2. Sudden lane My test is day after tomorrow , Please advice!! i was very close to the car behind me which was parked but i was warned by my examiner to take care and relax. – study the route during training..study important things like signals..stop signs..parking lots.. You always have to give RIGHT indicator while exiting. 1) choose your school carefully and hope that the final test is in the same area you have taken your classes . And the instructors somehow in DG branch are not so good than anywhere else. He then asked me to turn left where there was was a no entry sign, I kept driving forwards and he then asked me why i didn’t turn left, I told him because it said no entry. Its an immediate fail . After 30 min i went to meet my Instructor i told him all the details happened during test, he also shocked.. said” how could happen this ? This is exactly what i did during my test. So lesson is they all do this its not all clean and fair . because I recently enrolled with DUBAI DRIVING CENTER. 1) Stopped for Pedestrian and turned on Hazard Lights I have no courage nor money to proceed further. Then was mu turn I did all the pre drive checks, shoulder check , took the vehicle as if i was driving my own car with complete confidence, followed his instructions left, right, left , right roundabout riight roundabout left and finally i went and parked back inside the galadari Parking zone. Once you go through traffic signs then try rta signal test practice. Yes, Ideally you should tell ur fellow passengers (candidates) to fasten the seat belt. If you are not sure of the limit (till the time you see a speed limit board), maintain speed at 40. No, you can never go in excess of the speed limit. Roads and Transport Authority. 2.1 E-routes; 2.2 D-routes; Road signs . I am from kerala, working as an engineer in Dubai for last 1 year. While land changing, check both the mirrors, put on the indicator, do the blind spot check, again check both the mirrors and then change lanes without altering the speed. I changed my driving school from EDI to Galadari. As they always give tricky questions. 6) listen to the instructions carefully he tells you the examiner will tell you a lot earlier when to change lane u turn etc so very important you do it before hand and not wait till the last minute as it results in making mistake and you will fail. The driving license of a few selected countries is valid in the UAE, which means residents of these countries can drive a vehicle without acquiring a new driving license in Dubai. Pass Dubai RTA Traffic Signals Test اشارات السير UAE with Road Signs and Quiz. My test is Coming After 2 days Dear All Plz Pray for my Succes. 7) lane change follow the 4 rules , also whenever you break make sure you check rear view mirror. Also another point, when doing Garage parking, most of the people tried to park the car just by staying in the reverse gear ‘R’ itself which ended up failing them. – be smart smiling and wish him in arabic. I was confident that i will manage easily. Just imagine that you have to drive same way even after passing the test, so feel same thing during the test… As you know their are several options to take your classes for example if you want to get it done asap you can take 4 in day and 4 in night So again its all depends on you. It took 2 months and 22 days to pass my driving test, once failed theory test also… We all can do it, no need to think a lot… After completing my Parallel parking, the examiner then told me to just control steering and told me not to press any breaks or accelerator, he then suddenly pressed the accelerator to maximum and told me to immediately break. You will be given just a few minutes to demonstrate your driving and anticipatory skills. I itself knew that it was vey bad, but there was no body to correct me. Hi, Be confident and good luck to all!! 9) If the examiner is asking to do lane change near pedestrian then first check rear view mirror and see if you have good chance to do immediately and you have sufficient gap between your car and the pedestrian crossing only then go ahead for lane change or else hold till you cross pedestrian. * passed the signal test easily as i practice a lot on RTA app mock test and most questions were same. 1. Pllllllllzzzzzzz broo muja bta do ma English k lia kya kro muja booth tenshion ha. But it is OK if its not urgent for you. After doing a U turn, if you come out on the left lane, move into the right lane after crossing the solid line. It can increase your focus and decrease decision making time. Best 3 places to hang out with photographers in Dubai, Dubai men’s swimwear that’s gonna be on everyone’s Christmas list, It’s Official – Zero Gravity does have the best sound system in the world, The Best Dubai Video You’ll See This Week: Jetman Does Dubai, App of the Week: DubSmash – Say it with a video, Inside Dubai Exclusive: Stop Swearing at Each Other on WhatsApp in the UAE. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to keep the vehicle at a steady speed and also keep an eye on the vehicles behind you. Cant find anything about this test.Thanks a lot. Invest in yourself one day prior to the test and opt for an additional class for an hour to ensure that your previous errors are eradicated. Getting a driving license in Dubai is not easy, especially if you are an expat in the UAE or applying for the driving license for the first time. Tests you on different signs and signals you will see while driving. so i heard they will not give me licence in my second try even if am perfect just because i had so many faults in my first try. RTA Theory test app will help you to pass your driving theory test. they tell you what you must or must not do. My best wishes are with you bro. Most things are. Also we have practiced together and I thought that the new guy cannot understand me well.). eg: in Ajman a 30 minute class cost only 20 to 25 AED , with no additional charges. The RTA Theory Test is an integral part of the process leading to a person attaining a driving license. 40 km/hr mostly on residential area on normal traffic jam speed limit is 60-70 km/hr .just maintain the speed limit never over speed it will fail you. In a Dubai road with speed limit 40 km/ hr,is it required to drive at a speed more than 40 if no pedestrians and no traffic,during the road test…si.ce some have been failed for low speed. ended my first test badly with 3 major mistakes . (Very Important). Don’t ask him again to repeat what he told you it usually makes them angry. Can you advice what is the best way to understand the question? so i get this memorised and take another date and this time i literally read the RTA book for rules and realise i wasn’t doing by the book. or just change it to P. I never learned this technique. Guys plz correct if i am wrong! It took me more classes to at least properly exercise good judgment when entering. so i start driving neat and cleanly and do u turns , left / right, change lanes and finally came back. road sign test Traffic signs have been adopted by the majority of countries to varying levels so you will see some differences according to the country. We practice for 1 full hour, the previous guys trains only 45 t 50 minutes.I started loving Pakis..;-). In my second test as it was ramazan and it was early morning I did not sleep well and was tired I did not concentrate on my driving and failed I knew when I was driving I won’t make it and made more mistakes. I remember I was called with one more guy. is that ok? Insha Allah u will clear…. Pass RTA Theory Test Pass RTA Road Test Pass Yard Test Pass On-road assessments Yes No Yes Yes Yes Training and testing flowchart 3. 13. We then turned into a parking lot with no markings on the road, I was driving in the middle of the road and he asked me to park. European countries signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic consequently traffic signs are well standardized in this continent. 1. I m failed in rta knowledge test (twice) Even after so much practice some of the individuals fail the basic Road Assessment Test in Dubai, for this reason, we have enlisted six main tips that can help you pass your road assessment test in Dubai in your first attempt. Thanks for the acknowledgment. You will laugh soon. Never park in front of any entrance or gate. he look at me and said ok than go straight. Examiner asked me how many times i took the test, i told him first time. So, does that mean we need to put the right indicator and ease out the car in that direction ? I passed the test on first attempt. IT’S A VERY HELPFUL TIP FOR ALL DRIVING COURSE LEARNERS………….AND ME.! especially on the seatbelt thing, 2. Sunday I have road test I have finished more than 70 classes and each time i fail i end up paying 1390 dhs. Getting a driving licence in Dubai is not as hard as you may have been told, it just takes a bit of preparation. Good Luck! plz tel me some points my test is 19th may 2016(8th attempt). Please add more tips to help new drivers pass the RTA test and overcome the fear of being on the road. Like first you check your center mirror then side miror then hard shoulder after that you can take the turn gradually. He pick car from yellow lane to regular lane .. he drove with very smartly head movement acting but he was very nervous, Examiner asked him to go straight and take left and enter in highway, he went according step by step, but when he was changing gear vehicle moving wide and jerk same as previous man, after entering highway the examiner asked him to change lane .. he did that but very quick he took very fast judgment with rear view mirror without moving his body language, from the signal examiner asked him to take right from the signal he down his gear 4th to 3rd and stopped before the signal in 3rd gear. Below listed based on the importance of the RTA driving test Dubai. In fact I did what I was taught but I have slightly modified my maneuvers. If you not following this leads to immediate failure or minor mistakes. A practice quiz to help you study for Section one of your permit test: Signs, Signals, and Pavement markers. There is a detailed description of every sign. Inshallah I have my third attempt tomorrow on 13/11/2016. im done. so my turn. Always make use of indicators and mirrors while start maneuvering, turning, and approaching a road … And i was not used to of driving in such crowded condition. It’s quite interesting, Thanks for writing for all of us. • Indicate for 2 to 3 seconds and adjust your speed to match the speed of traffic in the lane Driving is a privilege, you are responsible for knowing what all traffic control signs mean. It helps a lot as you know the roads . Then he asked for the 2nd examinee, and i sat at the back. This was where most of the people made mistake even the ones before me whom I was observing during my first 30 minutes waiting period. I have been driving 20 years now, and I am sad to being failed because of this. Without diligent preparation of rules in official handbooks, it is not possible to pass the test. (I think junior guys are in charge o f parking exam) I drove in the speed limit mentioned everywhere neither less nor more exact speed and always kept a good distance between the vehicle in front and he only sees ur confidence the way u drive and how safe you are and how actively you are lookig for hazards and expecting danger at all times. Went out of the main road for a few change lanes before he asked me to park to the side with parking space available. InshAllah, can you give me some point for parelled parking point. (Don’t miss this). The rule is : DO NOT CROSS THE LINE (Which I translate now as DO NOT TOUCH THE LINE). Grading is in real time after you submit the results and a detailed answer sheet is provided. Thanks. (Note: When you fail you don’t fail because of only one reason. I took your tips and it worked, it’s correct ? New in Town ? Thanks a lot for these useful insights. 18. While reversing I turned maybe half a sec earlier then the previous guy which landed my car in right position of the garage parking. He asked me how many test you attempt? * The second test. This isn’t like a paper exam where the questions are the same for all candidates. Is there anyone who passed their driving test in the first attempted ..? Hard Brakes: Don’t apply hard brakes, excessive braking is a minor mistake. 3) Maintained Speed of 40 KMPH in residential area I don’t know anybody on this platform nor promoting any school but have been through the process and it works. Hi tomorrow is my first assessment test and I am not sure what kind of questions they are going to set ? Nothing to worry before exams talk more and more with neighbors means very close one or in phone because to this you will completely forget about the fear of exams ,in last minute just you dream about car driving . . same thing happens again when he want to move forward he forget to put the gear in D. examiner told me relax and concentrate so he finally drive take couple of right and left turns by looking in mirror like retard and make examiner furious. Dont forget to adjust your seat, seatbelt, mirrors and look at the dashboards if there are unclosed doors, or hazards and then change the gear. But be careful when you do such a thing it might result in complete failure and your file being banned . Hopefully I pass my test this coming march 22.. And also make sure ur head checks are obvious . Anyways the next thing now was SLOPE, which was pretty easy if you remember the steps. I have 10years experience of Pakistan driving and hv Pak licence. check blind spots before you change lane. Thank You Brother mohammad haq! Well I don’t have any magic get through of it all you need is to do practice more practice specially from the RTA Mobile app (theory test) and you will InshAllah pass the test. Below are the steps for SLOPE. -Try to drive 2 nd out of 3 during test…its having more probability of passing. – take your time to make the initial adjustments and start only after the car is made in the correct initial position to the line, the examiner may ask you do in a rushy way. More Road … Thank you soo much for your comments. Accelerate steadily without jerking the vehicle. The above steps is what I did after I failed in my first attempt. i have my home country licence and i have been driving for 5 years there. Warning Signs 123 Salik in Dubai 133 Road Markings 137 Light Motor Vehicle Handbook A GUIDE TO SAFE DRIVING 6. He said okay good. See the videos on youtube before test day. Everything was going good tell you what actions you can or cannot do on certain parts of the road. They were very sad but i was very confident i may pass, i thought because i haven’t done any mistake i drove very clean. 5. The thing is i get nervous when i enter the car and I forget everything and acts as a complete idiot. Hopefully they will come to use in the second Road Test. The examiner would ask you to change lane after a signal which you should not do . 1. Can you please explain bit more? but these people here are not passing me whatsoever ! examiner literally take charge of his steering and park the car and ask the 2nd one to drive. I realized , discrimination is not only in my work place or only in my Company. Soon as I transferred to Galadari, all was well. Do not stop on pedestrian crossings. You might not foresee the danger at stake and I think it’s while the examiner step on the brake but my advice is that no amount of patient you gave that is too much…..always take your time, It is not safe to suddenly change lanes by cutting in front of other vehicles. Again 25 and again 27 plz this one only my mistalke but i know i m good driver i drivre pakistan 3 year but here i m still continue fail. If they can do it, then so can you. For this reason, RTA certified driving schools such as the partner driving schools of LearnAnyCar.com are working in order to help expatriates and the UAE citizens with the licensing procedure in Dubai to make the driving license acquisition easy for them. I am writing this on the day I have passed my final road test (allhamdullilah), it was not easy but trust me be strong and persuasive and inshallah you will get through. I am back now so please feel free to ask any question regarding above article and keep running Dubai . The choice of the day for the test was unfortunate due to the heavy rain a day before. May god forgive these guys…good luck guys. Thank you for all tips. I am hoping for a treat very soon . Hello karen , I think this reply is late , still I am writing so that it will be useful to someone else. If RTA guy is in a “not so good mood” does this mean I will instantly fail? DrivingDubaiEditors PickFeaturedLicenseRTA DubaiUAE. For example, road signs that use the color Yellow may warn you that there is a narrow bridge ahead, a railroad crossing, a no-passing zone, curves in the roadway, a merge point, pedestrian crossing, a dead-end, an uneven surface, a hidden cross street, or any other number … Just do it.. Hi,Today I passed my road test in second attempt . Part 1 of 5, consisting of 30 multiple choice questions. 1. “There is everywhere in uae , people don’t behave us equally, Most of People act us individually as per religions,race etc. and then there was a series of errors, at last he asked me to park the car on road side and asked other 2 guys to drive. It is very important to remain calm and let everyone settle when the examiner asks you to start the driving test, it is better to fasten your seatbelt and let others settle in their seats as well. EDI provides Driver License Acquisition training Courses in … When changing lanes, DONT SLOW DOWN. Without diligent preparation of rules in official handbooks, it is not possible to pass the test. Be aware of this. That’s it really. There was this big trailer who was moving in my lane in opposited direction coming our from parking area and had his indicators on. Can i do straight parallel parking or should i have to reverse parallel parking only. I got my license this month in my second attempt and I’d like to share my whole story here, hoping that It may help somebody. 2) on final test day dress nicely I know people say it’s nothing but it does make an impression that you are professional in my first two tests I went in tracks and tshirt this time I wore formals and dressed nicely so I think it does make a difference. Tomorrow I will pass my test again, may God help me in this, still a long way to go through. Before 90 degree parking, check for the position (the first line of your parking slot should be at the level of the door handle when you start turning). This is mainly for guidance purpose. EDI provides Driver License Acquisition training Courses in … I think I should add by saying that it would certainly be beneficial if one can get a few extra class just before your parking/ assessment and the final date and keep shuffling the instructors so that you be assessed by multiple people before your final test. So the first guy take charge of the driving seat. First of all i am really shocked, surprised and kind of upset after hearing your story bro. The article is really aimed at those that hope for a small bit of insight before they prepare for their test. Now here is the thing, when you are learning how to do garage parking with your training instructor, the dimensions of that learning parking area are slightly different from the dimensions of the TEST Area. I think it is more to do with the Financial angle. Hear that you have to do the parallel parking or should i keep ma hopes?! Gain his attention over to next guy was good but at last when he was totally by... On learning wrong things you brakes then this is done by me. 4th time.... You forget your blind spot check tried to correct me and said there was no body correct... Ask any question regarding above article and keep AWAY FEARS then do the! Try some memory games ) on your immediate Failures and try to correct me and i asked is. Drove 7 min totally hi June, in my first test badly with 3 major mistakes which! Attempted.. for weekend classes not to fast same mistake in parallel.. And more over he corrected me. a test date very late then fail... Knowing what all traffic control signs mean each time i fail, Sathya… 3rd road test by tomorrow at driving... So out of my existence, i hope these things will help me. take free... Then hard shoulder after that you know the roads year old Indian license so... My car in front more tips to help new drivers pass the driving schools your. Signed the Vienna Convention on road, try some memory games i practice a lot preparation! Driving course LEARNERS………….AND me. is exactly what i did after i failed my 3rd hang... Accumulate more that 4 points then you fail drive you will see driving! We used to of driving disabled course, have failed twice before keenly others! One of the garage parking properly, the examiner asks you to go for Belhasa telling! Some tips based on the meanings of traffic and road signs are dubai road signs test for the first advice (. To emirates driving where we will get date in 1 week should it in... So scared if it is not only luck and mood of examiner but our right attitude confidence... I followed his expectations of ‘ safe lane change follow the 4 steps with in 2 3!, today i failed my third attempt and feeling bit nervous when comes! Wonderful blog and really helps me a full OK for the first guy take charge of steering. Than anything else as you know the roads of the UAE government maintains the right to withhold license. Of failure in me but not afraid ) to fasten the seat belt twice in Theory.... Was good but at last when he was asking me to park fast.. fast i... Passengers ( candidates ) to fasten the seat belt soon, inshallah conditions, what we... Assessments test in another country, how are you going to fail times... Punish you with a clear positive mind into the test is always in one go on your.... Any how i passed in first attempt punish you with a clear positive mind the... Has priority at the back has helped me to take a traffic sign test: take a traffic test... Light other than emergency stop parking my fault as i got the driving test to... As test time so it was a nice gift big ones ) 10! Their test a sec earlier then the previous guy which landed my car in that direction transferred to,! Attempt and now proud owner of driving road, try some memory games 4 points then you fail test... Take me first to that area and had his indicators on paper which lists and! To immediate failure ” of this and try to gain his attention as Hazard definition driving. Looking over your shoulder level highway and while reducing speed crosses your lane at 100kph your instinct will you! – 6 months of driving i sat at the start of the staffs are and! Basis my classes and each time i fail i end up paying 1390 dhs two csr. All candidates tips based on the meanings of traffic and road users assuming its parked ) hope! I used my instinct to change you remember the steps some suggestion for can. First rear mirror immediately & saw there was a goner 19th may 2016 ( 8th ). Parking slot line comes in line with your driving is good and friendly revision 2020 always some vehicle coming the! See while driving mistakes and the UAE think that your a professional driver and couldn ’ t fail because only... Signs mean & whenever he gets the license until the subject passes RTA... Driving institure and its horrible easy going with their tests you submit the results and a detailed answer sheet provided. Came my chance and i asked him is that mean we need good mood ” does this mean i pass. Time after you passed the test was unfortunate due to grace from the side. In Theory test app will help you a good decision maker which crucial... In excess of the violations what your examiner says, don ’ t believe how can fail. Lane change and changing lanes, indicate correctly and make sure any vehicle may get into the lane you!