A huge bomb blast rocked central London last night. Complete sentence examples and context. Form:[Noun] is [adjective]. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. PHI-BLAST performs the search but limits alignments to those that match a pattern in the query. Of course, it's a blast to play football games with your friends. The co-ordinator will hold up blastoff if we don't get off in three minutes, and Operations will scream. 🔊 A blast at the chemical plant sent several injured workers to the emergency room. Imaternity.com: This site has nine different styles of overalls, including denim blast with long legs, twill cropalls that stop just below the knee, and twill cuffed shortalls. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. The oxygen of the blast having been thus taken up by the molten metal, its nitrogen issues from the mouth of the converter as a pale spark-bearing cone. The hypothesis for the reduced severity of blast attack is fairly clear for the disease-susceptible glutinous rice. Playing with a couple people in your own home is not where it's at with this one; instead, they geared it towards online play that can actually be a blast if you manage to overcome the janky control setup they rigged you with. Puddling furnaces are usually entirely cased with iron plates, and blast furnaces with hoops round each course of the stack, or in those of thinner constructions the firebrick work is entirely enclosed in a wrought iron casing or jacket. So continuing on the previous post of two current sources in series, this example is important when you analyze lot of circuits. As a preliminary to the melting process, the "browse" left in the preceding operation (half-fused and imperfectly reduced ore) is introduced with some peat and coal, and heated with the help of the blast. Examples of Blast in a sentence Each blast of dynamite seemed to rock and shake the city to its core. Sefstrom's blast furnace, used in Sweden for the assay of iron ores, is a convenient form of portable furnace applied to melting in crucibles. These pillars are then filled with blast holes which are fired simultaneously, permitting the whole block of ground to the level above to drop. Darwen is a centre of the cotton trade and has also blast furnaces, and paper-making, paper-staining and fire-clay works. James Beaumont Neilson Open Each hot blast furnace gave work to 400 men. Have you known her since 1990? Coke or anthracite is heated to incandescence by an air blast in a generator lined with fire-brick, and the heated products of combustion as they leave the generator and enter the superheaters are supplied with more air, which causes the combustion of carbon monoxide present in the producer gas and heats up the fire-brick baffles with which the superheater is filled. The secretary ___ know how to type. a cauldron containing pitch, sulphur and burning charcoal, was placed against the walls and urged into flame by the aid of a bellows, the blast from which was conveyed through a hollow tree-trunk (Thuc. 4. - Though the electric processes which have been proposed for extracting the iron from iron ore, with the purpose of displacing the iron blast furnace, have not become important enough to deserve description here, yet it should be possible to devise one which would be useful in a place (if there is one) which has an abundance of water power and iron ore and a local demand for iron, but has not coke, charcoal or bituminous coal suitable for the blast furnace. This seems to be due to the dust abundantly produced in mining operations, and especially by machine drills when boring " dry " (rising) blast holes. Put the pedal to the metal, hit the NOS button, and blast past your competition with the fastest car on the road. It was then, in 1735, that Abraham Darby showed how to make cast iron with coke in the high furnace, which by this time had become a veritable blast furnace. Every time I saw a Gungan that looked like Jar Jar Binks, I just wanted to blast him! Directly beyond this blast door is a security turnstile and small guardroom to control access to the airlock. With its variable speed, blending is easily controlled and the unit even has a turbo button for a blast of power when you need it most. The puppets allege that there have been no victims among invaders and local traitors in the blast. According to Wylie (2009), an American Press Institute (API) study found readers understood more when sentences were shorter: 1. Brick Blast a decent breakout clone, ANOTHER new section! Random Sentence Generator: Create random sentences for creative brainstorming. (760°C. - Cast iron naturally has a high carbon-content, usually between 3 and 4%, because while molten it absorbs carbon greedily from the coke with which it is in contact in the iron blast furnace in which it is made, and in the cupola furnace in which it is remelted for making most castings. Pronunciation. We had a blast at the party. Indeed some blast furnace slag is used to make glass and cement. After the remarkable development of the blast furnace, the Bessemer, and the open-hearth processes, the most important work of this, the third period of the history of iron, is the birth and growth of the science and art of iron metallography. Turning at the top was tricky on the slippy rocks in the gale but what a blast the descent was. I have known him a long time. The Most Popular Tools. Another blast, and he fell to the ground. My pan fried red snapper with tomato, olive, onion and thyme confit at Stg 11.25 was another blast of the Mediterranean. Kris gasped. At length, Sir Guy made his choice, grabbed the hunting-horn and blew a loud blast. When " on wind," the cold blast is forced in at A, and passes four times up and down, as shown by means of unbroken arrows, escaping as hot-blast at B. Unlike acute leukemias, in which the process of maturation of the blast cells is interrupted, in chronic leukemias, the cells do mature and only a few remain as immature cells. B: I had a blast! A blast of sheer physicality that leaves you wanting more. As the blast came from the Sun so too did thousands of millions of tons of superheated gas. The flower is red. Another word for blast. unsaddlehe unsaddling enclosure is a bronze of the legendary Blast of Storm. After each fully built pallet has been taken away by forklift truck to the blast freezer, the robot has a yet another duty. Mr Blast gives us a tough, tough tune, unsurprisingly written by Sam Dees, that he wrings every ounce of emotion from. blast door the corridor turns left into the control room which is in the center of the bunker. steeple of the parish church the flames of no fewer than fifty blast furnaces may be seen. blast furnace of an ironworks at Leeds he reported that " the intensity of the fire was peculiarly impressive. hatchery waste chicks should be humanely killed, then immediately laid out on shelves and blast frozen, prior to packing. In the other phase the cold blast, forced in at A, passes four times up and down, as shown by the unbroken arrows, and escapes as hot blast at B. II) differs from the Whitwell (I) in having not a series of flat smooth walls, but a great number of narrow vertical flues, E, for the alternate absorption and emission of the heat, with the consequence that, for given outside dimensions, it offers about one-half more heating surface than the true Whitwell stove; and (2) in that the gas and the blast pass only once up and once down through it, instead of twice up and twice down as in the modern true Whitwell stoves. Abraham Darby II, son of the blast furnace innovator, managed to convert pig iron to bar iron in 1749, but no details are known of his process. The other kids come along for support, and end up having a blast too. Fletcher, in which the blast is heated by passing through a copper coil heated by a separate burner, is only of service when a pointed flame of a fairly high temperature is required. Grammar. : He … Make (something) known definition is - to tell people (something). Designed for kids in grades 2, 3, 4 and 5, Grammar Blast provides a group of multiple-choice quizzes where students answer questions on sentence structure, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, capitalization, punctuation and prepositions. Your party was a blast. So, at the end of a complete sentence, we’ll need a period, question mark, exclamation mark, or even a semi-colon. It would be easy to cut their threads any time with a little sharper blast from the north. "Blast you!" Examples of atomic blast in a sentence, how to use it. Sega proclaimed that its system did what "Nintendon't" via a feature called "Blast Processing.".