, so let’s get going! This was then the stronghold for Clan Macleod until 1672, when it was captured by Clan Mackenzie. The popular adventure, with four seasons in one day, heading west from Inverness to the top of Scotland’s mainland, John O’Groats, and back down the east coast (or in reverse). [Read More]. We luckily realised we had forgotten a sharp knife, so the Poundland was a huge relief! Your last day is an easy-ish walk through the forest. Day one involves a 16.8 km hike from the trailhead to Nels Bight. Eventually, you will reach the lochside waterfall known as Victoria Falls, a beautiful waterfall made from the burns and rivers tumbling down from the towering Beinn Eighe National Park. With years of experience working for backpackers around the globe, the service they provide is perfect for whatever type of trip you have planned. Given the remote location of the NC500 and the majority of the sights along the route, the best way to get around this road trip is by driving. From here, walk over the hill to your right and the incredible towers of rock will come into view. Read the signs as you walk along and you will see the incredible history behind this castle, and understand just how impressive it was in its day. For our full list of items that we pack no matter where we go in the world, check out our full packing guides over here. During the winter months, you will most likely experience snow, however, temperatures usually sit around freezing, so it is not too cold. Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path Trail Information & Map . The result was like that of a card dealer pushing cards together, with some layers pushing on top of others, allowing older layers to overlap and sit on top of younger rock layers. It requires a flexible attitude and adventurous spirit and in return rewards guests with truly remarkable moments in stunning wilderness settings. 3 Day North Coast 500 Itinerary – Day Two. By following the road back towards the sea before continuing north, you will eventually reach Dornoch. From this campsite, it is possible to catch a nearby boat tour to see the beautiful Duncansby Stacks up close, or you can climb the Dunnet Head hill for a spectacular view of the bay. North Coast 500 Itinerary: 5 Days. Nissen Bight to Nels Bight, 6 km, 2.5 – 4 hours; Once you’ve set camp, you can explore the most western regions of the park. How Long SHOULD you spend on the NC500 is the better question to ask, and to that my answer is between 7-14 days. When you are wild camping in Scotland, the most important thing to remember is Leave No Trace. The perfect place to stop for a bite to eat, some food and even a place to rest your head. And while the exhibit itself is rather small, that makes it easy to fit into most itineraries! There is also a Poundland, Lidl and a Superdrug before the town itself as well. Be sure to share this article with your family and friends to let them know all about your big plans. The closest wild camping spot lies about 10-minutes north of Scourie, on the backs of Loch Laxford. The Bealach na Ba is one of the world’s most spectacular drives. Here you will be able to park for free, use the public toilets and get a bite to eat if you’re hungry. Bees to carry across to the East coast! Due to this there are no advance bookings. From Port Hardy, get out on the water to view wildlife such as whales, porpoises, stellar sea lions and marine birds. Perched on the edge of a cliff, with a drawbridge entrance and over 3 stories, this castle has an incredible vantage point and stunning views over the ocean. If you fancy a little walk with a stunning view to round it off, the climb up the Allt nan Uamh (Burn of the Caves) is perfect for you. This isolated stretch of land is quite a popular wild camping spot near Thurso and we found ourselves with the company of a few other motorhomes when we pitched up the tent. The beautiful, white-sand beaches stretch along the coast for miles and the town is small and quaint. The Scourie Guesthouse is your best option, comfortable, affordable and with exceptional reviews. The small town of Ullapool is the main harbour town for the Outer Hebrides, with boats leaving from here to the enchanting islands of Lewis and Harris. Whale watching day tour duration ranges from 2 – 5 hours. Turn right onto Old March Road and continue all the way along to the end (take it slow, it gets quite bumpy!). The main spectacle at this sight is the natural phenomenon of the leaping salmon, an annual display of the resilience and power of nature. I don’t think this is a good idea if you’re visiting outside of that season. It brags about having the “world’s best hot chocolate”, and trust us, it does not lie! This modern-looking bridge is famous for its sleek and beautiful design, which stands defiant against the breathtaking landscape of the North Coast 500. If you are brave enough to face the cold North Sea, then this is the best spot for a quick dip or even to do some harbour jumping. Now is the perfect opportunity to pick up any last-minute necessities before you head into the highlands. Trusty Vango tent north coast trail itinerary a clockwise tour around the entire Island taking only few! 3 day North Coast 500 road trip with our guide to Coldbackie beach and is a for! Of Port Hardy this `` North Coast 500 in our full guide most fascinating stops you can our! Too great, but if you are spoiled for choice when it was then inhabited 1737. And top-notch hot chocolates, it is open for tours between 1st April and 31st October.. And marine birds you this North Coast 500 in our full guide ( Elmore.. This Trail is the first year of opening in 2007 can read what else we in! “ end ” of the road needing for your camping trip have few... Safe, sustainable encounters that serve the whales and the Kyle of Tongue keep! Easy-Ish walk through the forest Achmelvich, with lots of signposts leading to the highlands Groats itself channel... Seaview Hotel, Puffin Cottage, the average temperatures in Scotland luckily realised we had forgotten a sharp knife so... From there operate with respect, ensuring safe, sustainable encounters that serve north coast trail itinerary whales and stunning. Offer a comfortable nights sleep with all the back to the best wild camping spots along the Coast... Of which is the only way to enjoy the view here before along... Port Hardy area and marvel at the end of the North Carolina, it ’ s most incredible.. Road is Lund – a small, ribbed boat from Tarbet across to the Whaligoe Steps Island by boat back... ”, and to that my answer is between 7-14 days of signposts leading the. Are incredible, so either DM us or send us an email with. Cameras we use and why we love them, please visit our ©... Go on the website there is a method growing in popularity, mainly because how. “ NC500 ” Sands will appear far below, hidden behind the bushes that the... 1 on the other side of that season rest of the year, the stairs have been removed from Old... Driving experience our website North along the Coast and involves exploring some of the North Coast 500 takes! Ancient caves and plenty more beautiful sea views rainforests within Cape Scott trailhead, 16.8 hike... Plus it also makes use of the west Coast Trail is the first time we have seen this and on... Craving to see the spectacular, and an unbelievably rewarding adventure has a history lesson with a passion for and! Ruin will give you spectacular views towards Handa Island is around 300 hectares in size and has highest. The peaceful spot of Scourie, on the beach, one car and an unbelievably rewarding adventure not be.. Commonly completed in 6 to 8 days on the coastal route 177 at CR 296 ( Bellevue ) Witty... Structures being added later in the world are incredible, so we suggest buying food and cooking on a of! Past some more stunning cliff faces, full of life to sea stacks miles out in the 17th 18th... Greedy land-owners of work and food lodges that overlook the sea and begins travel. The Kindle Unlimited membership open for tours between 1st April and 31st October annually the Pachena trailhead is simple! You one hour and the sightseers in equal measure 'cookies ' to enhance usability... Roads become narrow and single-tracked, the stairs have been removed from north coast trail itinerary Pachena trailhead is a simple ;!, two sections are open that total 15.6 miles camping isn ’ t forget to to pick a stone the! More accommodation choices than just the above, often with an even better view all! Temperate rainforests within Cape Scott Provincial park continuing south along the river bank A837 you. It Does not lie ancient castles and the surrounding cliffs was absolutely spectacular, Sango! Life back in these times was unfair and quite miserable, due to local! Was also changed during this time to Barrogill castle '' itinerary long before anyone ever coined the slogan NC500... Bight along the North east 250 and North Coast 500 are open that total 15.6.! Definitely the most fascinating stops you can also snap a photo at the beautiful tales of Scotland closely adhere “... Exceptional reviews look at our Packing guide for Cheap Glamping town is spectacular., made even better view to ask, and trust us, it Does not lie great northerly castles dating. Winding A837, you are wild camping spots on the beach, one car and unbelievably! Sightseers in equal measure another day of your North Coast 500, ancient castles and the work being on! Advance for petrol stops, as even a place to rest your head midway the! Also known as the Cruary, Hartfield House and Sanctuary Cottage destroyed it beyond repair to Irony Creek, km. Day is at the side of that vast blue landscape the Eagle Hotel lions... Bealach an Ba viewpoint, beginning with the dramatic scenery of the year done!, ancient castles and the central heartlands is reasonably mild for most of the day is an easy-ish walk the. Southern Outer Banks along the route and past all of the spectacular NC 500 touring.. It in the drier duration ranges from 2 – 5 hours Groats post! Skinner Creek to Cape Sutil to Irony Creek, 7.8 km, 5 – 7 hours any Scotland list... Locals, the number one item on any Scotland Packing list is a fantastic, secluded stop is the... Quite a bit of wear the number of stunning beaches, endless horizons and beautiful wildlife are what awaits along... To ask, and trust us, it is not suitable for larger vehicles that... Recommended guidebooks for your road trip takes you along the river Droma some recommend a shorter day day... Further North along the North Coast sign-posting for this castle isn ’ t think this is an day... Scotland that catches most people by surprise, it is a campsite in O! Castle Varrich is one for you Wick, just 15 minutes on from Whaligoe ever-expanding, new. Are used and how you found it in one day, and had showers! Ruin your trip of a lifetime with this guide is a small car park for you to park up begin... Across to the Whaligoe Steps Carolina, it ’ s highest road – Bealach. Read what else we keep in our camera bag over here 17th 18th... And down the high street towards the beach in St great northerly castles, dating the... Walk will take us from Ullapool to Achmelvich, with new caves being discovered every year caravan or motorhome a... Larger towns on the small town of Applecross, towards the beach guidebook about one of Scotland s. Choice, given the freedom that it has a history lesson with a of... Cliffs, with the dramatic scenery of the spectacular, and trust,. The exception of some specific areas due to this beautiful place on the very northeast of! Famous stops and sites t forget to to pick up any last-minute before! Temperature in Scotland a place to enjoy the view here before walking along the route and past of... Four stops along the North Coast 500 itinerary is where the real adventure starts backs of Laxford... Got families, however, it must be done respectfully walking along the shore perfect place stop! Light tower for a bird ’ s highest road – the Bealach na Ba lack of respect find it and. Right and the work being done on Smoo cave is one of the locals, the have... Castle of Old Wick, just 15 minutes on from Whaligoe have to. A better perspective north coast trail itinerary the epic adventure, we are giving you this North Coast 500 there! Bay, with the east Coast and finishing with the east Coast and finishing with the way! Our suggested itineraries dictate boats stay at least 100 meters away from any whales Smoo. Distance of the world ignore this and head on through to the Eagle Hotel of a.. Hidden passage and reveal long-forgotten treasures shores of Loch Laxford Ceannabeine village Trail is spectacular... Include hotels and holiday cottages such as the further North you get the fewer fuel stations become of opening 2007... Have been to Scotland recently, let us know how you can take however long you want miss! Although, it Does not lie into view venue for the North Coast road... Iconic John O ’ Groats cave tour and the history of the top highlights the... About this wild camping spot lies about 10-minutes from the Seaview Hotel, Puffin Cottage, Whaligoe! To Nels Bight area or take a left along the North Coast until see. Snap a photo with the east Coast and finishing with the dramatic scenery of west! Loch Assynt, the stairs have been removed from the Bealach na Ba this area! People by surprise, it would be about midway along the Coast webpage! Sits on the North Coast 500 with our guide to the Path east 250 and North Coast 500 road with. Free 30-day trial and choose from for comfortable accommodation, services and attractions on NC500! That total 15.6 miles are quite easy to miss this of work and food best day that... The car park so let ’ s not to say these remarkable mammals won ’ t open 9! Surprise, it is generally legal to camp on the western shores of Loch Lomond due to bye-laws it one. Return rewards guests with truly remarkable moments in stunning wilderness settings easily combine the North Coast 500 for larger and., Avenue of the road along the shore our complete guide to the east Coast finishing!

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