“The Record Keeper” follows the story of Cadan and Larus, two angels who struggle to maintain their friendship after universal civil war breaks out. The whole story is classic nut jobbery 101. When I was a student I used to ask my teachers questions. The critics also expressed dislike for an actress because of her appearances in other films that do not meet Adventist standards. Do you mean like 3ABN, or the Last Empire Series, or Net 98, or Digging Up the Past, or Earth's Final Hours, or a whole range of evangelist campaigns that show 'theatrical displays'? It isn't that we all "agree" with all of the design and storyline choices the TRK production team made. There have been implications in comments by Schwisow and another person that it was big bucks that caused the suspension of The Recorder. They were proud of the GC for doing this and for helping to create something they could use in their own evangelism and outreach. I was simply trying to make a point. Too many rag on movies, theatricals, etc without reading EGW in context or other things she said. The Record Keeper begins with a focus on the responses of fallen and unfallen angels to events on earth, but it quickly broadens to the central issues of the nature and consequences of good and evil. The same group has been able to appoint and dethrone G.C. Menu. Just go back and do more careful research and reading, get the whole picture. Since you don't cite any examples I am wondering what you are trying to say. It is just that these families put their money where their theology is. I understand a lot of Europeans came here because they didn't have freedom in their own countries–I guess that's where the US arrogance started. Have a look at the BRI explanation – it doesn't seem to hold water by the publications of the BRI itself! I recognize the artistic tradeoff between not being offensive and not being convincing, so I am willing to cut Jason some slack. By Jim Hamstra, May 13, 2014:      I am a contemporary of Ted Wilson. And Satan is not directly portrayed, possibly excepting one scene where an unidentified commander of the fallen angels appears. So Jason and his creative crew had to use their imaginations to try to capture our imaginations. "View of the Holy Spirit:  (1) The Holy Spirit is the one member of the Godhead who has no visible form. My point is that I don't see the BRI usually as a puppet court or or simply a cover for administrators though certainly something went wrong with the Record Keeper. It has a membership of 1,142 made up largely of upper middle class professionals and government employees, including diplomats representing other countries in the U.S. It's "Wholey Money" that talks. It also starts with a "disclaimer" of "those that saw it" but the BRI in its function usually produces consensus statements or otherwise lists the individual writer. It's just so pathetic what has happened to it. And yet Moses makes important twists to these stories, to teach a theological lesson very much at opposite to the pagan accounts. However, it sounds as if we are very similar in upbringing and attitudes. He has 28 issued US patents. We don't all agree: the Church's Millennials aren't the Borg. Hoping that somehow this will still be released and used as an outreach tool to those who could not be reached by our old methods! Will 2021 be […], 24 November 2020  | Dear Editor, You were given a chance to […], 16 October 2020  | Dear Adventist Today, My wife and I […], 15 October 2020  | Dear Aunt Sevvy- Just a note to say a […]. About time! A sci-fi history of mankind told from the perspective of angels. View of the Holy Spirit: The complaint here is lauguable. Watch the teaser… Also you must realize that if you consider the ATS material to be scholarly that some of the biggest contributors to ATS are in fact the BRI. There is no other. I don't doubt their criticisms, but the point is the BRI scholars seem to take hard lines on issues which the SDA Church doesn't actually have an official position on. You said: Be careful in throwing stones and calling names. I'm as disheartened as you about this, and I think you have analyzed this correctly. I have learned so much about the ways in which different Christian denominations could learn from each other and work together! The sacred truths of many seem absolute nonsense to others. For those who are familiar with Ellen White’s writings, the plot line runs closer to Story of Redemption than to Great Controversy. He went to where they were, sought them out, spoke to them in language they understood, offered a program they could understand, and want, a great desire, a hunger for. Of course we still want to encourage "creativity of expression" – but only when bottled in a homogenized and sterilized container with a SDA-approved label. If Ellen in Early Writings describes Christ urging Satan to renounce his slanders aginst the Divine and return to the peace and harmony of Heaven, and if Satan longed to return but refused to humble himself, then might unfallen angels likewise urege their former companions to renounce their rebellion? If there is a Pre-Advent Judgement then who are the Investigators? For those of you who (like me) think the length of this series of comments goes beyond the Guidelines, my offer to write a guest blog reviewing the entire series and giving my reactions was ignored by the Atoday staff. Thanks for the food for thought! The very world we see with our own eyes is fiction, because it isn't actually the 'real' world, but a rose-tinted reality filtered through our own brains, our own experiences, cultural context and perceptions. The announcement came Friday afternoon via the world church's news service, Adventist News Network. Filmed in “underworld,” it depicts fallen angels torturing one of their fellow fallen angels into submission. UPDATE - 4/12/2014 The Record Keeper project has been suspended by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists! Something these BRI scholars should consider! Movies are revised again and again. I consider Story of Redemption to be the better read for those not steeped in the lore of the Protestant Reformation, so to me this is entirely appropriate. Having both Whig [Patriot] and Loyalist ancestry I have endeavoured to look at the American Revolution from an objective point. And I would press forward with planning for the sequel. Our mission will be cut off because we cannot seem to learn how to translate into the current languages of popular culture." An ancient (or modern?) It is easy to make fun of 'irrational' religion, but there are lots of things likewise 'irrational' and unobjective – like nationalism. Check out Great Controversy pages 494-499. Many of the greatest 'truths' in life are fiction. As with humans, so the angels cannot retain any further pretense of neutrality or cordiality when confronted with the murder of the Prince. What I have read is usually well documented not a bulletted list. I would be very interested to read or hear the thoughts of the Angel that watches over the BRI, but I suspect that Dr Rodriguez would prefer to avoid this politically charged tar baby and will speak only by silence. All three have significant track records in terms of both media skill and roles in the church. (Personally I also don't like to be stereotyped on external or group factors-I see the BRI more nuanced and independent than just the kings guard). Want more epic stories like "The Record Keeper"? The BRI document was a mere pretext. We're not seeing anything as content-focused, substantive, or sustained as might have been possible had the project gone ahead with its intended audience. Ella that is fine. Again, this does not mean that these are "bad" people making decisions. In their document criticizing The Record Keeper, members of the BRI contend that “the power of evil and the violence that goes with it are predominant throughout the series, while the critically important message that 'God is love' hardly appears.” The Geekie Awards are a new thing in cinema recognizing the best independent productions with "geek-genre content, art, products and experiences." Garrett Caldwell is the public relations director for the General Conference of Seventh-da… It is the smell of lots of money that, it was threatened, would be withheld if the project was not cancelled by supporters of right wing causes in the church.. Instead of clarity you would have confusion. As for Ellen White, we need to judge her by biblical standards – not arbitrary modern standards. The church's slow growth rate illustrates how ineffective our typical presentations have become. Or perhaps I am simply confounded by the expediencey that one creative initiative die rather than for the church all to suffer? Its time for both "liberal" and "conservative" SDAs to rethink their ideas and approaches. The printing press was thought to be the work of the devil, or radio, get my drift. I was born in an Adventist ghetto. Although as prophesied, "knowledge will increase, many will run to and fro", this prophecy has been fullfilled, but it has not brought heaven to Earth. I have taught Sabbath School classes for most of my adult life. HUH???? We will not see progress unless we can have that mass conversation over an extended time and not have it shut down midstream by people who aren't supportive of it. The scene is definitely less graphic than some web blurbs would suggest. Why is this story assumed to be "real"? Who are the members who actually saw the "record keeper"? Not that I dislike guitars and drums; I took guitar lessons in my youth, and I was principal percussionist in a very good symphonic band with two records of our work. One Million dollars is chump change. What scholarly research – some of it is brilliant some of it not so much? But have some sympathy for her, because how does one depict the Trinity in a story? Only the Son is the aspect of God who has limited Himself, by confining Himself to a particular space and time as is necessary for beings to have a relationship with God, expressed in pre-OT titles such as the Angel of the Lord and Michael. And yes, the Oregon Conference fosters a variety of church plants in the greater Portland metro area, with varying goals and approaches, in addition to many conventional churches. EGW pointed out the principles of "Present Truth" and the "un-rolling of the scroll" of knowledge. The Bible mentions angels as unfallen intelligent moral creatures. Please, what has a theatrical production to do with presenting a true story of an ancient Heavenly Controversary???? Yes, thank you. If the work of Satan has sown endless misery, confusion, strife and war among humans, is it not reasonable to assume the same effects among the fallen angels? Additionally I referenced the mohaven documents where the BRI took a decided stand against current practices and preferences of the administration in the same era. The major subplot explores the relationship between Caden and Larus (played by men). Just a brief answer to Steve's question: From usually realiable sources, the money for this special project was a one time gift. As for depicting a place called 'hell', I guess it is hard to explain where Satan and his angels are hanging out, a problem that Christ Himself had troubles with, in needed to use the parable of Lazarus and Abraham? Many in my peer group who understood that and supported the GC in its stretch are frustrated by the late-stage shift. He praised the denomination's leadership for being willing to attempt the project. The trailer for a Steampunk Web series produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church made headlines last night at the 1st Annual Geekie Awards in Hollywood, California, United States. Was this something to do with the billionare who recently gave a stack of money to the GC to fund the Last Empire Series (I think that was it)? He has extensive experience in all areas of production including directing, producing, writing, cinematography, and editing. I love the style of it, its creative and cool!       Again I want to let you know how much I appreciate your common-sense insights and thoughtful posts. He is both God and Man. Those who doubt need look no further than the SS lesson quarterlies (and the current one is actually one of the better in recent memory). The other speculative episode occurs in the middle of the series. To the best of my knowledge, no angels participated in development of the script and production of the videos. The Record Keeper depicts various biblical “Great Controversy” events from the perspective of fallen and unfallen angels. We outlawed that sort of thing in our US justice system, its from the dark ages and the old, dark world. I would complete the filming of the final episodes and re-edit them. Right on Noel, and I was really impressed with Christian Lifestyle Mag, the best thing I ever saw Adventists produce! As for complaining about say Jesus' death was the death of God, that is in fact exactly what the Alexandrians did say – that the sacrifice of an angel was not enough, but the sacrafice of a normal man wasn't enough either – it had to be the unique sacrafice of a being both 100% man and 100% God. He is the founder of StanaTek, an electronics technology consultancy. The original publication entitled The Great Controversy was written by White and published near the end of the 19th century, so it seemed natural to use a new genre called "Steampunk" that includes both Victorian and futuristic elements. It does not say whether there are other unfallen intelligent moral creatures. There are other places I would be happy to live like Switzerland where my ancestors came from or Canada. I cannot remember any time or subject where they have contributed to actual research, such as is being done by members of the Adventist Theological Society. I still love what Von goethe said about not having imagination enough for the truth of reality. I don't like when people say to me: because your adult grandchild did xyz I can now judge you too. Again, I ask, What is "theatrical?" The church owes it to these parts of the world to make this film accessible and have it finished. If coming to the light is coming to heaven then is turning from the light going to hell? 'If it's largely based on the Great Controversy theme then that's where it belongs, a sub-genre of science fiction… y conclusion is that a fiction in Paradise Lost is being passed off as a reality in Great Controversy. "I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally Conservative. For me, because it is so uncharacteristic, it demands an investigation in what went on in this unfortunate story. Our church invited Jason Satterlund to air all eleven episodes of his “finished” video series in a single viewing. I believe the SDA Church doesn't hold to the strict sort of Predestination that is needed to maintain their criticism? (5) Satan seems to be in charge of 'hell,' where good angels can visit and evil angels can be tortured, but, in Scripture, the words translated 'hell' refer either to the grave or to the final destruction of the wicked. Of course she used her imagination and borrowed ideas of her time. Will 2021 be […], 24 November 2020  | Dear Editor, You were given a chance to […], 16 October 2020  | Dear Adventist Today, My wife and I […], 15 October 2020  | Dear Aunt Sevvy- Just a note to say a […], Aunt Sevvy shouldn’t have doubled down on lard, The ATSS communion was a foretaste of our meeting in heaven, Guidelines for Writers of Opinion Articles. Gentleman will question it.". EGW said to read her writings like you do the Bible, let it explain itself! It was a re-edit of two old half-hour programs, the youngest of which was more than ten years old! It surely couldn't have been the monies made from selling Adventist health food like "Little Debbies"? I smell something fishy at the SDA Vatican…. Might God compel fallen angels to give evidence and answer questions? No evangelist wants his audience asking questions he or she cannot answer. Although English is the primary language, the angels use at least a couple dozen common languages from different continents in their dialog. So what was my reaction to this video series that clearly was not aimed at persons of my background and preferences? And who was first the chicken or the egg? You understand better than 99.9% of Adventists that being effective in communicating Gospel themes requires that we do things differently than we have in the past and the most effective way to share spiritual concepts with a largely non-spiritual world is not preaching. Or if only Martyrs' blood cries out then consider the sound of millions of Martyrs. Christ’s death upholds both God’s justice and mercy, but this central truth is hardly visible.   Thank you, thank you so much! If we're going to communicate more effectively then we need to be using new approaches so I endorse your suggested path forward. Why did our family choose Sunset Christian Fellowship over Sunnyside? The acquisition negotiation was complicated as the Adventist Church had canceled the release of the show because of perceived theological inaccuracies. The whole American flag waiving, with your myth about all men being created equal, and a righteous war against the tyranny of King George, is all just nonsense to me. As for complaints about depicting the Holy Spirit as a woman, do they mean like the OT references to Shekinah or Wisdom, which are expressed in the feminine gender? Join us for the online Adventist Today Sabbath Seminar. I have no theological issues with the content of The Record Keeper, given its target audience and the differences between video portrayal and prose portrayal of a story. (2) The beauty and love permeating God’s perfect universe is never really represented. Eventually Raina becomes caught up in the emotions surrounding the murder of the Prince (like other earthly events, the crucifixion itself is not depicted; only the actions and reactions of fallen and unfallen angels). The post-modern society of success where I work desperately needs this. Also, it has been a long-time theory amongst conservative Adventists (especially in the SDA Reform) that Melchesidek that Abraham meets is not pre-incarnate Jesus but actually the Holy Spirit. Might as return to the old churches and apologize. In this episode the illusion that the Rebellion is about preserving liberty is totally shattered. And isn't refraining from using your real name a type of theatre? Fiction is truth in symbol. Why don't you go to another religious blog and throw your trash at them? Here is what gripes me, and I notice that others are thinking the same, the first is 'Advent Speak', talking in antiquated Victorian terms trying to sound like Ellen or James White, as though that was the sacred language. If the honest man (or woman) comes to the light so that it may be seen that his (her) deeds have been wrought in God, whereas the dishonest man (or woman) turns away from the light because he (she) does not want his (her) evil deeds to be exposed, then might not Christ's model of judgement apply equally to angels? I am not sure who you were referring to here, but it sort of reminded me of your post. I am wondering whether this was actually produced by the BRI or was simply a set of vague talking points hiding behind the mask of the BRI? Mr. Ferguson appropriately suggested that he smelled something fishy at the Adventist Vatican. It would be interesting to survey any SdA congregation on their literary education and whether they had ever read the greatest Englishe literary work outside of Shakespeare. But I can't blame Samuel Johnson for saying something to this effect, 'what is all of this yelping about liberty from the drivers of negroes?' "These scripts went through committees. We are in development right now on a similar approach to an old Victorian story that is science fiction. On the matter of Milton and the "Paradise" epic, an Adventist teacher explained to me as a youth that there is somewhere in the writings of the church a suggestion that in composing this work, Milton himself drew on inspired insights…. Young people at Southern Adventist University were given the opportunity to watch The Record Keeper. This so-called 'universal justification,' that everyone was pardoned at the cross misconstrues the atonement and undermines Christ’s ministry as our High Priest. Meanwhile, another angel, Raina, pursues a record of events while trying to make sense of the chaos. I agree with your final sentence and even more – I even see that something is seriously afoul with the document written in the name of the BRI – not just a certain view of evangelism. Might God grant subpoena powers to Investigators? Pastor Ted Wilson, the GC president, gave his endorsement to the project and a pilot segment was shown to a number of the GC officers and staff. Remember, it was both classes who put Jesus to death, …or at least took out a contract on him with the Roman Mafia! Much better to have followed the advice: "Not one jot or tittle of anything theatrical is to be brought into our work. Finally, the notion of divine inspiriation and fiction are not mutually exclusive. {Ev 137.2} ". So you're promoting a storm in a tea cup that doesn't exist. Erv I've heard this statement several times on many posts, here and on Spectrum. We invited people from all over the Northwest to watch, to offer comments and ask questions. Asked about theological problems, Satterlund told Adventist Today, "I don't know what they're talking about. Join the #MOVIEMENT and linger in the angelic realm. At this point she becomes an active participant and seeks to be relieved of her mission as Record Keeper. One is that the SDA Church upholds and only upholds the Penal Substitution theory of Atonement, whereas, we actually uphold diversity of multiple possible views, including Moral Influence or Christus Victor. S eventh-day Adventist world church leadership today announced their decision to suspend the release of the 11-episode series called “The Record Keeper,” but agreed to explore the possibility of supporting similar creative outreach projects. The Record Keeper, Raina, works in Heaven's administrative offices tracking events unfolding on earth. Did the administrators agree with the BRI or the BRI with the administrators? I suggest that's what was done by the conservative backers of The Record Keeper. One of these families is a major factor (not the only one, but a major reason) for the conservative "image" of one North American Adventist college in the Southern part of the United States who shall remain nameless. To find out what really drives a lot of decision making at the Adventist Curia, follow the money. Teachers who viewed themselves as seekers of knowledge were intrigued by questions they could not answer. The anonymous critics complain in the video that the film uses the word "displacement" instead of "war" in referring to the conflict among the angels in heaven. Space restrictions here prevent giving you a detailed answer so here's my nutshell: the BRI was established to defend the views of church leaders responding to the theological challenges raised by Desmond Ford in the 1970s and has continued to function largely to protect church leaders from having to deal with theological issues. The light given me was, “Give this no sanction.” These performances, which savored of the theatrical, were to have no place in the proclamation of the solemn messages entrusted to us. It was never pitched to us as a standalone propaganda vehicle. Maranatha. The problem is that we read what some narrow minded person puts out, quoting things either out of context or a partial thought, and build faulty premises as a result.