The best place to buy recorders, viols, lutes, harps, percussion and all things early music. Some strings are missing but they're mostly there. Range C/E to c''' 45 notes short octave. Visit Craig's website Currently available Tomlinson instruments. Case dimensions, approximately 58" in length, 7.5" high, 19.5" wide. This virginal is easily transported. C/E to c''' 45 notes, short octave. After Iohannes Couchet Antwerp 1680 ~ A full sized Muselar Virginal with an Arpichordum stop in the bass. Late 1800's Early 1900's Harpsichord - $400 (Moscow), Harpsichord -- Double Manual, 5 Octave - $1,000 (Monterey), Beautiful German Rudolph Schüler Harpsichord - $7,500 (Moline, IL), c. 1970 RMI Electra-Piano & Harpsichord - $725 (Dayton, Ohio), French Double Harpsichord - $9,500 (Warren), Student harpsichord for sale - $3,000 (Gaylord, MN), French Double Harpsichord - $15500 (Warren), Very rare antique harpsichord - $500 (Spokane valley), Beautiful German Rudolph Schüler Harpsichord - $7500 (Moline, IL), Vintage Zuckerman Harpsichord - $500 (Forsyth), French Double Harpsichord - $18500 (Warren), Harpsichord Kit for sell. Attributed to Bartolomeo Cristofori Florence circa 1723 ~ a rather unique instrument disposed 2x8 with its nearly square tail and diagonally placed soundboard ribbing. Case dimensions: 54'' in length by 15'' in width and 6'' deep. 1x8' 1x4' buff stop registration or 2x8' buff option. Measuring 88" in length,  31" wide and 8" deep. Does need to be tuned up but comes with the free service after it is delivered. Anne Acker 2005. Please enquire about other options. Dale Munschy HARPSICHORD for Sale - $5500 (La Conner) A fine replica of a 1600s French Single keyboard Harpsichord built by Dale Munschy, South Weymouth, MA, in 2008. The instrument has a nice, round sound and an easy action. Dimensions: 87'' in length, 37'' in width and 11'' depth. The case was put together in England and, This is a Vintage Zuckerman Harpsichord that was built from a kit in 1965.It needs a rebuild kit that you can purchase directly from Zuckerman.Rebuilt, this Harpsichord would be worth several thousand dollars.I am FIRM on the price.This Harpsichord was built by the father of Country Music Artist Junior Brown and has an inscription on the inside. Case dimensions: 32'' wide by 75'' in length and 8.5'' in depth. In addition, visit our Paris Workshop Kits page to see the types of kit instruments available. Range GG/BB -c''' short octave. After Joannes de Perticis, Florence 1672 ~ Italian Pentagonal virginal strung in brass at standard pitch. Optional decoration. Finding the Harpsichord information on our site… This is a large site: If you’re a first-time visitor, for a summary with direct links to almost all the information on our site, you might like to begin with our Site overviewor use our Searchpage.. In excellent playing condition. Rudolph Schüler Harpsichord. Keyboards with extended range beyond that stated in the description, additional registers, and especially ornate case, lid, or stand decoration  will likely affect the final price. FF to f''' 61 notes transposing. After Stephanus Keene and Carolus Brackley, London 1715 ~ range of GG to d''' (minus G#) 56 notes. A truly gorgeous and carefully-built instrument suitable for a wide variety of repertoire. 27" long by 16"  by 4" case height . Louis XVI stand and many options for lid or case decoration. Harpsichords (single manual harpsichord and double manual harpsichord), Spinets, Virginals and Clavichords are collectively known as Early Keyboard Instruments, new and second hand models in a wide range of specifications, sizes and finishes, by John Morley and other makers, part exchange considered or restoration and parts service available. Could be painted to look French or Flemish, but can also be stained for a more English look. I. from the Royal College of Music London. keyboards harpsichords lautenwerks clavichords new/used instruments for sale; articles on book by keith hill craft of musical communication translations: german, russian, chinese creativity and aesthetics instrument making; paintings all subjects; contact Anne Beetem 2000. It comes with a bench. $400 obo, will consider trades for whatever you think is worth itLate 1800's or early 1900's harpsichord. Italian Harpsichord after Allessandro Transuntino 1531 ~ from the Royal College of Music London. Measuring 88" in length,  31" wide and 8" deep. Videos. If you are looking for a historical instrument to play, then consider a vintage harpsichord found on eBay. After Iohannes Couchet (1680) François-Étienne Blanchet (1758) and Pascal Taskin (1781) ~ Franco/Flemish Double manual harpsichord with expanded range of FF to f''' transposing keyboard, shove coupler, wooden jacks, soundboard painting. Professionally appraised at $1600; $1000 or best offer. Case dimensions: 94'' in length, 37'' in width and 10'' in depth. Its pitch sounds an octave higher than standard pitch. Dimensions 95'' in length, 36'' in width and 12'' case depth. Konzert Service / Rent a Fortepiano, Clavichord or Harpsichord for your concert or recording. Transposing. Range: C/E to c''' 45 notes short octave. All if the keys work, but some of the jumping jacks don't work and need to be replaced as they are very old. Louis IVI stand. After Roberto and Frederigo Cresci, Livorno 1778 from the Germanishes National Museum, Nurnburg~ Large Italian harpsichord over 8 feet in length. A Beautiful Marriage: the Enchanting Harpsichord and the Wonders of a Digital Instrument From solo performance to ensemble playing, the C-30 provides the perfect sound and touch for baroque music. FF to f''' 61 note range. Copied from the instrument located in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. |, Decoration, whether it be natural wood or painted case, the style of stand, or even keyboard cover materials, etcetera, is varied and encouraged, yet still it is entirely the buyers choice. This harpsichord is about to come back from an 11 month home hiring and is now available for £8,900. Includes a box of supplies, music wire, etc. Optioanl Dog-legged jacks or Shove coupler registration. The Harpsichord Shop Sales, rentals, and service in the Pacific Northwest and exclusive USA sales agent for Craig C. Tomlinson Historical Keyboards. Dimensions: 64''long  x 21''wide  x 8''case depth. ~ an Unfretted, Double Strung large German Clavichord from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston collection. French Double-Manual Harpsichord from Hubbard kit. Past Projects. The finished harpsichord will be 193cm long, 88cm wide and 21cm deep. Copied from the original in the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (In addit, Harpsichord in beautiful condition, all intact, printed "NEPENENOYKA" on front and Republic of Belakus on back. Brand new Sitka spruce soundboard installed, Harpsichord good condition w books & case, I'm selling my 1968 Burton kit harpsichord which I have used for the past six years. 50 note range C/E short octave to f'''. Anne Acker 2007. FOR SALE – HARPSICHORD BY MORLEY Morley single manual harpsichord from 1970 with two eight foots and a buff. I believe RMI produced the 300B, its most popular in. Basic Louis XIV stand included, other stand styles and decoration options available, please inquire. The case (main body) of the harpsichord has already been professionally assembled in England. ... Rare Danish Modern Piano / Harpsichord - Steen Nielsen Hammerspinet $7,000 (Culver City) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. It could use a tuning and adjustment of some notes; there is some surface corrosion on some of the tuning pins. Completely restored and rebuilt in spring 2020. After Christian Gottlob Hubert 1784 Ansbach ~ a Late German Fretted, Double Strung Clavichord that is double fretted at the most. European Fortepiano Academy. Research, performance, building and repairs all come together to inform one another. I am willing to deliver for an additional fee. Keyboard range: 40 notes extending from E to g''. Get the best deals for antique harpsichord at After an Anonymous 1693 Italian Harpsichord (attributed to Giovanni Battista Guisti) from the Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C. ~ case of cypress, reverse diagonal soundboard barring. Based on the 1769 Taskin, the Hubbard double has been the industry standard 'big harpsichord' for 40 years. If a very plain instrument is required without decoration, then we may be willing to lower the list price. 103'' in length, 39'' in width and 10.5'' deep. Five voices (piano, piano pp, harpsichord, harpsichord pp, lute) with an organ mode and accenter for each. Harpsichords & Spinets for sale. Harpsichord for sale Winnipeg 18/11/2020 Retired professional selling French double-manual Harpsichord by Hubbard (model Pascal Taskin) featuring three sets of strings 8'8'4' with buff stop, vermillion antiqued interior, scrolled inner case, gold bands . FF-fff compass; 8'x8'x4', peau de buffle (leather) stop, felt buff stop on 8'x8'. Piano Forte en vente. Disposed 2x8' Dimensions: Length 86'' Width 33.5'' Depth 7''. It's not as heavy as it looks and the harpsichord separates from the table underneath it for easy transportation. Range GG/BB -c''' short octave. After J. Return to … de De Ban 1770 from the Smithsonian Concoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. ~ Double manual harpsichord with a range of FF to f''' 61 notes transposing. BIZZI S.a.s. Dimensions 99'' in length, 34'' in width 9'' in depth. The Harpsichord Clearing House offers the most comprehensive, global listing of used and new positive organs, chest organs and continuo organs. 61 notes FF to f''' transposing. It needs to be tuned and adjusted. Original jacks and tongues with adjustment screws. Length 72" Width 29" Depth 9.5". Recently re-quilled in Delrin and regulated. Dimensions: 94'' in length, 37'' in width and 11'' case depth. Spinet with Reverse Keyboard. Notice: WVS 1 Trading Inc. of the Philippines is the OFFICIAL SOLE DISTRIBUTOR WORLDWIDE for these fine instruments, ONLY available in www.pianos. Clavecin & Clavicorde en vente. Student harpsichord for sale - $3,000 (Gaylord, MN) I'm selling my 1968 Burton kit harpsichord which I have used for the past six years. The most common harpsichord material is ceramic. The pedal instrument is similar to that in the photo below. INSTRUMENTS BY CRAIG C. TOMLINSON . The Cambridge Companion to the Harpsichord (Cambridge Companions to Music) Clavichords for sale. Anonymous Italian harpsichord~ single strung (1x8')from the royal College of Music collection #175. 45'' in length, 18'' in width and 8'' in depth. Dimensions: 58" long, 20" wide and 8" deep. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Non-transposable but may be tuned to either “baroque” or “modern” pitch. After Andreas Ruckers Antwerp 1640 ~ Single manual harpsichord from the Yale University collection with 45 note short octave range C/E to c''' or expanded range of 51 notes CC to d''' chromatic. This cas, For sale is a French double manual harpsichord. The instrument has a nice, round sound and an easy action. Sell your unrestored Fortepiano, Harpsichord or Clavichord. Hill Pedal Harpsichord (pedal instrument only) built in 1982, my opus 128, acoustically rebuilt in 2006. Welcome to the Zuckermann Harpsichords International showroom. Tuned a=415, transposing 392-415-440. Buy and sell locally. Dimensions: 32.28" H x 67.52" W x 24.61" D(82cm H x 171.5cm W x 62.5cm D) Please note the item's location in London. After Hans Ruckers Antwerp 1581 ~ Octave spinet. Stunning natural case in English sycamore and tiger maple. Five octaves, all the keys work. Dimensions: 100'' long by 41'' wide by 10'' deep. It is certainly playable but needs some work - reglue the bridge, replace the plectra. Red case with gold trim.Five-octave range, FF–f”. Case dimensions: 60.5'' in length by 19'' in width and 6'' deep. Made in Germany, this is a beautiful instument. Disposed 2x8' with a keyboard range of GG to c''' that measures 92" in length, 34" wide and 9" deep. The most popular color? Positive Organs. - $1500, Burton French Double Harpsichord - $2950 (Beaverton), Sabathil & Son Harpsichord - $1200 (Whitewater). Keyboard range: GG,AA to c''' 55 notes. Here, You can usually find restored: Late 18th century & early 19th century square pianos Early … Everything works on it. I can help load it i. Sounboard painting included. Keyboard span is from BB to c''' which can be tuned to a GG/BB to d''' short octave. This is a vintage Neupert harpsichord in good condition. 2x8‘ 1x4‘ buff shove coupler, pearwood jacks, soundboard painting. The latest page (April 17) is discussing the Handel Great Suitesrecording on the original 1773 Kirckman. All rights reserved. 56 notes, GG-d''', transposing 415/440. The Harpsichord Clearing House specializes in the global sale, restoration and repair of new and used historical keyboard instruments. Contact one of our specialists today! Range BB to e''' transposing. French double manual harpsichord by E. O. Witt, #62, built in 1973 in Three Rivers, Michigan. After Iohannes Ruckers Antwerp 1638 ~ Double manual harpsichord with expanded range of AA to d''', Ebony naturals with bone topped sharps, shove coupler, transposing keyboard, wooden jacks, replicated original soundboard painting. The “great little harpsichord”, although it has very reasonable price, is a high quality instrument, inspired to the construction principles of the Italian harpsichords.