Copyright 2020 Breaking the remaining heroes out of the super-prison, Diana reveals the scope of her plan to save all reality. [25], The crew finally freed the Legion of Doom and defeated the Omega Knight. Photos Released, Aquaman: Earth One Reportedly Cancelled at DC Comics as Francis Manapul Moves On, It's Your Last Chance to Watch Wonder Woman 1984 Before it Leaves HBO Max, Suicide Squad Star Joel Kinnaman Pushes For the Ayer Cut With More of Jared Leto’s Joker, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad Is More Reboot Than Sequel. Meanwhile, out in space, the bounty hunter Lobo is hired to uncover something. And now Superboy-Prime stands to direct all Crisis energy to his new master. Bruce plans to use this army to take Castle Bat and forge a new Earth in the dark, saving only who they can. Regrouped, the team work together to both distract the Omega Knight and destroy the throne tower holding the Legion of Doom captive. Midway through the issue, the heroes come face to face with Perpetua herself, who decides to unleash her "allies" from the Dark Multiverse to help fight off the heroes. Rock. The arrival and death of Baby Batman are definitely some of the most surreal moments of Death Metal yet, which is saying something considering how outrageous the event has been thus far. When a meeting with the Batman Who Laughs's Justice League (Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Mister Miracle; each paired with a respective Dark Knight of the Dark Multiverse) is interrupted by the mainstream Batman, Wonder Woman argues with her former teammate, saying that it is not enough to just win small “street battles” like Bruce is, and they need to fix everything, not what is left. In a somewhat self-aware moment, Owlman remarks that Baby Batman is "a dumb idea" that nobody is going to remember, while he - Batman's true evil reflection, is "too good an idea" to destroy in the multiverse. Meanwhile, the Martian Manhunter matches wits with the Dark Knight equivalent of himself called the Mindhunter. The trinity reject that idea and continue to each Crisis - Batman visiting the original Crisis, Wonder Woman visiting the Infinite Crisis, and Superman visiting the Final Crisis - but they emerge to be confronted by a victorious Anti-Monitor, Superboy-Prime, and Darkseid, respectively. Warning: spoilers ahead for Dark Nights: Death Metal #7! Read beyond this point at your own risk! In today's Death Metal #5, they ring loud from months ago, as both Batman and Superman reveal truths. In 1941, Sgt. Diana begs Superboy-Prime to reconsider; imploring that change is constant, and that in the end there is room for all universes. And if fans have ever wanted to know what Batman, Green Lantern, and Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. As they travel, they encounter Barbatos who taunts them with the idea that each Crisis is an example of how they failed rather than how they succeeded as things became so bad that a Crisis was the only option. This is, until Owlman reluctantly agrees to join the fight, after learning the truth about what happened to the previous incarnations of himself in the multiverse. They gain access to the Valhalla Cemetery, a secret Crypt of Heroes that is currently guarded by the surviving members of the JSA: Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Doctor Fate and Wildcat. Though dead, the Dark Knights set to work to unleash the Batman Who Laughs’ true plan; preparing the body of the final Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, at Castle Bat, the Dark Knights succeed in transferring the Batman Who Laughs’ brain into an energy construct based on Doctor Manhattan's powers, an action that may have repercussions if Perpetua were to find out. The heroes are (understandably) confused by this arrival, with Kid Flash questioning if the team is really going to beat up a baby. The Robin King tells stories in the New Dark Multiverse to the Groblins: The heroes of the DC Universe spend their last moments together before they prepare for their final battle against The Batman Who Laughs and his new Dark Multiverse: Earth's last line of defense face off against the monsters of the Darkest Knight's "Last 52" Earths; Batman even makes the original body of the Batman Who Laughs fight by their side with his Black Lantern Ring. [2][3], The series was set to launch on May 13, 2020, but was rescheduled to June 16 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. - October 4, 2020 09:17 pm EDT. [30], Remembering his past with his beloved Laurie and his run-ins with the Superman Family and his changing throughout the Crisis, Superboy-Prime takes his anger out on the Darkest Knight. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman learns how Superboy-Prime killed Alexander Luthor Jr. as he served no purpose in this “world of hope” after bargaining with the Batman Who Laughs. In leaving Wally exposed and sending the Lanterns to destroy the antennas across the Multiverse while redirecting the Crisis area to one she is trapped in, she has given the Darkest Knight everything he needs. would look like blended together, they now have their answer. This is a twisted version of Batman who injected himself with Czarnian DNA. This action causes Wally to become a new persona and with his new powers, he wants to mend of all of reality into one single timeline, but the presence of the Batman Who Laughs prevents that from happening. Unfortunately, he is tricked by the Court of Owls and subsequently exposed to … The irradiated western coast of the United States was split off and became the Arkham Wastelands where Harley Quinn rules under Doctor Arkham. [16], Nightwing along with a band of allies, including Hawkgirl and a reluctant Detective Chimp, are tasked by Lex Luthor to rescue the Legion of Doom. While Wonder Woman leads an army of Lobos (cloned from Lobo's regenerative blood) into the Rock of Eternity, Superman frees the villains locked away (consisting Captain Cold, Clayface, Clock King II, Cyborg Superman, Giganta, Granny Goodness, Joker, Killer Croc, Mr. He does so and uses a special gun made on Qward to kill Ultraman and Superwoman. Themyscira was transformed into the new Hell where Wonder Woman became its warden who guarded the prisoners there. The Omega Titans, Barbatos, the Forge, it’s all coming back. O Fim do Multiverso da saga Death Metal pode estar acontecendo! This leads to a surprising sight -- a pint-sized version of Batman, who propels himself through space in a rocket chair. However, he's been able to utilize a Black Lantern Ring, a weapon typically only available to the dead. Luthor needs the Main Man to find the remaining rare and powerful Death Metal that is left in the Multiverse because this, Luthor tells him, could save everything. Seeing the Hands arrive and her friends struggle like Batman resurrecting his Bat-Family and Foes against the Robin King where B-Rex and Batmager were resurrected and Lex sacrificing himself to save Superman from the evil Last Sun, Diana imagines the Universe young and alive again and shoves the Darkest Knight into the sun, killing him once and for all.