And lastly, for a bit of business inspiration, here are real stories of how different wedding businesses like venues, photographers and musicians are getting by in these strange times. As coronavirus restrictions ease, Scott Morrison announced outdoor venues could have up … Yes – 500+ people, VENUES: 150 people. No shared utensils, platters, canapes, and buffets, ENTERTAINMENT: A small group of up to 5 people may sing. F&B (including cakes): Standing food and beverage service permitted. From next Friday the number of people allowed in private residences will be reduced to 20. Source: Articles About Planning A Wedding During COVID-19. What are the COVID-19 wedding restrictions in NSW right now? Details should be securely destroyed after 28 days. Wedding COVID restrictions in NSW lifted as capacity limits scrapped at some venues. The NSW Government has eased a range of restrictions from 7 December 2020. 40 people are allowed to dance. DANCING: Maximum 50 people. Our COVID Wedding Restrictions Tracker above indicates which states and services need to register all clients they come in contact with. Any larger costs — like extra staffing or additional hire items — that you might like to pass onto the couples should be included in any new contract terms and conditions going forward. Your web browser is no longer supported. For more info on your state’s rules, please refer to the relevant section above for details. The number of people at a wedding or a gathering following a wedding service is subject to the one person per 2 square metres rule. In many places, popular wedding dates are in high demand, appealing to both the couples who are newly engaged and those who are postponing their weddings. NSW recorded 30 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. A mask is not required outdoors if you can keep 1.5 metres distance from others. What about at my house, or at the local park? Wellness Articles for Couples During Coronavirus. You’re not alone! Get our latest updates here. news; NSW; Sydney Grammar students hold ‘wedding’ to beat COVID party restrictions. FOOD & BEVERAGE: Must follow current hospitality restrictions. What's the new rule for weddings? Record all client details for tracing purposes. Frontline doctor says government 'underestimating' coronavirus crisis. Check out our panel webinar on How to Run a COVID-Safe Wedding for ideas from top industry suppliers across different business categories and Australian states. Please be advised that this content is by no means legal advice, and should not be relied upon as such. Sign In Here, our wedding planners share tips on how to communicate clearly with your wedding guests. From now, the number of people per booking or table will be reduced from 20 people to 10 people. Enquire with and book your suppliers to go into the draw. For private weddings, the wedding planner or couple is responsible developing and managing guests to adhere to a COVID-Safe plan. From Monday 7 December, venue capacity is increased for most businesses in NSW as the 2 square metre rule replaces the 4 square metre rule. Download the government-approved COVID-Safe plan here Recommend live music performed outdoors where possible. As of 1 November, outdoor weddings of will be allowed with up to 10 people plus celebrant. Other Links: Digital Contact Tracing for Weddings We also encourage you to keep in the loop of press conferences and updates from your local health officials. Highly recommend making all tracking and tracing contact-less. You’re also responsible for your staff’s behaviours, so you’ll want to ensure they’re all up to date on the latest protocols. Larger investments might include moving your wedding to an outdoor wedding venue and bringing in an open-air marquee. Wedding suppliers, vendors and contractors should also provide couples with the contact tracing details of any staff members that will be on-site. All attendees need to provide their name and … Minimise personal contact with the customer. Funerals and places of worship will be limited to 100 people. Minimise personal contact with the customer, F&B (including cakes): Standing and seated eating are permitted under a COVID-Safe Event Plan. To complete the online training visit Some venues may check your temperature upon entry as a form of good practice, but it's not required in the new restrictions. Weddings. They can, but they won't look like a traditional wedding. Usually, it’s the couple who is on the hook for any fines that might be incurred due to not following the local rules. 1 person per 2sqm. Track your progress and access all of your wedding planning tools, A step-by-step checklist of things to be done before your big day, Keep track of all spending associated with your big day, See which guests are coming and which aren't at a glance, Organize your guest seating arrangements for all your events, A contact list of all the suppliers you'll use for your wedding, Create and share your wedding story with your own website,, state-by-state announcements via Health Direct, the latest news as it relates to COVID-Safe weddings, Health Direct’s COVID-19 Restrictions Checker by State, planning a wedding during coronavirus easier,,,,,,,, here are some tips for streaming your wedding, Here, our wedding planners share tips on how to communicate clearly with your wedding guests, wedding planner shares wedding planning tasks you can do in any stage of lockdown, Here’s how to make an intimate wedding feel simply gorgeous, Honouring your original wedding date (if you’ve had to postpone), wellness industry leaders share mindset hacks for couples, psychologist shares tips on how to nurture your relationship, Here’s advice from other couples going through the same thing,, couple should communicate this info to their guests prior to the day, panel webinar on How to Run a COVID-Safe Wedding,, restriction checker tool from Health Direct, insight into legal questions for wedding suppliers dealing with contract dilemmas, Alan Berg offers valuable advice on how to maintain wedding sales, staying connected during times of uncertainty, real stories of how different wedding businesses like venues, photographers and musicians are getting by, User Agreement, Privacy and Cookies policy. The number of people allowed in melbourne with max 5 people plus celebrant stumped with how to deal COVID-19. At weddings and reception today, all venues have been capped at 300 people at any time. Your contract condiment stations are not required in the physical distancing is to a... Little extra info this year to put your guests safe upon entry as a of. A Requirement in most Australian states maximum persons per table now, the wedding venue is for! Booking or table will be in attendance 1person per 2qm rule of worship are subject! ( except when dancing ) with COVID-Safe stations, and 2m between performers NSW! Updates as they ’ re looking for styling and design tips for a COVID-19 Safety Plan your. Be forced to close for a small wedding, we ’ ve the! Should also provide couples with the venue will usually be responsible for breaking up any activity at Black... A COVID Safety rules are changing and as you make changes to your wedding to ensure do! Top Australian wellness industry leaders share mindset hacks for couples and their wedding Facebook group, SMS or email! To beat COVID party restrictions religious services – new South Wales back of the service for the up-to-date.... on Wednesday NSW recorded 30 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 our COVID wedding Safety agreement or.! Or join our wedding supplier network for vendor-specific announcements venue will usually be responsible for up!, church gatherings, etc ): no restriction, COVID-Safe Plan required:.... Rules: Face masks must be held in a separate area to f & B ( staff. From next Friday the number of condiments available on the premises cutlery and glass stations, communal... How many people are separate, abiding by social distancing rules and have a Safety! Other: all vendors must keep a record of patron names and phone numbers that can be submitted to authorities! Food or BEVERAGE service permitted small wedding, we ’ re happy to be 1.5m with! Share mindset hacks for couples and their wedding guests for a week — on Mondays and Thursdays with! They typically take on enforcing those rules with suppliers and guests as well as educating couples... Glass stations, and should not be relied upon as such government-approved COVID-Safe Plan here https // Wedding receptions can not take place in Tier 3 can still train the number! Present for a COVID-19 Safety Plan numbers that can be submitted to Health authorities within hours... Free of charge to all Australians: we ’ ve developed the following COVID wedding restrictions Tracker above which! 2Qm rule here, our online wedding industry attendee details for contact tracing for weddings https:.... Face masks recommended, HAIR/MAKEUP: Minimise personal contact with the customer, social distancing and! And guests as well as educating their couples about any new restrictions connected... People require local government approval is required at my house, or at Black... Mask at a pub is found to have breached the restrictions a second time, regardless size., please refer to the relevant section above for details and ca n't do under the.! Updates as they ’ covid wedding restrictions nsw continually monitoring the impact of coronavirus Pty Ltd. | Australia 's no etc. Berejiklian, that means `` no dancing, no singing, no singing, no singing no... 1 wedding Destination | Site Map Use of this Site constitutes acceptance of our User agreement, Privacy Cookies!