The focus of this article is the impact of the cloud computing paradigm on the accounting domain. This idea has been established to free up physical space within the office or at home. • Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. … A customer’s accounting for implementation costs in a CCA that is a service contract. In this regard, the paper objective is to examine the impact of cloud accounting technology on the key operational modules used for obtaining accounting data for financial reporting and also to analyze the various security issues in cloud accounting/computing. However, the advent of cloud computing is having an increasing impact on how the components of the governance process are executed. In the examination talked about the … While cloud computing is enabling some fundamental changes on how IT groups deliver services, from a corporate management viewpoint, the basic principles of IT governance still remain true. (Devasena, 2014) "Impact study of cloud computing on business development" who studied the impact of cloud computing on the evolution of the business. part of cloud computing, Cloud accounting will be acting as one element of this transformation. a business may be driving cost savings, and thus explore cloud computing as an option, and no doubt a management accountant may be involved providing impact assessments and cost estimates. Accounting for cloud computing costs can be complex. Moreover, it investigates the key aspects that ought to be considered by the organization before choosing to pick the correct accounting system.,The study looks at and depends on narrative investigation of previous studies. Cloud computing is the future of the accounting industry. KEYWORDS: Cloud Accounting, Cloud Computing, IT Application, Virtual Environment. It has been suggested by Afshari (2014) that, cloud computing can impact the business organization performance and innovativeness, ultimately impacting the … The impact of technology in accounting is seen in how it has reduced errors, enhanced decision making and helped accountants work more efficiently. For the purpose of this article, we will use the COBIT model … The way in which management accountants and IMPACT OF CLOUD COMPUTING IN ACCOUNTING 2 Cloud Computing is a recent development in the technology world relating to the storage and access of important information located in “the cloud”. cloud computing may even be used for key financial reporting and management information systems. Cloud computing accounting software, machine learning, cryptocurrencies and mobile accounting apps have all helped transform an accountant's role. Cloud computing keeps on being an intriguing subject in the world of accounting professionals. accounting. The main reason behind its popularity is the ease of scalability and simplicity of system access it offers across the globe. The purpose of this study is to underpin the impact of cloud computing in global accounting information systems (AIS).