For more stories like this, and to keep up to date with all our market leading news, features and analysis, sign up to our newsletter here. Listen to KDKA 1020 AM, WLTJ - Q92.9 and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the App KDKA 1020 AM Pittsburgh News-Talk WLTJ - … He constructed a transmitter and installed it in a garage near his home in Wilkinsburg in 1916. KDKA radio is now 100 years old!   They became the first commercial radio station on Earth on November 2, 1920. (And with no cable channels back then their presence was even more ubiquitous.) Celebrating 100 Years of Radio Celebrating 100 Years of Radio Duquesne University and the National Museum of Broadcasting, in cooperation with Westinghouse SURE and RIDC Keystone Commons present a two-day celebration commemorating the 100th anniversary of KDKA's first radio broadcast. Davis). Going beyond that will just drag you down into the age-old argument, and you will receive dozens of complaint letters, each person arguing for their personal favorite. KDKA At 70: A Look Back At Pittsburgh's Oldest TV Station - Pittsburgh, PA - The former WDTV has been home to a number of local and nationally famous on-air personalities. On November 2, 1920 KDKA radio aired the first licensed commercial radio broadcast in history. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A long standing part of the service that KDKA Pittsburgh has always provided is up-to-the-minute weather.  We all know that the weather in Pittsburgh can change quickly, and KDKA weather “on the 8’s” has kept Pittsburghers informed of sudden changes for their drive to and from work for many years. Unfortunately, due to competitive advantages RCA had, there were limited opportunities for Westinghouse. However, KDKA got its call letters during a time when stations on land were given letters from a block of K’s that had been assigned before to ship stations. LICENSED RADIO BROADCASTING: Conrad’s company, Westinghouse, asks him to go on the air on a regular basis to send out music and they’ll sell radios to pay for the service. It began Jan. 2, 1921, at Pittsburgh’s Calvary Episcopal Church on fledgling KDKA radio and continued Sunday nights for decades. Latest Weather. The technology that made this station possible was developed by Dr. Frank Conrad, assistant chief engineer of Westinghouse Electric. It was thought it would avoid phone and telegraph costs. Take, for example, The Broadcast Century … It began Jan. 2, 1921, at Pittsburgh’s Calvary Episcopal Church on fledgling KDKA radio and continued Sunday nights for decades. He anchored the 90-to-6 news program. Two years later, KDKA’s studio moved to 1 Gateway Center. KDKA soon welcomed rock n’ roll with music from iconic musicians like the Everly Brothers and Elvis. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); By the time the 1960s rolled around, KDKA added more rock n’ roll. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Early programming often featured live musical performances from a Westinghouse band. In the 1970s, KDKA morphed into a more adult contemporary style, playing Paul Simon, Neil Diamond and the Carpenters. WWJ and KDKA, -Who has broadcast continuously for the longest time without interruption? National Museum of Broadcasting Pittsburgh is the site of the first commercial radio broadcast, which marks its centennial anniversary on Nov. 2. In 1979, Fred Honsberger started at KDKA and went on to have a well-received afternoon commute program. KDKA Radio 1020 AM is Pittsburgh's entertaining talk and the area’s most trusted news, traffic and weather.Stream, read and download from any device on RADIO.COM In late 1954, KDKA got a TV station when Westinghouse bought WDTV and changed the call letters to KDKA-TV. At the time, radio stations in the country were regulated with the standard practice to give call letters that start with W for those east of the Mississippi River. Today, the station is KDKA-AM, better known as sports talk station 93.7 The Fan. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Three years after that, KDKA celebrated its 90th anniversary by covering the election. Reginald Fessenden or Lee de Forest, -Who first broadcast on a regular schedule? What do you think? Pirates games by Rosie Rosewell. A photo from inside the KDKA radio facility in 1920. Below is their exchange, which I share for your enjoyment as well as my own edification. In April 1968, Jack Bogut moved across the country to become the KDKA morning host. This is an audio documentary about the history of KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh. November 2, 1920 Under the call sign KDKA, Pittsburgh’s Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company transmitted the … Westinghouse Radio Station KDKA was a world pioneer of commercial radio broadcasting. KDKA provided its first remote broadcast by airing a choir, live, from the Pittsburg Calvary Baptist Chur… Charles “Doc” Herrold, -Who received the first broadcasting license? Westinghouse later turned itself into CBS in 1997, Viacom bought CBS two years later and five years after that, it turned into CBS Corporation, making KDKA part of CBS. What was the name of the theme music on the John Signa show? People have been arguing this issue without a resolution for nearly 100 years, so we aren’t going to resolve it with one story or statement. In January, when Westinghouse decided KDKA needed a signature voice, Arlin, on a lark, auditioned. All rights reserved. Pittsburgh’s KDKA, which has now been operating continuously for 100 years, is recognized for launching broadcasting as we know today that evening, by airing continuing coverage of presidential election returns.”. [Related: “They Set the Stage for the Birth of Radio”]. I also singled out several other close contenders (including Marconi’s MZX in Chelmsford, U.K., which, while significant, doesn’t get a lot of mention) to try to illustrate the futility of establishing a really clear-cut winner for this position in the history books. The world's first scheduled broadcast was made from Westinghouse's KDKA, the. Radio’s potential to bring live events to viewers was first showcased five months after KDKA’s debut. I would certainly agree with John on all points. (C) 2020 Pittsburgh Beautiful - Part of the American Beautiful Network. In 1946, live coverage of the inauguration of former Pittsburgh Mayor David L. Lawrence was broadcasted. Consider the multitude of History of Broadcasting textbooks that repeat the myth (and it is a myth) that KDKA in Pittsburgh was the first radio station in the United States (or, some sources insist, in the world). Radio history fans are well aware of this, but many others are not. No one pioneer can clearly claim the right to being first on all counts: -Who made the first broadcast? › The station played lots of big band and jazz as well as special news programming like the coverage of the 1936 St. Patrick’s Day Flood. “What started back in … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Even before its transmitting tower had been put into action, KDKA Radio was making broadcasting history. Much of the early history of KDKA is actually the early history of radio -many of its notable "firsts" are "firsts" for the industry as well.