Sylvanas was clearly present at the site the entire time, but theories began to form that she wasn’t the one who burned the tree. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has been quite a roller coaster ride. Not much of a surprise considering that in recent expansions Blizzard Entertainment has been using the bait and switch method of Ultimately though, a number of them remained loyal to the Banshee Queen and left the Horde for good. How would you recap everything that happened in BFA? During the Chinajoy 2019 Q&A session, the Executive Producer & Vice President of the World of Warcraft team -- John Hight confirmed that Sylvanas won't die in Battle for Azeroth. Sylvanas has faced down horrors the likes of which one can scarcely imagine. The Banshee loyalists are Horde members who sided with Sylvanas Windrunner during the last stages of the Fourth War, fighting against Varok Saurfang's rebels. Sylvanas Windrunner and the 4D Chess. It will be interesting to see if Sylvanas ever discovers the link between the Jailer and Frostmourne, revealed to the player in a special legendary cinematic, as she may think … The server also used to house Vurtne. Sylvanas, certainly dealt an unfair hand, had no control of her fate at the hands of the Lich King. With the expansion coming to its end, now it is obvious that the entirety of BfA served as a glorified intro to the Shadowlands, bringing players some delicious gray morality and faction pride along the way. Discussion Feels like it had plot points worth of 3+ expansions with the Alliance vs Horde conflict and war campaign, Sylvanas, Teldrassil & Undercity, G'huun, Dazar'Alor, Jaina's story, Azshara, N'zoth, Wrathion. I swear, the only reason she's still alive is the fact that her fanboys will throw a shit fit, plus the fact that Dave Kosack jacks off to her. The World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion announced at BlizzCon 2019 has raised a whole new set of questions regarding where the story will go next, particularly as we continue to hunt down the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner. The European Sylvanas is a Player versus Player server with a high population.It's primary language is English and it uses Central European Time.. Sylvanas EU is also famous for being the former residence of the Alliance guild Method (World 2nd kill of Kil'jaeden, 6th and last boss of the Sunwell Plateau). Sylvanas' storyline in BfA Personally (and I'm pretty sure most people agree with me) she's just been awful since W3. "let it be finished" was good, "you cannot kill hope" was terrible, sylvanas denouncing the horde is terrible unless we're getting a third faction or something thank god saurfang is dead, now all we need is Thrall dead and BFA will be a netgain no matter who ends up on the "Kill Me Next" throne. After the Horde was reunited, they were given a chance to rejoin with the rest of the Horde by renouncing Sylvanas. Her death was an agony she cannot forget, seared into her memory as plainly as her final tears of anguish are seared into her skin. That was sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell. General. Comment by AshlaineyAP on 2019-09-24T12:44:52-05:00