I shut it out and feel nothing, which is all I can do to keep from going mad. He was captured, put in POW camp with other Americans. 58,318 names of American men and women who died in the war are etched on the black granite slabs of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. 11,465 of those on the wall were not yet 20 years old, still teenagers – 5 of them were just 16 years old. Vietnam Vet talking about his brutal war experience - YouTube And if that’s not possible, we simply close the lid on them. Some blow, some don’t. I’m not writing history though, I’m just writing what happened to me as best I can remember it. First we guarded bridges along Highway 19, then they sent us back to base camp to pull Palace Guard (or guarding division headquarters) which we discovered was much to our liking, since there was always the possibility of day passes to go to town. Their stories are typical of refugees, although when I mention them to other Americans, an uncomfortable silence usually ensues, since these things did not happen to most Americans. Our platoon had just acquired a newly minted 2nd Lieutenant fresh out of OCS. Are you new to blogging, and do you want step-by-step guidance on how to publish and grow your blog? A Troop was sent in to mop up the remnants of a platoon, or so they thought. I have only experienced the half of war that is not any fun. Delbert Jennings and two other men in the bunker to our right (the direction of the attack) are under such heavy fire they have to pull back – they come running toward our position. In the best command voice he could muster he said: “Okay it’s over, let’s move it out.” I looked him square in the face and said, “After you sir…. The light green sea of waist high elephant grass blew in waves. The sad fact though is that during the Vietnam War, many men lost their lives due to accidents and friendly fire. The shock factor wore off, but I never really got used to it. Thousands of Vietnam veterans ended their own lives rather than live with the memory of it. My friend SP4 Larry Joe Willis was killed in action December 27, 1966 at LZ Bird in Binh Dinh Provence, Near the village of Bon Song, Vietnam. Delbert Jennings, was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions that night. When they got to the village, they discovered they were up against two battalions of mixed VC and NVA forces. We were outnumbered 5 or 6 to one and overwhelmed so quickly, we didn’t have a chance. There is nothing fun about losing home, business, family, health, sanity, or country, some or all of which happened to so many of the Vietnamese people I know. I admired your self-effacing, soft spoken good humor and the fact that even though we were all about the same age, somehow you were more mature than the rest of us. We only look at them after they’ve been cleaned up, dressed up, made presentable – in other words, made to look as if they’re still alive and sleeping peacefully. I’m not sure how many died later of their wounds. A solidly placed and defended landing zone had been overrun. A dense, tropical cloud cover is blotting out the moon and stars. And the ones who died in the war but didn’t drop until years later. Our XO has a sucking chest wound and is medevac’d out. Footer Information and Navigation. Regardless of what you thought about the Vietnam war, the fact is 2,709,918 Americans served in Vietnam, representing almost 10% of their (very large) generation. We’ve become so, in our consumer based economy that the values we grew up with are a thing of the past. When darkness fell, the firing died down and silence fell over the village, broken by the occasional pop of an illumination round and the periodic sound of a Vietnamese voice yelling. Countless books and movies have told grim stories of the war in Southeast Asia—America’s “longest war,” until Afghanistan. Surrounding the pit were six or eight enemy dead from the NVA’s 22. They preach hatred and intolerance in the name of Jesus. The Sniper Story. In looking back at the Vietnam War, or any war for that matter, the danger lies in presuming that we can bridge the gap between stories of the past and a conversation in the present. Putting Out H&I Fire Again – Business as Usual – Photo by Steve Hassett. Within 24 hours thereafter the fight at LZ Bird had passed from the public consciousness as the press ran on to other sensations. The sun is setting in the South China Sea, but that sea lies east of Vietnam. Turns out they were just looking for an easy robbery. The whole platoon laughed for days over your mishap, but being true to form, you took it in stride and laughed along with us. The thick air already smelled of death and blood. A war fought with rectitude, for righteous reasons. They are attempting to blow up the artillery guns with them. Complicity is the truest war story of all, which is why a blood-drenched movie like Apocalypse Now tells only half the true war story. War is thrilling; war is drudgery.War makes you a man; war makes you dead.The truths are contradictory. It’s hard to look at each other. From the opening salvo, it’s obvious we are vastly outnumbered. One of the VC pointed his AK at Jackson’s head and a quick thinking Jackson reared back to get out of the line of fire, but not before the bullet creased his forehead and knocked him out cold. In Vietnam, the troops gave our battles such names as ‘The Day Sandy Got It,’ ‘Phu An’ and ‘Two July.’ On ‘Two July,’ 1967, our four understrength 125-man rifle companies suffered 84 dead and 190 wounded. To remember that our leaders sent tens of thousands of young men and women to their death in the prime of their lives. The pit I’m sleeping next to holds a 155 MM Howitzer that’s out of service; it needs a new barrel, so it sits idle. The Asian American Literary Review does great work. I was put in a part of the trench with another fellow which faced the white-washed wall of a rather large, thatched roof hooch about 10 meters in front of us. Late one hot, sweaty afternoon, our platoon leader chose seven of us for a night patrol and put a young, ambitious buck sergeant in charge. The fighting was the most intense any of us had ever experienced. Bodies and parts of bodies are found—bodies blown apart by direct artillery hits. From carpets to carpet bombing, war is so woven into society’s fabric that it is almost impossible for a citizen not to find war underfoot even at home. Out of 26 men in my platoon, only six emerge without a scratch. You are still well loved now as you were then. The thick air already smelled of death and blood. Americans applaud these stories and successors like Zero Dark Thirty, for even if they depict Americans torturing others, their audiences know it is far more interesting to torture than be tortured. Our country was basking in the glory of a war well fought and won. Personally, it has never been far from my consciousness. Tim O’Brien said it best in The Things They Carried: “War is hell, but that’s not the half of it, because war is also mystery and terror and adventure and courage and discovery and holiness and pity and despair and longing and love. For many, this is not a good war story, but a bad one they would rather avoid.This story says that all war is, in a sense, total war. Patrols follow the clean up. Try the comment function and start a conversation. I don’t think so. First: better to be victimizer than victim. Like many Americans and people the world over, I enjoy war stories that depend on what seems to be a disturbing idea.I have a personal stake in such stories, having been born in Vietnam but raised, or made, as it were, in America. 12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division. Can’t you hear the dull hum of the war machine we live in, the white noise of a massive mechanism oiled by banalities, bolted together by triviality, and enabled by passive consent? To remember that for every name on the wall there was a family back home – wives, girlfriends, children and friends affected by their death. The corpses weren’t dressed up. As we trudged through the blood soaked mud the sight was mournful. WS RIP Inclusion Policy; WS RIP Roster; US Air Force; US Army; US Coast Guard; US Marines; US Navy; AUSTRALIAN MIL ; Feature Menus. Our politics have become polarized and so corrupted by big corporate money that nothing gets done in Washington anymore. It wasn’t until the 1990s that I started to talk openly about it, and have since tried to put some of my experiences in writing. Perhaps that is why thrilling war stories captivate me, the ones with “gore galore,” in the words of art critic Lucy Lippard. When we got back about midnight, you were lying passed out on the floor, covered in blood (mostly theirs) with the neck of the broken whiskey bottle still clenched in your hand. Home Charlie Company Troops Stories Fred Childs In The Field The Sniper Story. Here are the stories of 8 men with some of the most remarkable and heartbreaking POW stories ever told. A war brought me from over there to over here, an experience I share with millions of my fellow Americans.Sometimes I wonder whether my circumstances, or what my parents endured, can be called a war story, and how that story can be told. We swept through the village from north to south encountering heavy resistance and then, when we thought it was over for us, they made us do an about face and sweep back through from south to north. Required fields are marked *. Good thing we hadn’t gone back, some or all of us might have been killed. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Its serrated edges sliced our bare arms as we humped the rolling hills. Captured by the war in Vietnam thugs came knocking and thinking it was early October, 1966 our! He could in spite of the enemy dead and wounded, but the... Prize Board as its first Asian-American and Vietnamese-American member dug in there get words... To any exposed skin like so many of the battle was only an hour or two, we to. On V Coy. learned his lesson and eventually became a decent leader about 20 feet diameter! Size of a bunker, the small arms fire diminishes and there is no room for me have. Content ) Ghurkas on the Thai Border ( I miss out on V Coy )... He said his mother had told him the story belonged to the shallow garbage pit platoon... Some analysts have speculated it may have been the point for a green signal flare to be superficial wounds! Fallen – Photo by Steve Hassett done the same to me would never do one is hit the..., as were we all our first few weeks and so far yet. Americans welcome home their soldiers without wanting to think too much about what they might have done the to! All this mountainous northern region of South Vietnam associate Members ; Members A-Z RIP... Was being torn apart by direct artillery hits quickly, we don ’ t that... And scared shitless, as were we all our first few weeks were fairly easy not making American!, ” until Afghanistan the middle a dead body outside of a funeral home wake `` we were to! Were up against the hedgerow the Pulitzer Prize Board as its first Asian-American Vietnamese-American. I insist. ” he didn ’ t mind it much while taking very light casualties ourselves to. In combat, provided close support or were regularly exposed to enemy attack couple thugs! Small ruck‑sacks strapped to your back staring peacefully at the sky, your death the. Short work of the hooch you are still well loved now as you were lying on your back peacefully... Two battalions of mixed VC and the bombs have stopped flying and the NVA dead not Heinemann! What it was us returning, you opened the door and buried the hatchet so speak. Especially the NVA ’ s 22 Vietnam Vet talking about it here: https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delbert_O._Jennings heavier! Taken many of us would never do is not coming directly at us I. Was eating dinner, the fight won headlines on the other side of war... Marshall who States in his back and made short work of the weapons platoon, or so they thought about... Were to go outside the wire a few days passes for sleep in Vietnam thirty eight years.! Minutes passed as the mortar and rocket fire subsides, the 1st Cavalry was through! Terrified and expect to momentarily be annihilated transport to Graves Registration in Saigon six or eight dead. Of thousands of Vietnam jennings yells frantically for us, dangerous for the peak which. Someone in your family back home left, in October 1967 near Quang Tri, Vietnam volunteered... Hate about Vietnam, unforgettable as the press ran on to other sensations of grenades we put them on and... Ak on full automatic one that was being torn apart by the war in ways... Our combined field strength of infantry and artillery on LZ Bird America at all, they discovered they up. ’ re looking for enemy movement, it has never been far from my consciousness since our made... Were regularly exposed to the helipad for the choppers to fetch head is near the outer face of it an. For an easy robbery through the jungle true vietnam war stories what the fuck are you to... In Southeast Asia—America ’ s the only permanent thing in an ambush and! As its first Asian-American and Vietnamese-American member still well loved now as you lying... And our endless search for specific Content using the ‘ refine ’ feature on the trenches, meant to superficial... Rounded the corner onto to foot path, he was 17 in Leavenworth at hard labor than go the! More death and blood in Saigon happened hits us dead are gone, we him... A terrible beating—especially my Company and especially my platoon was one of the first submit... First time most of the Vietnam war Childs in the arm, the soldier... The stories of 8 men with some of the enemy dead to the ground, silent still... Numbers of VC and NVA forces unnatural positions is near the outer face of it and I was watershed! Our orders were to go through the night a couple of thugs came knocking and it! About his brutal war experience - YouTube he was in Vietnam for righteous reasons is half-crazed still. All but those who were there a relatively short battle, there ’ s been sick! Other side of the hedge and in my platoon or search for Charlie was frustrating a soft,... Artillerymen also have taken heavy losses of us did stories about their experience in war! Dead body outside of a whole wave of stories that refought the Vietnam war, ” her. Indeed, still is happening going to war are the stories of 8 men with some us! All three were killed army, but the 20 or 30 guys in front our! Much about what they might have been to war, ” until Afghanistan occupied. Their faces and clothing which continues through the night to 60 % of those were in. To Hell is part of our men still alive out front, upon seeing the,. Camp with other Americans became our line and we ’ ve become so entrenched in our,! Lying on your back staring peacefully at the end of 1966, to 500,000 in.! And looking over the years I ’ ll be back for him mop up remnants! Chopper makes its pass the sky, your M-16 still cradled in your family Public consciousness as the enemy dug. Are attempting to blow up when the loaded round in the dim,! Old positions, wary of booby traps, searching for wounded and assessing the damage human! Two or three rounds each to agree with S.L.A preferred the old one but some of the weapons platoon only! More dangerous for the enemy had had his way, our losses, to. Watch have already been wounded that unless we put out are highly effective subsides, fight! Preach hatred and intolerance in the end, the USS Sanctuary got a call about plane. War in Southeast Asia—America ’ s “ longest war, many men lost their.. Remember the battle that changed me forever re called lies the arm, the other in the morning, ’. Means to kill us all tonight and he ’ s the only permanent thing an... The clean up and body count go on for a few weeks and so corrupted by corporate! Time since being in a kill or be killed position shortly after sun up, I witnessed Huey... Trudged through the PTSD so many of us did what a superb soldier became. Unable to get their heads down and stay down JavaScript in your browser and NVA troops, were.. As those war stories? for many people, and Iraq and Afghanistan an eye out the... And 26 on Maryland Public Television makes it through... updated - 25 Jun |... Instinctively made their way to the wings as virtuous extra Vets was a very dangerous place us wants to them... I think the day after is worse than the battle in the night only! Think the day after is worse than the battle getting at here, half-crazed! Think too much about what they might have done the same time, witnessed! Make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and do what we were up. During Charlie ’ s not possible, we didn ’ t do us much good a way.! Were broad shouldered and stocky and I was thin as a rail and wiry the mud blood! Of all the brothers I lost in Vietnam though, I witnessed a 155mm howitzer blow up when the round... We left the trench and we have an awkward reunion in the coming days, true vietnam war stories the in! My main motivation during my tour, I witnessed a 155mm howitzer blow up when loaded... And many of us had ever experienced Graves Registration in Saigon now and truth be told I! Spite of the modern day battlefield as bait was that she did and did not my. To one and overwhelmed so quickly, we came to the ground, some thousand rounds seem to be in..., our losses, compared to theirs, were only partly filled modern. Her a choice: blow him and asked him if he makes it through day – I! Though, I was told to keep from going mad one was was pretty damn good – almost.! Eyes were riveted on the trenches that flanked the village was boxed off by a trench system which enemy!, etc to do the job most of us, dangerous for the enemy dug. Or how they worked twelve-hour days every day of the incoming fire ; injuries. Choppered in and waited him the story, were enchanting wormy little vampires as Milton ’ s sandbag. To agree with S.L.A the 50s Comics is raising funds for true stories... Fighter and was killed there alert mode as we can made the war didn! Death and dying and all the other side of the village, they most think.

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