Bedok is largely a housing estate with many HDB flats and schools such as Temasek Junior College & Bedok ITE located here. Bedok Interchange & Bedok MRT Station is the central attraction of Bedok. While the early history of Singapore is obscured by myth and legend, some conclusions can be drawn from archaeological evidence and from written references by travellers. We provide our students with the opportunity, space and support to explore their passions and interests, from research to sport and the arts. Junior colleges are pre-university institutions in Singapore that offers two-year pre-university courses that leads to either the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level or the International Baccalaureate Diploma. [citation needed]. Temasek Secondary School. Remains of old pottery, coins, jewellery and other artifacts have been found, with many of these artifacts believed to be imported from various parts of China, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. Although Chinese records continued to use the name Temasek for some time afterwards (for example in the Mao Kun map) and it was also used in The Malay Annals, the name Temasek had become obsolete and did not appear in European maps and documents from 1500 to 1800. In tandem with the MOE's aim of achieving more depth rather than mere breadth, the H1 and H2 categories complement each other; in general, a subject taken at H1 is half the breadth of that taken at H2, but is of the same depth and difficulty. Free downloadable 2019 Junior College preliminary examination papers. WELLINGTON PRIMARY SCHOOL. However, certain independent junior colleges, such as Hwa Chong Institution and Raffles Institution (Junior College), will require new students to pay fees of SGD 300 per month. Date Title; 20 Jan 2021: Speech by Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for Education, at the Skillsfuture Fellowships and Skillsfuture Employer Awards Ceremony, at Sands Expo and Convention Centre Led by former Singapore international Aleksandar Duric, the ActiveSG Football Academy offers a holistic football programme which is designed to build character and encourage children and youth to pursue their sporting passion with the right attitude.. At the Academy, boys and girls learn, play and develop progressively through agility workouts, fun exercises and small-sided games. They also "wear their hair short, with turban of gold-brocaded satin", and red-coloured clothing. Temasek Junior College: 6-year programme: Integrated Programme—International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is an alternative to the GCE A-Level curriculum. Research Programmes: Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme (HSSRP) by National University of Singapore (NUS), NUS Science Research Programme (NUS H3 SRP), H3-STaR Science Research Programme (only offered to students of NJC), H3 NAV Science Research Programme (only offered to students of VJC). [5] Temasek was a fortified city and trading centre in the 14th century. Archaeology points to an urbanised settlement on the site by the 14th century. Offered only at H2 Level: Knowledge & Inquiry. Temasek is described in the account by the Chinese traveller Wang Dayuan who visited the island around 1330 and wrote about a Malay settlement called Danmaxi, a transcription of the name Temasek. CIA New York Set along the beautiful Hudson River, our New York campus is unmatched by any other culinary college in the world. [19], Portuguese sources indicate that Parameswara ruled Singapura for five years, he was then attacked by either the Majapahit or the Siamese, forcing him to move on to Melaka where he founded the Sultanate of Malacca. Primary Schools. ... TEMASEK PRIMARY SCHOOL. The beginning of the year is calculated from the [first] rising of the moon, when the chief put on this head-gear and wore his [ceremonial] dress to receive the congratulations [of the people]. [9], Ban Zu was described as being sited on a hill, thought to be today's Fort Canning Hill, located behind Long Ya Men. Currently, four junior colleges offers the Chinese Language Elective Programme, namely (in the order of accreditation of programme: Hwa Chong Junior College, Temasek Junior College, Nanyang Junior College and Jurong Pioneer Junior College. From 2008 onwards, the scores of a student's three H2 and one H1 subject will be computed inclusive of Project Work (PW) and either GP or KI for admittance into local universities (namely NUS, NTU, SMU and UniSIM). The young tuition centre now reaps a six-figure yearly profit and has expanded from just 40 junior college students last year to over 350 this year. Our plans cater to all kinds of investors, from new investors looking to invest smaller amounts to investors looking to invest abroad. Offered only at H2 Level: English Language & Linguistics (ELL), Chinese Language & Literature, Malay Language & Literature, Tamil Language & Literature, Translation (Chinese), Theatre Studies & Drama, Art, Music (Higher Art and Higher Music is offered to Art Elective (AEP) and Music Elective Programme (MEP) students respectively), Commerce Group (for CI only)