All Rights Reserved. - The snake-woman who became the mother of most Greek monsters. The days of the ancients and our ancestors, however, probably produced some of the most terrifying monsters. Monsters in classical mythology are typically part animal and part human, or else they constitute a collection of animal graftings. Mythology is filled to the brim with monsters, and monsters have been a part of human culture since our earliest days. - Legend's most charming bloodsucker gets a whole section of this website all to itself. Whoops! Sorry, comments are currently closed. The Badalisc is a monster from Italian folklore, said to live in the woods around the village of Andrista, in the commune of Cevo. Pursuant to U.S. They are a hybrid of a scorpion and a man, with the body of a scorpion and the face, torso, and arms of a man. The bogeyman was created with the sole purpose of scaring children into good behavior. Manage your GDPR consents by clicking here. Despite being so well-known, the origin of the dragon myth is something of a mystery. Originating in Irish folk tales, the banshee is a female spirit said to appear preceding the death of a loved one. While the vampire myth originated in Europe, most cultures have folk tales surrounding vampiric creatures. - Half-men, half-horse creatures that ran wild and unruly. In folk tales, faeries flew using magic and occasionally caught a ride on the back of a friendly bird! - The half-goat, half-fish who are the children of Pricus, who becomes the constellation Capricorn. Recipes. An annual celebration is held during Epiphany, in which a representation of the creature is lured in by a young woman and captured by the men of the village. A daughter of Gaia and Pontus, Ceto was a hideous sea monster in Greek mythology. Dragon, legendary monster usually conceived as a huge, bat-winged, fire-breathing, scaly lizard or snake with a barbed tail. - A mythical beast with a lion's body and a human's head. Furthermore, the appearance of the bogeyman differs culturally, as he is sometimes depicted with horns, claws, talons, or hooves. While these creatures were widely depicted as wild, there was a centaur named Chiron (or Cheiron) who possessed great wisdom. Mermaids have a unique allure that has captivated people throughout history. Thanks for signing up! However, sometimes, the art of griffins featured the creatures with lions front paws as well. - A winged creature in the shape of a man with hypnotic red eyes sighted in West Virginia. While stories or depictions of oni may vary, they are always seen as dangerous and powerful villains. Bigfoot is described as being a large, hairy humanoid creature, somewhere between six and nine feet tall. She was considered the personification of the dangers of the sea. 150 of the Cutest, Most Hilarious, RIP Larry King—Here Are His Most Memorable Interviews. They were called Kentaurides. The hound of Hades, which is the child of two monsters, Typhon and Echidna, is depicted as a monster with three heads, a serpent as its tail and a body from which snakes come out. Please try again. Dragons are giant serpent-like, winged monsters that have been featured in myths from all around the world. Aug 20, 2020 - Explore Ava_Palicki's board "monsters and mythology" on Pinterest. The chupacabra is a legendary creature that kills goats, rabbits, dogs, chicken and other animals by sucking their blood. Medieval myths depicted gnomes as creatures resembling little old men, often with hunched over backs. One of the most famous female Kentaurides was Hylonome. In Norse mythology these are the Draugr. For centuries or more, tales of mythological creatures and mythical beasts have captured our minds. Other of these creatures origins are from popular modern fiction. For example, in some stories, a golem is created to defend against antisemitic attacks. Did you grow up thinking that if you didn’t behave, the bogeyman (also boogeyman) would get you? The dybbuk is a Jewish folk tale of the ghost or dislocated soul of a dead person which then possesses a living human. In Polish mythology, Latawiec is a mythical creature that is presented as an evil serpent who lives in the deep forest and lurks over attractive young men and women. They are depicted as either dull and dim-witted or violent, but who knows? Gnome - A small, humanoid creature who lives and moves beneath the earth. While some cultures depicted mermaids as beautiful and romantic (in Irish folklore, mermaids could transform into human form and marry humans), sometimes mermaid stories took on a more sinister tone where they were capable of foretelling and bringing disaster. Yikes. Also the father of most Greek monsters. Ghosts - Spirits of the dead whose souls remain in the realm of the living. Centaurs have the body of a horse with the head and chest of a human. She is said to appear at the full moon and feast on the bodily organs of her victims.